From self-sabotage to


A 3-month private shamanic healing & coaching experience that helps you overcome self-sabotage and self doubt so you can step into your full potential, confidently take focused action trusting your intuition and increase your productivity to grow your impact and reach your next level of fulfilment

You're looking to step into your self-improvement journey to remove blocks, subconscious beliefs and patterns because you want to be able to confidently show up and take actions to grow your impact and your business.

You know that you hold the key to your success, but you're not sure how to unlock all the potential that lies within you.​


Are you ready to:

  • be unapologetically you and become unshakeable without holding yourself back?

  • reignite the flame  that sets your soul on fire and reach your next level of fulfilment in your business (and life)?

  • heal your nervous system and feel inner peace so you can develop your success mindset, increase your productivity and therefore improve your quality of life?

Imagine that 90 days from now:​

  • you’ve left self-doubt and self-sabotage behind, no more procrastination, instead you’re making decisions and taking actions that bring you closer to your goals every day!

  • You have deactivated triggers and overcome overwhelm, you have tools to help you manage your negative self-talk you therefore spend your energy on things (and thoughts!) that move the needle forward and bring you fulfilment!

  • you’re no longer afraid of making a mistake because you’ve learnt to say stop to perfectionism, instead, you have your own back and take action.

  • You’re no longer running in the hamster wheel, you feel connected to your intuition, you trust yourself to do what you have to do! 

  • your creative juice is flowing, your enthusiasm and joy are back, which is creating a positive vortex and you feel unstoppable and unshakeable!

That’s why I’m so deeply passionate about offering this program!

During those 90 days, you will transform your life to become the next-level version of yourself, you will have all the tools to be the successful CEO you dream of being.

When joining this unique 3-month program, you will: ​

  • get rid of unnecessary mind chatter and know how to tame the mind. The days of distraction and overwhelm are over! 

  • have more creativity and mental clarity (bye brain fog!) to focus on tasks that move the needle forward in your business (clients, money!). Increased productivity = more free time for self-care, family time and anything that brings you joy!

  • feel confident to consistently show up as your authentic self and deliver high-quality services that powerfully impact your clients

  • stepping deeper into your life purpose, unlocking your soul gifts (no more playing small!) confidently making decisions that move you forward and bring you fulfilment.

You'd rather send me an email? No worries, you can contact me here :)


  • 3 months

  • 12 transformative sessions (my unique method, a mix of shamanic healing, coaching & energy reading)

  • Unlimited personalised support during office hours - you have a shaman in your pocket for empowerment!

  • Extra resources and tools as needed


  • 1 free energy cleanse to kick off (valued at €111)

  • progress & epic a-ha moment tracker (valued at €47)

  • my online course "Understanding the ego to access wholeness: journey from fear to unconditional love" (valued at €397)

  • PIF bonus = an extra week of support + an extra 30-min energy cleanse (value at least €222)

Beta-tester investment: 1500 euros PIF (hurry up before it goes up to 2400 euros PIF :) ) 

Payment plans available for beta testers: 2x777 or 3 x 522 (in the future, payment plans will be 2 x 1225 or 3 x 822)

Need more info about the process? 

We’ll work step by step to get you from self-doubt and self-sabotage to trusting yourself and your intuition so you can focus taking focused actions and show up in your business

  1. We’re removing blocks: mindset, energy, past life, ancestral to bring understanding of the self, self-love, compassion. 

  2. You’ll get tools and tips you can use anytime to manage your energy as a business owner with ease!

  3. We go through my unique R.O.S.E. framework

Here is a quick preview of what's on the menu

  • After you'll have submitted the from, you'll receive an email from me for the administrative formalities and to book your 1st session​

  • Week 1: you will have 2 sessions: 1 free energy cleanse + 1 realization call: you will release burdens that held you back, you’ll experience a feeling of freedom, inner peace, mental clarity, acceptance of the human experience, no more self-blame or guilt, you'll also learn how not to engage in the mind "blahblah"

  • Week 2: From Self-Doubt to Self-Acceptance

  • Week 3: From Self-Sabotage to Self-Support

  • Week 4: Self-Trust Activator

  • Week 5: Soul Gifts Unlocked

  • Week 6: Empowerment call: taking stocks, acknowledging and celebrating the progress !!!

  • Week 7: The 3 Rs (Reformulate, Reframe, Readjust) that transform experiences into expansion

  • Week 8: Soul Wounds healing

  • Week 9: Rewiring: New mindset around success, self-worth and self-acceptance

  • Week 10: Self-Expansion

  • Week 11: Self-acceptance and becoming unlimited: building new durable habits

  • Week 12: Empowerment call: strengthening what was healed & learnt, stepping into your next-level self

  • If you PIF, you either get an extra week of support + an extra 30-min call (Week 13)


Q: Why are you offering unlimited support?

A: It is NOT to make you dependent on me but to help you tackle stressful situations and triggers in real time as they come so that you know what to do for yourself, you have solutions to concrete situations; this will help you build yourself up & hack your own programming to remove the illusions (false beliefs) and replace it with the Truth from your Higher Self. I will always empower you and you will always be making your own decisions.

Q: What can I expect from this work?

A: 3 key results:

  • Release blocks​ to self-trust (including trusting your intuition)

  • Radical self-acceptance & self-love

  • Knowing how to access inner peace & silence the mind

You are your own healer, I am here as a catalyst and facilitator to guide you and show you how to not only see but own and unleash your full potential!

Q: Will I have to re-experience any trauma I've had?

A: No, you will only experience what is for your highest good, you will see a new perspective and you will reconnect with the part of yourself who got hurt.

I have never re-experienced trauma, neither did any of my clients who have purchased this service. You gain understanding and it helps you move forward.

Q: What if I know I have a trauma but I don't remember it consciously?

A: It can indeed happen that we are not consciously aware of a trauma, either because we suppressed that memory in order to survive or because it is a trauma that took place in a past life.

In any case, it doesn't make any difference, your Higher Self and your Guides know exactly what you need to heal and you will be able to recollect a fragment of your soul no matter when it got fragmented.

Remember these 3 principles:

- time is an illusion

- energy transcends time and space

- intention is everything

Q: Will I become self-confident?

A: Self-confidence is not a point you reach once for good, it is an on-going journey of growth and personal development. We all have our own personal story, we are all unique, that's why I use a mix of modalities that are adaptable to your own unique needs not to just get you to become self-confident and to validate yourself/your own needs and desires, but to maintain the confidence and keep on building it as you go/grow.

Q: Which platform will be used for the call and the support?

A: Telegram most of the time because it's free, respects privacy (end-to-end encryption, no data collection or treatment, no advertisement) and there is also a desktop version.

What is your refund and cancellation policy?

When services are delivered within the 14 days that follow the payment, it is considered that the Client renounces to his/her right of withdrawal as stated in the Terms and Conditions and according to the Law.

If you paid and booked your service for a date that is outside of the 14-day withdrawal period but would happen to change your mind before the service takes place, then in that case, you could cancel your order and get a refund indeed since the service will not have been delivered yet.

There is no refund granted for services that have already taken place.

If you didn't see your question listed above, you can contact me via the contact form here

Are you ready to embody the next-level you who moves forward with confidence, achieves her/his goals and makes her/his dreams come true?

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I'm looking forward to assisting you on your path to becoming Unstoppable! :)

Much Love,