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Elevate Your Impact

Elevate your impact & Attract

Clearly articulate your message
Showcase your impactful results
Stand out to attract your ideal clients
Feel legit making money doing what you love.

Tailored energy-infused copywriting & soul healing for business owners who offer intangible transformations

Ready to magnetic?

You’re on a mission to create impact through your business but you've had enough feeling like you’re the best-kept secret of your industry?
Whether you’re a new business owner, you’re plateauing or pivoting, if you recognise yourself in these👇, I got you!

  • You're struggling to clearly express the results you deliver because you offer "intangible" results:
    you powerfully impact so many areas of your clients' life, but how to choose what area to focus on? How to even describe this impact?

    Hard to choose because you're multi-passionate, afraid of missing out or making the wrong choice.

  • You feel confused and conflicted about who your ideal client is, how to price your offers; you're afraid you won't deliver results up to your clients' expectations (the famous "imposter syndrome"), therefore you speak to everyone, your contents and sales pages are too broad. And when we speak to everyone, we speak to no one...

  • You question your legitimacy, therefore take on unrealistic responsibility for clients' results, you undercharge, over-give and end up resenting your business (or yourself!)

  • You deal with shame and resistance when talking about your services, you struggle with the fear of being judged, criticised, sounding arrogant, like a "know-it-all", or of hurting people if you're opinionated - therefore you're holding back and not allowing yourself to say what you would like to say...
    (which is costing you time and money, also creating stress and all the yucky feelings)

  • You want to rewrite your money story: you're done with playing small and having limiting beliefs about money, fear of missing out and fear of lack - you're 100% ready for more prosperity (with integrity and authenticity of course)

And because of this ☝️ the way you promote yourself is not optimal...

  • You're unsure how to write a sales page or website that captures your essence and makes your people think "OMG he/she gets me, that's exactly what I need!"

  • Maybe you already have a sales page but need extra help to make it sound more like you

  • Or maybe you're holding back in your copy and overall marketing... as a result, you're feeling disconnected from your offer or frustrated by your sales page (or all of that...) and you're plateauing, not feeling fulfilled...

And trust me, I've been there myself… That's why I can help and empower you by:

  • clearing resistance and what makes that you're holding back so you can fully and confidently own your genius  and talk about what you do (through deep and joyful 1:1 energy healing)

  • intuitively capturing your essence to write (or tweak) your copy so it sounds like you (by reading your energy and "translating" it into words)

  • improving your messaging and marketing so you become magnetic & attract your dream clients

Words are powerful tools.
Why not use them to authentically express how your genius can help your people?
And what better way than clearing resistance and tapping directly into your Zone of Genius?

Intuitive copywriting.png

When we team up, you will:

  • Pinpoint what makes you stand out in your industry by tapping into your soul gifts & unlocking your unique abilities

  • Create the impact you know you're here to create, clear impostor syndrome: no more distractions or doubts (if they show up, you'll know how to shift them) so you can you own your genius (authentically and with integrity, without feeling like you're bragging!)

  • Confidently articulate your offer to attract your aligned clients using simple and potent words that sounds like YOU, we will also clear any resistance or shame surrounding discussions about your skills & results so you don't miss opportunities

  • Authentically showcase the impactful results you deliver and create content straight from your soul to your ideal client (w/o overthinking), through intuitive copywriting so you can have your people DM you "OMG you get me, let's work together"

  • Feel legit and confidently master your skills through unshakeable self-belief, which is what makes you magnetic.

  • Rewrite your money story and cultivate a prosperity mindset so you can build more success from the inside out, aligning you with your purpose (always with integrity)

"Wooo hoo Thanks so much! Amazing! I love all your suggestions! All aligns with me. You captured everything really well, and you know if I went to someone else to do copy write I wonder if they would capture who I am... probably not!!!!

I am looking forward to implementing the changes. You summed me up well in my "about me"".

"I had an amazing private session with Morgane. She is so gifted. My focus was to do some inner work to help me move through some blocks that were preventing me from moving forward with my goals. I got so much more than I thought I was going to get. Not only did we remove these blocks to help me perform more optimally, but we also removed 2 very big traumas, and some old limiting beliefs holding me back from sharing my gifts with those who are in need. If you are ever wondering about whether energy work may help, I highly recommend giving yourself the gift of time with Morgane."

Tap into your zone of genius and do what sets your soul on fire

Let's tap into your soul gifts, enhance your zone of genius so you can give yourself permission to do what sets your soul and heart on fire!

4 ways to Elevate Your Impact


Tweak n' Boost
Done For You

Gain Clarity, Boost your existing message & your confidence.

  • Offline energy reset to clear energy & subconscious "blocks", enhancing your confidence and clarity

  • Tweak to 1 existing copy (sales page or homepage or 5 pieces of content)

  • Delivery via Google Doc within 3 business days

  • 2 weeks of support Mon-Fri for implementation and review.

  • 222 euros (€444 after April 30th)

Focused Immersion

Unlock & Accelerate Your Business Potential through energy work & copywriting 

  • 4 hours via Zoom

  • Clear mindset blocks & resistance hindering your business growth.

  • Craft a powerful, resonant message for your service

  • 2 weeks of support Mon-Fri for implementation and review

  • 888 euros (1111 euros after April 30th!)

3-month Accelerator
Build Success from Inside Out

  • 10 calls to clear impostor syndrome & align with your business goals

  • Get crystal clear on your core message & confidently stand out

  • Optimized website copy

  • Learn to create content with ease, feeling confident to talk about your services & impactful results

  • Unlimited Support Mon-Fri for implementation, accountability & guidance (mindset + biz)

  • €1800 or 3 x 600 euros
    (€2222 after April 20th)

6-month Mastery
Prosperity Skyrocket

  • 8 weekly calls for 2 months + 2 calls per month for 4 months

  • Everything from the 3-month Accelerator

  • Clear "money blocks",
    rewrite your money story & rewire for prosperity

  • Learn techniques to stay clear & focused for optimal performance

  • Tap into your intuition to create content w/o overthinking

  • Extra resources from my library

  • €3300 or 6 x 550 euros (€4200 after April 20th)

What's next?

  • Whether for the Done For You or VIP day, after confirming your order by booking a proceeding to payment, you will receive an automated confirmation email;

    • for the Done for You, you'll receive your Google Doc at your chosen date

    • for the VIP day, the Zoom link will be in the email confirmation, I'll see you on Zoom at your chosen date


  • For the 3-month or 6-month program:

    After submitting your application (via Google Form), you'll hear from me within the next business day and we will tackle formalities together


  • Any questions? Read the FAQ below or contact me here

Elevate Your Impact - FAQ

  • What method are you using during the live calls for the soul healing and subconscious rewiring?

    My unique method called E.A.S.E. (Energy Alignment for Success and Empowerment) that I have developed with my 15+ years of experience. We bring shifts of perspective and healing os you release silent burdens - you will NOT re-experience traumas, you'll be 100% conscious and aware the whole time and we do this with joy!


  • During the 3-month and 6-month program, do you follow a specific strategy or program?

    All of your sessions and the whole program will be 100% tailored to your needs (because cookie-cutters belong in the kitchen, not in my type of work ;-))
    I believe that even if I follow intuition and work with your energy and your guidance, it's healthy to have a guideline.
    My Framework is called R.O.S.E. and it stands for Realisation, Observation, Shift, Expansion - 4 phases I take you through for durable results.


  • Cancellation and refund policy:
    When you book a session or start a program within the 14-day period that follows your payment, it is considered that you renounce to your right of withdrawal as stated in the Terms and Conditions and by the Law.

    Are we tied by a contract? No... Contracts are not bad, but it's important to work on the basis of trust... Trusting each other to show up and do our best so that everyone is fulfilled.
    There is no refund for the sessions that have already been consumed. 
    However, if for some reason you had to stop the program, you would get a refund proportionally calculated for what has not been consumed yet. Your money won't be made hostage ;-)

  • Any questions that wasn't listed? Contact me, let's chat!

I'm looking forward to assisting you in Elevating Your Message, Master your Mindset and Skyrocket your Business!

Elevate Your Message through mindset and copywriting.png
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