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Power up!
Pocket Mentoring & Guidance for High Achievers who want to shift subconscious blocks, get clarity and focus to create new habits and move forward fast

Powerful - Impactful - No-brainer

What you can expect from Power Up Pocket Mentoring

Whether you've been on your personal development & healing journey for a while or just recently started, you know it's a matter of peeling layers and keeping expanding from within, right?


Imagine having a Shamanic Guide & Personal Development Coach in your back pocket anytime you needed a pick-me-up or to process thoughts and emotions, to deal with overwhelm and help you get in a space where your mind is quiet so you can have mental clarity and hear your inner guidance?


This is NOT to make you dependant but to EMPOWER you and support you while you change the way you think and transform your habits.


I help you achieve your personal and professional goals by guiding you back to yourself and teaching you how to shift your perspective in real time and reframe your thoughts. We also get to identify patterns and shift them in real time.


This type of mentorship is a no-brainer yet very powerful and impactful to create deep and durable transformation!


We get to interact daily, you get coaching on the go, journal prompts, exercises to calm your mind, hear your intuition, etc.


You get to learn how to manage overwhelm, anxiety, how to make decisions without hesitating or fear of making a mistake.


You're the actor of your life and I'm backstage empowering you.


You don't have to struggle alone any longer. Together, we will get you tools that work for you so that you can tame your mind and live from your heart space, making more room for your inner guidance, and for more peace, harmony, self-trust and self-confidence.


You get to ask questions, share ideas, get feedback. You can leave messages whenever it suits you and get quick responses (minimum once per day)


If you go through moments of discouragement, need motivation, upliftment, I'll be right here in your pocket!

Power Up Pocket Mentoring details & investment

You get 30 days of pocket mentoring and this formula includes:

  • 4 weeks of private message support via Telegram, daily interactions (min once per day) for upliftment, shift of perspective, guidance via written DMs and voice notes!

  • 1 energy cleanse to kick off, acting like a reset to remove old energies and boost your energy, mindset

  • Launching offer for early birds: 297 Euros

  • After booking and confirming your order by proceeding to payment, we'll get in touch so we can get you started!

Image by Kelly Sikkema
I'm looking forward to empowering you to step into your next level of embodied self-leadership!


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