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Unshakeable Creative Empath

Tap into your creativity and intuition on demand, master your energy and prosperity mindset for more impact and income (without distraction, without absorbing unwanted energies).

Ready to transform and thrive in business & life?

If you’re here, I bet you’re going to recognise yourself in at least one of these points (if not all of them…)

(Past me is raising her hand in the background)

You’re a sensitive empath who's affected by the energy of other people (even places!). You either dread interacting with your Tribe and/or need a while to “recover” after a show, a session or being out in public places - which is hindering your enthusiasm and your vitality...

🌪️ Overwhelm and perfectionism disrupt your natural creative flow, generating self-doubt, which kinda gets you off your inspiration and motivation train, making procrastinate and feel “meh”...


💸 Limiting money beliefs, societal conditioning and bad memories are creating anxious thoughts (you’ve heard all kinds of “life is hard”, “you have to have a big network to make it” or “if living from your passion was a thing, everyone on Earth would be doing it and be happy” and other similar BS…) - in moments of doubts, all of this makes you question if you have what it takes to make it and you wonder “why me?”

(to which I say “why not you!?”)

What if you could rewire your mindset, tap into your creative genius anytime you need?

Imagine setting energetic boundaries to be unshakeable on your way to success!!!

Let’s get you in your creative flow and feeling prosperous from within as you boldly own your genius!

When we team up, you will:


  • Know how to use your gift of empathy to elevate your impact and attract serendipitous opportunities in your creative business.


  • Stay focused and balance your energy for more vitality, shifting any energy imbalance with ease


  • Cut through any distractions created by the mind, refocusing on tasks that drive tangible results and income


  • Develop a prosperity mindset, rewrite your money story, feel worthy of being abundantly paid for your talents and gifts (ditching imposter syndrome on the way)


  • Own your genius (which is what makes you magnetic!), stand in your power, break through that plateau and make any business strategy work.


  • Further tap into your innate gifts and intuition, empowering your decision-making process for unstoppable success.

  • Get tools and resources that you can use and reuse for the rest of your journey

Ready to pursue your passion without restrictions (and increase your flow & prosperity in the process)?

It's time to rewrite your story and step into a life where your sensitivity becomes your greatest strength.

What my clients are saying

Miss S

"I highly recommend the Unshakable program, I shifted a heap of things, a lot of trauma and programming. Even after the first session I had some big realisations and a few people actually
commented that I looked lighter in my being and more at peace. I think the most amazing thing was towards the end I was more in tune with my higher self, I had the added benefit of further tapping into my spiritual gifts, plus I gained greater discernment in the spiritual realm. It was definitely a crash course in healing, I shed a lot of stuff in a short period of time. Thank you Morgane, you're amazing at what you do"

Details of Unshakeable for Creative Empaths - 2 options:

For each option, you get live calls during which we use my E.A.S.E. method (Energy Alignment for Success & Empowerment) - A unique mix of energy healing, subconscious reprogramming & coaching, 100% tailored to your own unique needs


(and yes, you'll be 100% conscious and aware during the session - and we do this with joy!)


8 weeks Accelerator

  • 8 weeks / 8 live sessions via Zoom

  • Pocket coaching for accountability, implementation and guidance - you don't have to wait until our next call if something's annoying you, we will shift that via text messages

  • Progress tracker

  • 1333 euros

  • Book your first session and pay for the VIP month below

6-MONTH VIP Skyrocket mentoring

  • Everything from the 8-week Accelerator

  • 1 live call every 2 weeks for the next 4 months

  • Pocket coaching Mon-Fri for any questions, goal-setting, accountability and implementation, including business support, content & copywriting

  • Learn energy shielding and energy clearing techniques so you're not affected by unwanted energies

  • Any extra resources from my library as needed

  • 2994 euros PIF or 6 x 499 euros

  • After confirming your order by proceeding to payment, you will receive a confirmation and we will get you started at your desired date, without delay!

  • Cancellation and refund policy:
    When this month of pocket coaching starts within the 14 days that follow your payment, it is considered that you renounce to your right of withdrawal as stated in the Terms and Conditions and by the Law.

Wanna give it a go but you'd rather have a single session before enrolling in a program?
I got you!


Book your single breakthrough session HERE and if you decide to enrol in the VIP month of the 6-month program, this breakthrough session will be converted into your 1st session and count as a downpayment.
Unshakeable Empath
I'm looking forward to empowering you to step into your next level of embodied self-leadership!


Your new personal & spiritual developemnt bestie & success mindset teammate

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