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Online session

Ancestral Healing Bundle

3 calls of +/- 75min

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 555 euros
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

This life-changing service enables you to release the patterns, blocks & burdens that you inherited but that don't belong to you so that you can free yourself & your (future) children and write your own story. This Ancestral Healing service is for you if: - you are seeing some of your family's reactions/behaviors/patterns in your own life & you want to break them - you are not afraid to face yourself or do emotional healing from a place of self-love, self-growth, respect & non-judgment of yourself or your Ancestors - you are tired of feeling stuck & want to free yourself from anything that harms you and no longer serves you so that you can finally live the life you know you deserve - you know the answers you seek aren't to be found in a "rational" way, you know you are made for more and you're ready to claim it! Ancestral Healing can help you - gain clarity on your life purpose and why you are here on Earth, incarnated in this specific family, this will give you inner peace and acceptance - release limiting beliefs & recurring patterns so that you can break free from what is keeping you stuck, which is going to boost your self-confidence and bring balance in your life - realize that it's ok to love your family dearly and still not get along with them, you won't feel the need to "fix things", no more guilt, etc. just acceptance - see that you have a role to play and that it is perfectly orchestrated, bringing you a feeling of belonging and having a place in the family tree - there is no mistake - bring forgiveness & compassion towards your Ancestors and yourself, so that you can become your own friend, heal your relationships and open yourself up to new opportunities - rewrite your story from a place of self-love & self-acceptance to create your own beautiful life. This service includes 3 sessions: - an analysis of your family tree data so you can see patterns & how everything has been perfectly orchestrated - energy cleanse to remove blocks, stagnant energies and outdated soul contracts - energy reading from your Higher Self & Ancestors to help you resolve unfinished businesses, bring forgiveness & peace within yourself - coaching tips easily applicable to improve in your daily life - ongoing support This ancestral healing service is a unique mix of shamanic healing & psychogenealogy that will bring you inner peace, a sense of belonging and freedom for a more fulfilled life and embodied self-leadership! Book your 1st session now

Cancelation Policy

To reschedule, please let Morgane know asap, ideally 24 hours in advance. Refund and cancellation policy: By the law, I need to let you know that when services are delivered within the 14 days that follow the payment, it is considered that the Client renounces to his/her right of withdrawal as stated in the Terms and Conditions and according to the Law. There is no refund granted for services that have already taken place. for any questions

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