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  • Morgane Self-Leadership Mentor

Uncover your subconscious blocks to grow your impact & business

You're living your life, doing the best you can to achieve xyz, you're actually working hard on achieving your goals.

However, there's something that is not "working" as you wish it would. You're feeling stuck and as if you were walking in quicksand (or "cycling in yogurt" as we'd say in French).

Maybe you're trying to use different manifestation techniques, you've been buying books, courses, watching videos... You see all these amazing things people can manifest but it doesn't seem to work for you.

Here's an actual footage of past me before I learnt about energies and subconscious blocks 😅🙃

You deserve to be successful in anything you do

Let me tell you that there is nothing wrong with you. You're not doing anything wrong, you're not cursed and you CAN be successful and make your dreams come true - FACT! :)

The truth is that you might have subconscious blocks, like fears, false beliefs, or stagnant energies that are "playing against you" (for lack of better terms).

It's not "against you" obviously, but you might perceive it as such (I know I used to, many years ago, when I didn't know better :) and it's ok, you can't know what you haven't learnt yet :) )

So, let's take an example

  1. you want to be successful, you're working hard for it, that's a fact, you're working on expanding and attracting

  2. you have a subconscious fear of success, meaning you're not consciously aware that you're afraid of success (or of not being able to maintain success, of being let down by people or taken advantage of...)

  3. these 2 energies are conflicting, therefore you're chasing your tail, running in a hamster wheel without reaching your desired destination (yet!)

But you can change that - you have the power to do so :)

Free yourself
Free yourself - freedom starts in the mind

So let me tell you what actually happens when you uncover subconscious & energy blocks

  • More self-understanding and self-compassion: your relationship with yourself is crucial for harmonious and balanced relationships with others and with your business - it starts with(in) you!

  • Big epiphanies during which you see the bigger picture and how everything has been serving a purpose to bring you here and now, you can now see your own power and unleash it!

  • More gratitude, which has a positively high vibration, the higher you vibrate, the more you will attract the same energies - the more you feel gratitude, the more you will find and have things to be grateful for!

  • Massive expansion, closing doors to pains and suffering, opening doors to new opportunities and to unlocking your gifts and potential!

  • Releasing unnecessary emotions, thoughts and beliefs that were toxic and holding you back for a more positive mindset, an improved mood, leading to increased vitality and better health

  • Feeling accomplished and more productive

  • Feeling unstoppable, like your cracked a code and hacked life :)

  • You learn a lesson and the pattern won’t repeat (finally the loop is broken!!!), which means next level!!!

If that sounds like something you'd not only need in your life but you're ready to see materialize and embody, I want to invite you to book a free clarity call with me to see how I could help you and if we could be a good match to team up!

Don't worry! There's no strings attached:

- if we're a good match and if you want to work with me after the free call, I will be happy and honored to accompany you on your journey.

- if we're not a good match or if you feel the timing is not right, it's all good, I'll be holding space for you

But in any of these cases, you will walk away from this free call with clarity on your next steps! :)

I hope to see you soon on a call, take care and keep shining!


PS: If you're facing blocks to your financial prosperity, maybe you will want to check out this workshop: "Release prosperity blocks & ignite your success mindset". I made it very affordable (27 euros only!), because I want to encourage you to invest in yourself without risks, so you can open doors to more financial prosperity.

Here is what one of my clients said to me...

Release prosperity blocks

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