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Overcoming blocks through a mindset approach to unlock artistic and business success

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Let's get back to basics today and talk about mindset

Here's the map of what we're going to cover today:

  • What does Mindset mean

  • The key role of mindset

  • 2 types of mindset blocks & how to break free

  • Digging deeper

Overcoming blocks through a mindset approach, unlock your business and artistic career success

We hear a lot about Mindset and how important it is to have a positive mindset.

But what does "mindset" mean, really and why the "mindset approach"?

In our journey through life, our mindset plays an important role (I almost want to say "vital") in shaping our experiences, our results, how we perceive challenges and ultimately impacts our success and happiness (basically our whole life!).

The Key Role of Mindset

Mindset refers to the lens through which we view the world and interpret our experiences.

It includes our beliefs, behaviors, patterns, including thought patterns.

You could say, it's like a program and you want this program to work FOR you, not against you.

Especially as artist, since you were not meant to fit in a box...

While we all have the potential and the power to build up a growth-oriented and solution-oriented mindset, we all come from different backgrounds with a unique story, unique experiences and sadly traumas and wounds too...

A healthy and growth-oriented mindset gives us the strength and power us to overcome challenges, embrace opportunities, and reach our full potential.

However, mindset is like a muscle, we all need to build it up until a solution-oriented approach becomes second nature. And even then, expansion is unlimited, the sky is the limit!

We all have blindspots, we live with ourselves, right? We know ourselves to the extent of our own (self-)awareness.

And these blindspots are exactly what we need to shine light on.

Cultivating presence with yourself
Cultivating presence with yourself

How to do that?

  • cultivating awareness and presence with yourself

  • noticing when you do something that doesn't serve your highest good and basically asking yourself "what is the reason behind that thought / action / reaction" NEVER from a place of judgment, but with love and benevolent neutrality, from an observer's perspective.

  • read books and collect general information (without necessarily knowing how to apply it)

  • work with a professional who's been trained in energy, subconscious work as well as coaching so you can have a tailored-to-your-needs approach and actionable steps to keep on applying them in your life.

How to break free from mindset blocks and overcome them

Well, first it's important to be aware of 2 types of mindset blocks:

  • those you're aware of

  • those who are still uncovered

But in any cases, these are affecting your creativity, therefore keeping you from unleashing more of your potential and affecting your career, your success and your fulfilment

Here's how you can start changing that now!

  • Block you're aware of aka conscious blocks:

One could say "if you're aware of it, it's easy to shift"... yes... but it's not always the case!

While it's true that you can only change what you're aware of, it doesn't mean changing it IS as easy as a walk in the park.

Sometimes "good ol' habits" are taking over, because it's the routine, it's how you're wired...

Sometimes you're not even sure what you need to do to change or where to start.

Sometimes you start & lack consistency (and it's ok)

My questions to you are: - "where do you want to start?"

- "how could you make it easier on yourself?"

  • Blocks you're not yet aware of aka subconscious, unconscious blocks:

Becoming aware of your patterns, your feelings, thoughts, sensations is a way of realizing the blocks.

Here are a few questions/prompts:

- Is perfectionism making you waste your time and energy?

- Are you procrastinating?

- Are you feeling like you're on a loop?

- Are you feeling suddenly drained in certain types of situations?