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Vibration, toxins and detox aka "healing crises" after an energy cleanse and shamanic healing

When we work on increasing our vibrational frequency (which is, in a way, the level of energy and frequency at which we vibrate), we impact all the people and places that we come in contact with (even strangers at the supermarket, for example).

It happens subconsciously at an energy level, like a subtle exchange that can't be perceived consciously by most people.

Sometimes our very presence is enough to launch changes or reactions, some people will "purge" without realizing what is really happening, their behavior, mood, emotions, etc. can change just by being in touch with us.

"Purge" is a term used to describe a healing phenomenon: everything that has a low vibration is going to resurface in order to be eliminated from our system when we come on contact with a higher vibration.

When we work on ourselves, we create positive ripple effects, we impact positively the people and places around us.

When we work on ourselves, we create positive ripple effects - image of a stone, bouncing on water, creating ripple effects
When we work on ourselves, we create positive ripple effects

Any low-vibrational energies contained in our system can be considered as toxins.

There are different types of toxins:

  • Physical toxins: everything that we eliminate via our urinary system (kidneys), our digestive system (liver, intestines), skin (sweat), lungs (carbon dioxide)

  • Emotional toxins: emotions that are low vibrational (they are not bad, they're here for a reason, they simply vibrate at a low frequency)

  • Mental toxins: low vibrational thoughts, negative thought patterns, worst-case scenarios, self-harming thoughts, negative self talk...

  • Spiritual toxins: energy blockages, accumulation of low vibrational energies that haven't been eliminated, in extremes cases parasites in the aura, entities attachments...

It's important to support your system while going through energy detox - mug of water with ginger and lemon to detox your system
It's important to support your system while going through energy detox

We can eliminate toxins in different ways after an energy cleanse:

  • Physical toxins: elimination via the above-mentioned bodily functions (ex: going to toilets, yawning, sighing, sneezing, sweating...)

  • Emotional toxins: emotions that are (re)surfacing, ex: anger, rage, sadness, tears, mood swings...

  • Mental toxins: low vibrational thoughts, ex: projecting negatives or worse-case scenario, anxiety for no apparent reason, repetitive patterns, cycling thoughts in a loop, re-experiencing traumas or "random" episodes (nothing is really random, our higher self always has a reason even if we are not consciously aware of it), it's about becoming aware and allowing without engaging - trusting it's being released

  • Spiritual toxins: activity in the energy centers (chakras), vivid dreams, weird feelings and sensations, timeline jumps (aka quantum jumps), old physical pains reappearing to be cleared from the system (their imprint is being released), as well as eliminating these toxins through the above-mentioned ways: physical, emotional and mental.

Elimination of toxins and more generally of low vibrational energies happens by layers, a bit like when we peel an onion, to give you an image. It is about welcoming these purges and tell ourselves that this will pass.

A healing crisis is the sign that a healing session was successful, nothing was done wrong, you can't go wrong with energy healing when you and your facilitator both have intentions to improve your life.

Once over, you will have increased your vibrational frequency and you will have taken one more step towards emotional and mental freedom for more joy, more vitality, more creativity and overall wellness.

If you're interested in having an energy cleanse, I'm inviting you to check this page "Energy cleanse".

If you're not sure of what you need or if you have any questions, let's chat!

I'm looking forward to connecting with you!

Take care,