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  • Morgane Self-Leadership Mentor

The root cause of restlessness & void: why external strategies won't "fix" your business or career

You feel like you’re doing all the things...

You’re working hard...

But something is missing

Let's dive straight into that missing element!

Then we'll see what to do when you're taking all the courses but you're nowhere near your business goals and what you really need to improve your business/career and life.

Enjoy the read!

The root cause of restlessness & void: why external strategies won't fix everything in your business
Personal development, mindset, subconscious & energy work

"Fixing problems" or finding what's missing?

So, you look for more business strategies or more skills that would “fix your problems” because you think that’s what you’re missing...

But let me tell you that’s not addressing the real cause of the restlessness you’re feeling.

Because there’s no external strategy that will “fix” the feeling of “something is missing” if you can’t pinpoint exactly what’s missing in the first place

Chances are, you might be missing an internal piece that’s causing the dissonance within you.

For example, there might be a part of you that doesn’t believe it's possible that the strategy will work for you, or that you can be successful.

I’ve been there myself… In the beginning of my business, I was trapped in a "fixing cycle" - constantly either looking for a business strategy or a new healing strategy.

Then I realised that I didn’t need to look for the next thing to fix before I could be successful.

Because nothing needs fixing! Nothing is ever broken in the first place! Period! (that's what society likes to make us believe)

This is why I created Unshakeable - to help you identify what is really missing: if it’s actually an external strategy or (most likely) an internal dissonance (something creating disharmony or conflict within yourself).

Then we work together to make you bridge that gap and feel whole so you can move forward and create that thriving business and life you’re worthy of having.

Get in touch now or check out “Unshakeable” if you’re ready to make things happen!

When you're taking all the courses but you're nowhere near your business/career goals

Have you been taking all the courses, reading all the books, applying all the manifestation techniques but you're still nowhere near your income and business goals?

I get it, I truly do... because this happened to me too...

After having invested in external strategies that I thought would help me reach my business goals...

(ex: how to create a funnel, how to use social media…)

After getting more certifications that I thought I needed to look more “legit”…

I realised that I was trying to fill a void I wasn’t even aware of in the first place.

As a results of societal conditioning, I did what I was taught: to look for solutions in the external, rather than look inwards

In reality, what I really needed was to fill the void from within.

Because let’s be honest here… external and general strategies will NEVER fill any void!

Meaning this won’t be done through collecting information about business or mindset strategies or healing courses.

But this is done through a tailored approach… This is why I love working 1:1 with my clients to identify and rewire their unique block(s)!

So if you’re like past me, you have a void caused by decades of programming that led you to rely on ‘external strategies’ to feel whole.

But the problem is that you’re filling the void with the wrong strategies so you never feel whole.

What you really need to improve your business and life

What you really need is 1:1 support to help you not only identify but also clear YOUR specific set of programming so you can finally see that you already have what you need.

A personalised approach offers more guarantee to get you to your desired results than a generic approach from a book or a course.

You are unique and your unique needs are taken into consideration. The key to your success lies within. If you're plateauing right now, let's look within.

That's exactly what we do in my Unshakeable program!

So you might be wondering "how can I trust it will work for me?" and I get it...

Here's why it works for my clients:

  • they're self-empowered

  • they take responsibility and are action-takers

  • they come in with an open mind, ready to hear another perspective and let new beliefs and knowledge land differently

  • they're not afraid to look within and trust themselves to get the results

  • they have decided that they've had enough

  • they're READY to take their business and life to the next level.

After all, you've been taking all these courses so you ARE already an action-taker!

During these 8 weeks, you'll have me in your back pocket to keep on integrating the work done during the 1:1 so you can keep rewiring in real-life situations.

If you'd like to chat more personally about it, book your free assessment and we'll address any questions you may have.

I'm looking forward to connecting with you!


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