Self-doubt Crusher

A 75-min call to uncover your blocks to self-acceptance so that you can go from doubting to validating yourself and make heart-based decisions that move you forward in your business.


The Goal?

  • Uncover your blocks to self-acceptance in order to break the patterns that don't serve you (ex: being hard on yourself, self-negative talk, etc.)

  • Build up your self-confidence so that you don't seek external validation, instead you will own your decisions and actions

  • Learn how to prioritise your own needs based on what feels aligned

Are you ready to ditch the
"I can't", "what if", "How am I going to do that?"
to embrace the
"I know I can and I will"?

You will walk away with:

  • self-understanding, which will help you develop self-compassion so that you can become your own best friend and have your own back (no more being hard on yourself or beating yourself up!)

  • a feeling of being connected to your heart center for more self-confidence and self-trust to make decisions

  • clarity on your next steps to create new habits and reach your personal goals

  • an increased sense of self-love and inner peace

Here is what this exclusive no-brainer offer includes

  • a 75-minute 1:1 call
  • a 30-minute follow-up call 1 week after so I can answer your questions and we can consolidate the work initially done​

Price: 99 euros only!

*limited to one session per individual

Take the leap_edited_edited.jpg

Are you ready to take the leap?

I'll be happy to team up with you to crush the self-doubt and help you practice total self-acceptance

Looking forward to connecting with you,


Your transformation catalyst

Transform with Morgane​

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