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Understanding Self-Leadership: following the unconventional path to success without sacrificing your wellness

Welcome to my world: a world where we become aware of the extent to which society has programmed us to play small and we take our power back as the natural self-leaders that we are!

In this article, we will be talking about owning your uniqueness to unleash your inner self-leadership, I'll be giving you signs that you're born to lead and claim the success that's yours even if it doesn't seem "rational" to many people.

Let's dive in, your success is inevitable!

Understanding Self-Leadership: following the unconventional path to success without sacrificing your wellness
Personal Development, Mindset & Self-Leadership Coaching Blog

Unleashing Leadership: signs you're born to lead and ready for more success (while prioritizing your well-being!)

These are signs you’re a natural-born leader, and that it's time to get out of the box and create more success (without sacrificing your wellness!)

If you've always felt like an "alien" who doesn't fit in the mold,

If you've always thought "out of the box"

Then you might have been shamed or rejected as a child....

As a result, maybe you've tried to conform and follow a "normal path

(whatever that means)

But at some point, it felt so uncomfortable that you knew something had to change...

(even if you didn't know what exactly)

If that's you, I see you!

I used to wonder what was wrong with me because I've never really fit in any mold...

And even when I did, it was a struggle

(even if in appearance "I had everything", internally I was in pain).

Until I stopped trying...

I decided to go all in for my dreams in spite of what anyone else was saying rather than lose my sanity...

I finally officially opened my "unconventional" business in 2016!

And since then, I've been helping my clients clear "blocks" and limitations standing between them, their wellness and dreams...

Because I genuinely believe with every cell of my being that everyone should be able to live their dreams. It's your dream, your desire.

It's been placed within you by your own soul that comes from Source - how could this be a "mistake" or "not important"?

Your heart and soul would NEVER lie to you...

But your mind does (to use an image)...

Together we clear the mind’s illusions, limitations and the stories it came up with when you were in survival mode so you can invite more ease, more clarity and see your life improve at every level

When we work together, you'll learn to:

⋆ turn "problems" (I rarely use that word) into solutions - there's always a way!

⋆ keep leading yourself - even the days when you feel like a hot mess

⋆ see challenges as an opportunity for expansion.

So if you're more than ready to:

✩ let go of struggle mode, of all the limitations and societal conditioning that are keeping you small and trapped,

✩ for your next level even if you're not 100% sure of what it looks like. 

✩ you have that knowing, this fire in your heart that's telling you to go for it, follow your passion and claim what you know is yours.

If you've recognised yourself in all of this, let me tell you that it shows you're a natural leader and self-leader.

The concept of self-leadership is so important to me.

  • It's all about taking charge of your own life, decisions and actions, no matter what you've been through in the past (and trust me, I've known different forms of abuse...)

  • It's about never giving up on yourself, even if some days are tough, you still get back up.

  • It's about who you are choosing to be when you navigate challenges and when things get tough.

  • By NO means is it about living in Unicorn-Land with Barbie and her friends, ignoring and repressing what's not going well.

  • It's about consciously choosing what you invest your energy into - whether it is externally (people, places, activities) or internally (your own thoughts, the way you talk to yourself, your actions...)

That's what my clients and I do when we work together and you can have that too.

Check out my services here, I have single breakthrough sessions as well as my Unshakeable 8-week program available.

Let the fire of passion move you forward and you will always succeed

"I'm so glad I didn't go out of my comfort zone to pursue my dreams" - said...🤔 No-effing-body ever!

💡Did you know that "not following your heart" is one of the top regrets that people who are about to transition have?

I don't know about you, but personally, I'd rather go for it even if I have no idea how or what the h*ll I'm doing, rather than sitting here, settling for less and wondering what my life could have been if I had gone for it... 🙄

Because here's the truth...

It can be scary to follow your passion.

It's often seen as "irrational"

(that's when you know societal conditioning has done its job: to disconnect you from your heart, to live in fear of "yes but what if < insert negative scenario >?").

I know it's hard, scary and definitely uncomfortable...

But if you're like me, I know you'd rather be uncomfortable as you take the leap towards what sets your soul on fire🔥, rather than settle for something that makes you miserable and lose your vitality and enthusiasm... because on the long run, that'll end up affecting your mental, emotional and physical wellness.

💎 So here’s the type of “what if” that you need to ask yourself...

❌ Instead of looking at the "what if I fail" or "What if <insert any negative scenario here>?"

✅ Look at the "what if I succeed and I'm happier than ever... What if I can impact people positively and make a difference in the world?"🤩

At the end of the day, all the "what if + negative thoughts" is a learnt behavior.

It's a programming you've learnt from your caretakers, your peers and their caretakers and society in general when you had to survive.

Your mind is only trying to protect you from suffering...

‼ but here's the paradox: by doing so, it only perpetuates that very thought/scenario you actually don't want.

😃 So, imagine healing your fears and clearing the limitations that are causing you to feel nervous, overwhelmed and rationalise your struggle-mode tendency?

That's exactly what I do with my clients in my 8-week program called Unshakeable.

Together we clear the path to your success so you can have:

🚀more ease,

🚀more clarity

🚀have more mental space to let your creative juice flow

that enables you to create more material resources, more impact and to make a difference in the world.

🔑 If that sounds like a reality you want to create for yourself, I'll be happy to be your facilitator and catalyst.

Here's what you can do:

Check out my services or send me "TRANSFORMATION" via this contact form (you could even book your free clarity call) and let's chat - it doesn't oblige you in anything but it could also be the new beginning you've been craving for!

PS: I also have single sessions if programs aren't for you or if there's a specific block you need to break through to move forward without spinning your wheels any longer.

I'm looking forward to teaming up with you and accelerate your journey to your next level!

Take care,

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