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Heal Like A Boss

For spiritual & creative humans ready to unlock their innate healing abilities and answer their soul’s calling (and make money doing so!)

The healing teachings that teach you how to remember your soul gifts

Heal Like A Boss - Healing Teachings are for you if you want to:

  • Master natural energy healing techniques by awakening your OWN innate abilities to help yourself and others (without relying on any system of suspicious origins)

  • Turn your passion for helping others into profit with integrity while healing yourself so you can stay balanced without absorbing what's not yours and keep expanding as you work with others

  • Dedicate yourself to helping others in an empowered way (without falling in the trap of "being a savior", self-sacrificing or giving into "quick fixes")

  •  Open your business or expand your already-existing services, by adding healing services and increasing your extrasensory perceptions and healing abilities

This is Perfect for you if you:

  • You feel others' pains and emotions and want to draw the line so you stop being affected; instead, you want to be able to use your clear perceptions and mind to shift everything effortlessly

  • You're on a self-healing journey and you understand that your unique path is to be sought within

  • You’re 100% done with chasing the next course or system, you simply want to tap into your own gifts.

  • You feel a pull towards energy work but need guidance on accessing and sharpening your abilities.

  • You want to create impact for the highest good, and understand that you're a catalyst (not a savior)

  • You are 100% committed to healing your traumas and wounds and you make no excuses

  • You are 100% owning the fact that you're unique and you're ready to do things your own way, using the tools from my tool box

Feeling the Pull?
Let's Dive Deeper and explore if you resonate with these common challenges...

Do You...


  • Feel like your past is hindering your journey to personal power?

  • Wonder why methods that work for others aren't providing the same results for you?

  • Desire to break free from fear, patterns and external control?

  • Want to clear what’s in your way when you’re working on reaching your goals and align with your highest timeline?

  • Want to use energy work to improve your health (physical, emotional and mental) and wellness?


And maybe you:

  • Feel lonely, misunderstood, with imposter syndrome

  • Hide your gifts, feel ridiculed or you're being told you're too sensitive.

  • Long for independence, wanting to do your thing while feeling supported

That's where I step in!
Introducing Healing Teachings that Empower You to:

  • Heal yourself at deep levels in a way that 100% tailored to YOUR need - we don’t do cookie-cutter here!

  • Learn how to heal and be there for yourself (and others).

  • Become empowered, stepping into a self-confident and self-reliant version of yourself.

Personalized Healing Sessions

Personalised teachings + practice

Ideal for new business or expansion

Mon-Fri support


What my very 1st student said after following these teachings back in 2021

"I have worked with Morgane for 9 months and during this time I have also had breakthroughs with every single healing session I've had with her. I went from being scared of being seen to being comfortable within my being! Feeling helplessness with my trauma from thriving in my life. Working 9-5 to having a successful business.

All of this occurred with her teachings and healing! Everything in her teachings provided a solid foundation to grow my business.

All of Morgane’s healing techniques are channelled with pure love and they have changed my life. My clients are now able to thrive as much as I did! The best gift you can give yourself is having a healing session/teachings with Morgane! I know she will look after you and accelerate your healing/soul path path as she did with mine!"

Course details

You will not only be healing yourself… you will also be learning how to heal yourself DEEPER by yourself and how to help others heal!


If you don’t have a business yet and want to open one, I also got you!


The curriculum includes many sub-modules but here is what each lesson will be about in the big lines (more details can be provided when you book your free call)

  • One: The Human Body & Energy System

  • Two: Psychic Protection

  • Three: Timeline Healing + energy healing + retrieval

  • Four: Cords, contrats, vows & spells

  • Five: Implants, parasites & entities

  • Optional Six: Home Healing (one extra month)

  • Optional Seven: Psychogenealogy & Ancestral Healing (one extra month)

6-month program:

Live calls for healing teachings, weekly or bi-weekly, we follow your flow, needs and integration.

Support Mon-Fri during office hours for any question and implementation


Investment: 10000 euros PIF or 6 x 1667 euros

12-month program:

Live calls for healing teachings, weekly or bi-weekly, we follow your flow, needs and integration.

Support Mon-Fri during office hours for any question and implementation

Includes business coaching if you don’t already have a business

Investment: 18888 euros PIF or 12 x 1574

What's next ?

Book your call now or send me an email for any questions. No strings attached.

If you decide to enrol, we can get you started as soon as you want when we find a time that suits the 2 of us.

You'll be receiving an email to tackle formalities: work agreement, payment and setting a date for the start of your program as well as a date for your first live call.

I'm looking forward to accompanying you on your journey to living your life purpose and thriving!

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