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What is a shaman

This is a question that I get a lot, so here's how I see what a shaman is and my definition from my own experience and also from learning more about it with a Lakota Medicine Man back in the days.

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First of all, to get this out of the way, I'll start by saying that labels are just words used to describe someone's specificities. Of course no label can define any human being. We are more than a function, a job, a quality, etc.

shamanic drum with wild sage - what is a shaman

What is a shaman?

The term shaman comes from Russia, more precisely from Siberia.

For Native American people, the more common term is "medicine man" or "medicine woman" ("pejuta winan" in Lakota).

In Europe, some people refer to a "shaman" as "witch" or "witch doctor" - but to me it's slightly different and we need to be careful with labels anyway.

A shaman is a catalyst for healing, someone who works on different planes of the astral realms in order to help someone to launch their self-healing process.

A shaman is a bridge between the physical world in which we are evolving and the spirit world in different dimensions.

The shaman works with Spirit (Wakan Tanka for the Lakota) or Source (the Unconditionally Loving Source of Creation and different Beings in order to help his/her clients to heal the energetic and spiritual aspect of certain dis-eases or physical and/or mental diseases.

By healing these aspects, the shaman helps his/her clients to heal their physical body and sometimes even prevent some other troubles to manifest.

A shaman is also an energy healer aka energy healing practitioner

What is an energy healer, Canva picture

What is an energy healer

A healer is a catalyst, a facilitator, a practitioner who helps you launch your own self-healing abilities and eases the process for you.

A healer channels Source energy, uses their know-how and provides their clients with all the tools and key information that they need in order to help them heal themselves at the energy and spiritual level first to impact the physical body, the mind, etc.

It is important for me to mention that a healer doesn’t heal directly per se, no one has the absolute power to heal someone else - please be careful if you ever came across someone who would pretend that they can heal you and solve your problems for you. (cf article "Myth busting about energy healers")

I don't like to refer to myself as a healer, but more as a catalyst, practitioner or facilitator. I "channel" energy for my clients to receive all the energy and help they may need at this moment, clear their blocks, feed their energy system, etc. so that they can heal their physical, emotional or mental challenges and/or diseases and also their soul.

By channeling, I mean "redirecting", it is the ability to tap into pure energy and direct it where it is needed for the client.

You will always hear me say that it is a team work, no one can "fix" anyone, it is a synergy between the facilitator's will and devotion to help the clients and the clients' will and dedication to heal and take care of themselves, the exchanges are always beautiful.

Energy healing & shamanism - hand with rings holding an amethyst pendulum

What energy work is NOT (truth bomb warning)

I see so many things that make me cringe that I wanted to share my truth and my values. What energy work is NOT:

  1. a quick fix: you're not broken in the first place, even if you feel like you are - it's not the truth. You are whole, energy work is here to help you remove what makes you feel you're broken so you can see that you're whole. Side note: If someone ever told you they'd fix you: RUN! No one can take your power away (unless you give it to them)

  2. a bypass: It can't be a way to escape from facing things you're meant to learn. What needs to be brought to your awareness is exactly what you need to be aware of. Nothing more, nothing less.

Shamanic healing work can help you bring the unseen cause of imbalances to the surface so that you can shift it and eliminate it from your energy field.

The unseen cause is in your subconscious mind and/or in your energy field.

It's a process, but it doesn't have to take ages.

A shaman can go into a trance to perform a shamanic journey during a healing session. It can be a deep trance or a light trance during which we access info from the unseen.

  • What is a shamanic journey?

A shamanic journey is a shamanic technique and practice during which the shaman gets into a trance (that is to say in an altered state of consciousness) through a deep meditation, in order to help their clients start their self-healing process, by dealing with the spiritual and energy aspect or a dis-ease or a physical and/or mental disease, repetitive patterns, etc.

It is called “journey” because during this deep meditative state, the shaman’s soul “travels” and explores different dimensions and planes of consciousness while their physical body is connected to the physical world.

The goal of a shamanic journey:

The goal is to get in touch with the unseen information that can help the client as a subconscious / subtle but also at a more conscious level and also to clear energy blocks, heal traumas, retrieve soul fragments, perform extractions, etc.

Of course, this requires a phase of preparation for both, the shaman and the client, then a phase of closure.

Here are a few frequently asked questions about energy work:

  • Can energy work help heal emotional trauma?

Yes, energy work can and does accelerate your healing process and your growth. But there's not magi

  • Can I have energy work in addition to my prescription or to sessions with a psychologist?

Yes, it's a good complement to any other practice, therapy, etc. that you're already doing.

What you can expect from working with a shaman

If you'd like to experience shamanic and energy work in a way that is empowering and helping you raise awareness so that you can:

  • break free from karmic patterns repeating and accelerate your growth + your business growth,

  • ditch old beliefs, stories and mindset so that you can take your life and business to the next level and stop resisting success, clients, prosperity and joy using energy work,

  • learn how to be there for yourself and your business to create more peace

Feel free to check my shamanic breakthrough session or to contact me via this page for any questions.

Thank you for reading this article,

Take care,


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