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My values & ethics

For any energy/shamanic healing session, I do apply rules of spiritual hygiene and take this very seriously. These values apply to any of my services.

Values from the heart - Yellow flower between 2 hands
Values from the heart

My Values:

For any of the services I'm offering, I defend the following values:

  • Respect of every being and life

  • Respect of people's free will

  • Loyalty

  • Active listening

  • Compassion

  • Non-judgment

  • Benevolent neutrality

  • Integrity

  • Respect of confidentiality and professional secrecy

  • Support

  • Honesty

  • No medical diagnosis: I will never interfere in a client’s treatment, I will never ask you to stop taking your medication and will never recommend any medicines

  • No manipulation of the body (bones, muscles, etc.)

  • I will never make any diagnosis, give my opinion or judge any medicine or medical treatment that my clients take

  • As far as the medical field is concerned, only your doctor's opinion is relevant, I will not take any responsibilities, as I'm not a doctor.

  • I will never promise you that you will heal (this doesn’t depend on me, no one else but you has this power) but I can promise that I will always do my best and set all my intention to help you and support you with my techniques, to the best of my abilities.

Energy and shamanic healing:

  • is not a substitute to a medical prescription (but can be a good complement to it)

  • has nothing to do with a sect or any religion, everyone is free to have their own beliefs

  • has NOTHING to do with any kind of magic or voodoo whatsoever

  • is different from hypnosis , you're 100% aware and conscious all the time

Why it is important for me to be there for my clients after a session

Because I know how it feels to have a session with a healing practitioner or an intuitive coach and to have questions coming up after the session, whether it is right after receiving the summary or a few hours after.

I thought it'd be unfair to charge for a question or 2 after a session to me, it's part of the service.

When I opened my business, I promised myself I wouldn't charge for clarity or complement of info about a summary following a session because I know that:

1) not everyone is familiar with energy healing, what is obvious to me is not necessarily obvious to my clients

2) a lot of work is taking place during a session, after a session, you are still integrating the energy, you get a summary that you might need to listen to several times because the work is highly transformative and happens as a deep level so you might not think of all the questions you need to ask at that moment

3) we are all humans, sometimes we forget things, sometimes we are overwhelmed, a lot of healing is taking place and we can't think of everything at once

4) the energy keeps being integrated a few days after the session and healing crises can happen, you might need precision or reassurance

5) I know how it feels to have unanswered questions and not being able to have an answer

6) I want to support and empower you during your healing process and it's not all about money, we are humans, I consider the follow-up as a part of the service.

7) side note: this is NOT about making my clients dependent on me, I'm all about empowering and I genuinely believe that taking a few minutes to answer one or 2 questions is part of the service and I do it happily if and when someone reaches out.

--> for all of these reasons, I want to be there and do my best to answer your questions to the best of my abilities without additional costs.

For most of my services, there is a support, which means you can ask additional questions related to your healing process or to the session and I reply as soon as possible, within 12hrs maximum in general (but I'm human too, just know that I will always come back to you as soon as humanly possible).

Feel free to message me for any questions,