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Self-Trust Activator

A 75-minute 1:1 soul healing session to help you gain the confidence you need to make decisions and set boundaries so you can create the changes you wish to see in your business & life.

This "Self-Trust Activator" session is for you if:

  • You've been holding yourself back from doing something that mattered to you because of self-doubt

  • You find it hard to make decisions, as a result you imagine every possible negative scenario, you don't know what to do so you end up procrastinating and seeking validation from others

  • You don't give yourself enough credit, don't fully believe in your skills and even have impostor syndrome

  • You beat yourself up when things don't go as planned, then negative self-talk kicks in

  • You feel guilty for choosing yourself, you tend to people-please and have difficulties setting or keeping boundaries

  • You have a fear of lack and scarcity mindset that you're wishing to shift

A lack of Self-Trust is generally the root cause of most of the blocks and hindrances you're facing in your life and in your business/career.

If you've been feeling stuck in spite of taking actions and aren't seeing your desired results, this session will help you unlock subconscious patterns so you can move forward and start seeing significant improvements in your life.

What you can expect from the Self-Trust Activator

  • healing of soul wounds and self-doubt so that you can give yourself permission to trust yourself unconditionally as you move forward with a sense of lightness and peace

  • reprogram your mind to trust that you will always know what to do for your highest good and how to take responsibility for any decision you make (without fear of making a mistake)

  • unlock your soul gifts, your potential and feel safe to be seen, trusting your skills and knowledge

  • allowing yourself to set boundaries in a kind and compassionate way for yourself and for others (the time of guilt is over, your nervous system and your body will thank you!)

  • get a more positive mindset and outlook on life and you'll know how to lift yourself up for an improved quality of life and better sleep

  • actionable steps on what to do to move forward trusting yourself (now that blocks to self-trust will be removed)

Self-Trust Activator details & investment

  • 1:1 live shamanic healing & personal development coaching session via Zoom (includes a free mini energy cleanse) to help you step further into self-leadership

  • you'll get a concise report with bullet points after the live call so you have actionable steps to keep implementing changes in your life

  • 1 week of support: if you have any additional questions, you can reach out to me by email or via Telegram

  • Investment: 175 euros

  • After booking and confirming your order by proceeding to payment, you'll receive a confirmation email that contains the Zoom link you will use to join the call on your chosen day.

Self-Trust Activator F.A.Q.

Q: Where can I find more resources on how a lack of Self-Trust is actually impacting my life?


A: I'm inviting you to read this blog article.

Q: What happens during a session?


A: We start the call with a mini energy cleanse to remove old energies and you'll get a healing at a soul level (this lifetime and also past life) and coaching techniques to accelerate your way to your desired results once our work together will be done.

Q: What is your refund and cancellation policy?

A: When services are delivered within the 14 days that follow the payment, it is considered that the Client renounces to his/her right of withdrawal as stated in the Terms and Conditions and according to the Law. There is no refund granted for services that have already taken place.

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I'm looking forward to connecting with you,


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