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Understanding the ego to access wholeness and unconditional love - Course

This pre-recorded course will help you:

  • understand your mental patterns (ex: self-sabotage, fear of failure/success, procrastination, self-doubt...) to make your mind/ego work for you (and not against you)

  • calm your thoughts when you can't seem to think clearly or when anxiety starts to kick in

  • gain clarity and confidence for when you need to make decisions and trust yourself to make the choice that will benefit you the most

  • differentiate the voice of your mind/ego from the voice of your intuition

  • reach more unity within yourself and become your own best friend so that you can have your own back and live without "what ifs" or regrets.

Understanding the ego to access wholeness and unconditional love
Understanding the ego to access wholeness and unconditional love workshop

Here is an overview of the contents:

  • how to "hack" your ego/mind by understanding key components and what "automatic" mechanisms take place within you so that you can break them

  • how to heal emotionally so that you don't pile them up, poison yourself, get overwhelmed but instead you fully accept them and deal with them with grace in daily life

  • how to heal childhood wounds with a simple yet powerful method so that you can finally be at peace with your past and move forward, fully present in the now

  • how to deactivate your triggers and recurring patterns so you're in full control of your responses to situations

  • how to use tools to turn down the volume of your ego's voice (that rehashes worries, fears, traumas and tends to overthink) so that you can hear your heart's desires/soul's voice that is telling you to follow your joy, to invite peace and just BE unconditional love.

Understanding the ego to access unconditional love and wholeness
A course that teaches you about yourself

With these techniques, you will be able to

  • understand what fear really is and how to avoid falling into ego's traps.

  • free yourself from everything that no longer serves you (like fears, false beliefs, etc.)

  • re-build your inner world from a place of unconditional self-love, no-judgment, self-compassion and respect.

This whole workshop is infused with healing and high vibrational energies for your highest good and with the intention to launch your own self-healing process.

The sound of my voice, my frequency and presence have healing energies that will help you feel your heart and love for yourself.

Here's what is included in this workshop:

  • More than 4 hours of content (video & audio)

  • Worksheets & journal prompts

  • rinse & repeat methods that can change your life

  • 5 Bonuses

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Do I have a deadline to finish the workshop?

No, it's self-paced, you can do it in your own time, as long as you have decided to do this for yourself and I actually encourage you to take time so that you can really feel the information I am delivering, it will shift your way of seeing things, situations and also yourself and your own inner world.

Are the techniques and tools difficult to implement?

No, they're accessible to everyone. What matters is to build new habits and actually use them. If you use them, you'll see shifts.

How can I be sure this is for me?

If you resonate with this page and you're willing to take time for yourself, then it's for you.

It's not for you if:

  • you make excuses

  • you're not committed to your growth

  • you're not ready to make changes or use the techniques

Story time - 1st client's experience:

My very first client I had in coaching right after I got certified as a personal development coach back in 2015 was depressed and had attempted suicide.

We had a few sessions together and I wrote a whole program for her based on these techniques, she decided to commit, she took her spiritual, mental, emotional and physical wellness seriously and applied the techniques, used the tools. This strong and determined lady understood for herself that it was her responsibility towards herself and her little children, she became her own savior, she saw that nothing her fault, she understood the root and could shift her whole view. She developed compassion, forgiveness and love for herself.

At the end of our program and work together, she felt at peace, she had gained clarity on her career path, she believed in herself and followed her heart, in other words, her suicidal thoughts disappeared and she got out of depression and started a new life.

Icing on the cake? She deactivated patterns that her children will not have to deal with.

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Understanding the ego to access wholeness and unconditional love - Course

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