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Rewire your mindset to thrive without sacrificing your wellness as an empathic creative entrepreneur or artist

YES! You can have it all! It starts at an energy & subconscious level!


Let's get you from "meh" to "hell yeah", follow your joy and create prosperity with E.A.S.E.
(my process of Energy Alignment for Success and Empowerment & my R.O.S.E. Framework © since 2016)

We also deal with mindset, personal development, spirituality (and a bit of the business part because when you've nailed the rest, the strategy adapts to YOU)!

Find my current services below or get in touch for any personalised requests.

For you if you have a defined goal in your business but you're facing a money, clarity, or mindset block.

Let's clear it so you can confidently move forward without staying stuck.

Single session - Live Zoom call

Program for empathic creative entrepreneurs or artists feeling "stuck" at a plateau & wanting to thrive in biz & life, w/o overwhelm.

Master your mindset & energy, feel energized & rewire for more success, income & impact.

  • Cleansing dense energy for a renewed sense of positivity, clarity & momentum to move forward on a blank slate

  • offline + report sent to your inbox

  • 30min approx.

For you if you want to:

- clear resistance and impostor syndrome causing you not to dare own your genius

- elevate your sales page so it sounds like you & connects with your people

Support via text & voice notes to help you move forward w/o staying stuck

Get clarity & guidance, ask any Q related to your personal, spiritual development, mindset or business 

Pain Ease And Comfort Enhancement

  • Energy healing for Pain Relief & increased wellness

  • Offline, report sent by email

  • 30min approx

Healing teachings for spiritual & creative humans ready to unlock their innate healing abilities and answer their soul’s calling (and make money doing so! in integrity)

Ready to remember you soul gifts?

Also available under special request:​ Ancestral healing, energy cleanse, relationship recalibration, business recalibration & animal healing sessions - Get in touch

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