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From Overwhelmed to Unshakeable (Frequently asked Questions)

I wanted to address the different questions I've had regarding my Healing and Mentorship Program called "Unshakeable", so I gathered them in this blog post for more clarity :)

Q: What can I expect from this Unshakeable healing mentorship?

A: You will learn how to get instant clarity and focus to make decisions that feel good and to take actions that get you to your desired results for more fulfilment in business and life.

We will do healing sessions to remove wounds and subconscious false beliefs stored in your energy field so you can shift habits and thoughts faster in your daily life and of course, you'll have tools and knowledge to keep supporting and empowering yourself once the 8 weeks will be over :)

Q: Why are you offering unlimited support during Unshakeable?

A: It is NOT to make you dependent on me but to help you tackle stressful situations and triggers in real time as they come so that you know what to do for yourself, you have solutions to concrete situations; this will help you build yourself up & hack your own programming to remove the illusions (false beliefs). I will always empower you and you will always be making your own decisions.

Q: What can I expect from this work?

A: 3 key results:

  • More trust in your intuition

  • Radical self-acceptance & self-love

  • Tools to access inner peace & silence the mind


You are your own healer, I am here as a catalyst and facilitator to guide you and show you how to not only see but own and unleash your full potential!

Q: What makes this program special? Why should I invest in myself through you?

A: All my sessions, including in this program, are tailored to YOUR needs. Here are 2 facts I consider:

  • Your biggest asset to invest in is yourself, your own growth and personal development.

  • You are unique.

I personally do NOT believe in one-size-fits-all or in cookie cutter methods because they take away your uniqueness.​

While I have a Framework we follow (because it's important to have a guideline), everything is 100% tailored to your needs.

YOUR 8 weeks will look completely different from another clients' 8 weeks in terms of how the sessions will unfold. Yet, you'll all get the same tools that you can apply in your own way, in your own life, according to what works for YOU.

Q: What is your refund and cancellation policy?

When services are delivered within the 14 days that follow your payment, it is considered that you renounce to your right of withdrawal as stated in the Terms and Conditions and according to the Law.

If you paid and booked your service for a date that is outside of the 14-day withdrawal period but would happen to have unplanned circumstances or change your mind before the service takes place, then in that case, you could cancel your order and get a refund indeed since the service will not have been delivered yet.

There is no refund granted for services that have already taken place.

Q: Will I have to re-experience any trauma I've had?

A: No, you will only experience what is for your highest good, you will see a new perspective and you will reconnect with the part of yourself who got hurt.

You gain understanding and it helps you move forward.

Q: What if I know I have a trauma but I don't remember it consciously?

A: It can indeed happen that we are not consciously aware of a trauma, either because we suppressed that memory in order to survive or because it is a trauma that took place in a past life.

In any case, it doesn't make any difference, your Higher Self and your Guides know exactly what you need to heal and you will be able to recollect a fragment of your soul no matter when it got fragmented.

Remember these 3 principles:

- time is an illusion

- energy transcends time and space

- intention is everything

Q: Will I become self-confident?

A: Self-confidence is not a point you reach once for good. It is an on-going journey of growth and personal development.

We all have our own personal story, we are all unique, that's why I use a mix of modalities that are adaptable to your own unique needs not to just get you to boost your self-confidence and to validate yourself, your own needs and desires, but to maintain the confidence and keep on building it as you go/grow.

Q: Which platform will be used for the call and the support?​

A: Telegram most of the time because it's free, respects privacy (end-to-end encryption, no data collection or treatment, no advertisement) and there is also a desktop version. The sound quality is pretty good too.

If you know that this is exactly what you need, click the button below to apply.

You can click here to get to the "Unshakeable" page.

If you didn't see your question listed above, you can contact me via the form below or book your free discover call here.

Thank you for reading,

Take care and I'm looking forward to connecting with you!


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