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What to do when nothing seems to be working | How to move forward and reach your next big goal

You've read all the "positive mindset" books, followed all the "manifestation" courses, you're writing affirmations...


It's not "working" for you...

So you wonder what you're doing "wrong" 😔

or worse... you're questioning your worthiness 😱

❣️Please don't make it mean anything about you!

Here's what it really means...

What to do when nothing seems to be working How to move forward and reach your next big goal
Personal development & mindset coaching blog article

🙋🏻‍♀️ Raise your hand if you've ever thought that because I sure have!

💡 But that was before I understood a few things I'm about to share with you:

Moving forward: Cookie-cutter strategies or tailor-made approach?

Books and courses are great!!! I won't say the contrary (after all, I'm an author myself 😏) they provide knowledge and tips but sometimes that's not enough!!!

We all have a unique path with unique needs, a unique story...

A global approach is sometimes not enough to answer your needs and desires!

Books are "one-size-fits-all" but everyone is unique and sometimes we need to go deeper with a more personalised approach.

That's exactly why books or courses alone can have a limited effect or can even work temporarily because at some point what's in your core programming (the way your mind has been programmed by society and your own life story) will start running back to the front by default and this can be shifted (of course!) with an approach that is tailored to YOUR needs!

That's exactly what I do with my clients because cookie-cutters are great for cooking, but not for coaching!

The limits of manifestation techniques and a few words about false teachings

False teachings are meant to deceive and are creating a distortion, they're not meant to work, they're meant to make us believe they work so we're trapped in a loop and get distracted from what really matters (aka living our best live and thrive doing what we love...)

I haven't come across one single "manifestation" technique that works by itself...

So yes, some techniques can and do help and yes, some techniques can be a good complement in our life...

BUT nothing beats the combination of aligned action, an unshakeable mindset, determination and self-discipline (which doesn't equal "boring" or "being hard or strict"!!!).

Manifestation techniques are good in complement of all this but anyone who says "ignore your fears or negative emotions" or "just meditate daily and visualise for 1 hours per day and your dreams will come true" is simply lying to you. Period.

We're in a material and physical world and all our desires can't just manifest out of thin air by us just sitting on our derrière, visualising nothing and waiting for the Universe to deliver... this is simply New Age deceiving techniques that do a lot of damage (I could go on about that since I've experienced pretty horrible things before I knew better in my younger days and I also have a lot of clients' stories I could tell)

Long story short, if you use manifestation techniques (without contracting with the dark side - that's also another topic ewww...) if there's something within you that resists that very thing you're working on "manifesting" because of past wounds, trauma or false beliefs, then there's a misalignment and you'll hit a glass ceiling

(side note, yes manifesting your reality is possible, never denying that! But the law of attraction is ONE law among many others and we can't only use one without knowing of the others, that's also something to consider and something I talk about in this book)

Affirmations work if you do the work

Affirmations alone don't work in some cases (and that's exactly what I was talking about in this book I wrote a few years ago)

Ex: if you have a fear or a trauma around trusting yourself, repeating 30 times a day "I am self-confident" won't do much for you if anything at all (past me can testify of that).

However, affirmations can be a good complement to your healing and while you're rewiring your mindset for success and solutions! But you'll still need to take action and clear that wound/trauma that created that limitation in the 1st place

Conscious desires vs subconscious identity

If anything you desire is in contradiction with your identity (aka the persona you have built from past experiences - usually painful ones - aka the "I" / "ego") you'll face resistance because anything out of what's familiar (what's perceived as outside the comfort zone) is considered dangerous or as a potential threat by your defense mechanism.

And the defense mechanism works in a way that's automatic, like "auto-pilot", that's why I mentioned "subconscious identity", it's something within you that needs attention and healing - and it's absolutely possible to shift that!

You are ALWAYS worthy

You are ALWAYS worthy of reaching your goals and materialising your vision.

You are worthy of reaching your next level of success and prosperity (whatever those means to you) so even if you're not seeing results right now, trust you're on your way, you deserve to be fulfilled and trust your own timing!

Shift your approach and never cease to ask questions

If something doesn't seem to bring results, it doesn't mean anything about your capacity, simply shift your perspective and ask yourself these 3 powerful questions:

➼ "what is this situation teaching me?"

➼ "How can I shift my perspective?"

➼ "What can I do differently?"

Become Unshakeable

Work on implementing these things and if you need a personalised approached 100% tailored to YOUR needs, contact me and let's chat!

It's not about becoming cold, closed and having a heart of stone, it's about trusting you have all the resources and potential within yourself to deal with anything that your next-level self requires from you.

Unshakeable is my 8-week program that helps you get focus, clarity and solution-oriented mindset to make decisions and take actions that support your vision and enables you to reach your next big goal with E.A.S.E.©.

Update of August 26th:

Shifting from limitations to a solution-oriented mindset that equips you to handle anything

Are you ready to crush those limitations the mind is talented at coming up with?

The typical tug of war and endless discussion between your heart and your mind:

Heart: "Let's reach our next big goal! Let's go for it, I believe in you"

Mind: "Yes, but... erhm, you sure? Because remember what happened last time..."

You: <facepalm>

Raise your hand if you have an active mind that gets "cray-cray" sometimes! It used to be my case...

In this article, we're going to talk about:

  • How you can shift your mindset from limitations to a solution-oriented mindset,

  • What I call "becoming Unshakeable"

  • My client Rebecca's story and testimonial (with permission)

  • 3 tips to keep in mind when want to up-level your business and life

Shifting from limitations to a solution-oriented mindset that equips you to handle anything
Personal Development & Mindset blog to help you change your life

Shifting from limitations to solution-oriented mindset

As a child & teenager, I was always imagining the worst-case scenario, I was afraid of failing, always stressed out & had anxiety from a young age (and I had no idea it wasn't normal to feel that way since it was what I had always known... trauma, etc.

But I decided to change that because enough was enough, I knew there had to be more in life than feeling like sh... Fast-forward to today, I became the one I'd have needed to help others.

You KNOW you're meant for more

As a passion-driven self-employed human, you KNOW you're meant for more, that your innate gifts can make a difference in the world - you weren't meant to fit in the mold, it's time to fully embody that next-level version of you!

When you shift your mindset, you develop:

✧ a solution-oriented way of thinking: you focus on solutions and on teachings (rather than on problems & why that thing happened)

✧ more self-confidence you know that doing your best is enough

✧ more positive scenarios: you think of all the possibilities you can create & focus on what you can actually control (instead of imagining the worst-case scenarios out of your control)

✧ more creativity: since you've learn how to choose your thoughts, you feel more inspired

✧ more peace: you learn how to calm your thoughts & regulate your nervous system

✧ more enthusiasm: as you know how to calm your thoughts, you are more focused, more productive and that's the key to more fulfilment when you're passionate about what you do, leading to more energy, more vitality, more success and prosperity...

That's what I call becoming Unshakeable!!!

It doesn't mean you have everything figured out, it means that no matter what life throws at you, you KNOW there's a way to grow from it & that you already have everything within you to deal with it.

My 8-week program "Unshakeable" is designed according to my unique framework, we tackle what's standing in your way from reaching your next big goal in any area of your life.

You are one with yourself and each area of your life are not separate from one another, so when you shift one thing it impacts your whole life.

Email me "Unshakeable" to know more, what better time to transform your life than now?

How Rebecca got clarity and stepped further into her life purpose (aka what sets her soul on fire)

Rebecca's testimonial on April 22nd 2022

"My reading felt very accurate to how I've been feeling about my business development. Right away Morgane picked up on the word "stagnant" and she gave me very specific feedback from my higher self. By the end of the reading and inner-reflection, was surprised how Morgane was able to pick up a lot of the pieces about my healing journey and how it relates to my business. I was able to identify where I needed to shift my energy, to be in alignment to my highest self and embody a more empowered vibrational frequency."

Rebecca's feedback on May 7th 2022

"It's a complete different view now and you were the start of the whole experience to expedite the knowing to materialize"

When we first met, Rebecca, an amazing heart-led business owner, was feeling stuck in her business and needed clarity.

I could tell you the transformation that happened for her after the reading, but I will copy/paste some of her own words from her testimonial:

"(...) There needed to be more depth and specificity about transformation within my tagline instead, which is more tangible than philosophical. I realized that stating the "truth" was actually a stagnant energy and didn't really show the potential of what my future clients would experience. So that needs to change. I want my business to reflect who I am becoming rather then who I was in the past and this reading helped me recognize this. The rest of my takeaways were about my own themes around femininity, my dad's influence and how my higher self wants me to trust in her surrendering and flow, to meet her there and support myself. To let go of the discouragement I felt. Interestingly, once I talked to Morgane and she received what she needed to do a reading, I did have a dream about my dad and I, and felt some tension in the dream. This felt like further confirmation to me, to trust in Morgane's reading and implement the wisdom received or otherwise trust it's all coming together. I really hope you can do the same, and receive exactly what you need to take the next best steps. Thanks for the reading, Morgane!"

3 tips to keep in mind when want to up-level your business and life

So here’s what I'd advise if you're wanting to work with an intuitive coach to uplevel your business + life: ⁣

1) Be open to receive, even if it's surprising or confusing at first. If something doesn't resonate straight away, maybe it will later, maybe it won't and it's ok either way.

2) Shifts don't always happen immediately, things get unlocked, but it's a process

3) Guidance or coaching doesn't bring you 100% of the solution, I'm not here to take your power away but to help you shift your perspective

So if like my client Rebecca you're saying yes to yourself & you're ready to do the work, contact me via this page and let's chat!

I can tell you that when you believe in yourself, the shifts happen!

You can achieve anything you decide to, it's time to believe in yourself and I can help you - so why wait any longer to bring transformation? These shifts are durable and you'll carry them with you forever as you keep expanding!

I'm looking forward to connecting with you,

I hope this article helps and if you have any questions, contact me!

Take care,


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