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Signs & consequences of a lack of clarity on your business & wellness | 5 tips to gain clarity

A lack of clarity can have more impact on your business and on your wellness than you may think. First of all, let's start by saying that it happens to lack clarity, there's nothing to beat yourself up for. So as you read this article, please don't feel bad about yourself or don't beat yourself up. it happens, it just means you're human, you got this!

Here's what we're going to tackle:

Make sure you have your favorite drink and enjoy!

Signs & consequences of a lack of clarity on your business & wellness | 5 tips to gain clarity
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How a lack of clarity manifests itself in your business & life

Here are a few "signs & symptoms" of a lack of clarity:

  • brain fog, you feel confused so you do this on "auto-pilot" because you think that's what you need to do

  • you find it hard to focus on your tasks because they don't really make sense, you don't really see what the next steps are

  • you doubt yourself, unsure what you need to do next or if what you're doing is actually making a difference

  • you feel stagnant and drained

  • you're not seeing results of your actions

Some of these signs can also be consequences... but if you recognised yourself in one or more, celebrate the fact that you're starting to gain clarity on what the imbalance is.

As you keep reading, you'll have information that will help you take the steps that will enable you to tame your mind and develop clarity.

Confusion and doubt are a signs that you lack clarity on your next step and goals
Confusion and doubt are a signs that you lack clarity on your next step and goals

What a lack of clarity is costing you - Consequences of a lack of clarity

  • you feel less enthusiastic about your business, as if something had dimmed your light even if you KNOW you're made to be a business owner, you feel frustrated

  • you're not moving forward as fast as you'd like in your business because the actions you're taking aren't bringing the results you're desiring, you're feeling a bit discouraged

  • you don't feel confident, your level of self-trust has been affected, even if you KNOW you can bring results to your clients and fulfil your contracts

  • impostor syndrome kicks in, you wonder if you'll be exposed as a fraud because you feel out of flow, you don't feel legit

  • you're unsure which decision to make, you hesitate, therefore you waste time, your productivity declines, you're prone to procrastination and distraction, leaving you unfulfilled and confused

  • you have negative thoughts and go through an emotional rollercoaster, you struggle tapping into your intuition and actually trusting it

  • you feel overwhelmed and seek emotional comfort (which is understandable, no judgment) and might give into distractions and habits that aren't necessarily benefiting you (ex: emotional eating, addiction, etc.)

To cut a long story short: this is costing you your energy, your mindset, your productivity, therefore money but most importantly your sleep and overall wellness because of stress and coping mechanism which could on the long run affect your health.

Causes and origins of a lack of clarity

There are several, obviously, because everyone is different and perceives situations differently. Past lives & traumas at a soul level can sometimes be involved too but let's focus on 3 main causes here:

  • Lack of support (true genuine support, including emotional support)

You don't feel validated in your actions as a business owner.

You might not fully trust yourself due to childhood wounds.

Maybe your caretakers not fully being emotionally present or validating your actions when you were a child and still depended on your caretakers.

Even if you're not consciously aware of it, remember the subconscious mind rules 90 to 95% of our conscious reality. Moreover, in our society, instant "proof" and gratifications are praised. But success rarely happens overnight.

3 tips to develop unconditional support:

- be your own unconditional supporter who validates yourself

- cultivate patience

- cultivate consistency

  • External factors

There can be "external factors" that come to amplify the wounds that are already present within you and that give you brain fog, making you feel confused...

What I mean by "external factors", well, things that are considered a bit more "paranormal". As crazy as this is going to sound (and that's something I've been seeing for years during sessions with my clients), there can be curses, spells, hexes, etc. that are amplifying your lack of clarity.

Example: you don't have supportive friends, someone is jealous of you because you have your own business... jealousy is a very low vibrational / negative energy. This human being in question will be sending you negative energies and according to their degree of emotional distress and toxic intentions towards you, this can act as a spell. The you have more intentional curses and spells (actual rituals) and this is, sadly, more common than one could think.

But all of these can be removed! So no worries, no panic.

You also have little etheric devices called "implants" and also etheric parasites that can create confusion and brain fog, play on your emotions and cause overwhelm, etc. These can also be removed of course, it is done through an energy cleanse/reset.

Low electromagnetic frequencies can also impact your creativity and your ability to think clearly. I recommend using Shungite, Selenite is also a good crystal to surround yourself with as well as Black Tourmaline.

  • Feeling unsafe

This is also connected to a lack of validation. You were not encouraged to take initiatives as a child, you may have been expected to meet your caretakers' needs and conform to the vision of the life they had for you.

Maybe you were innocently playing and making noise, or laughing and you were punished for being "too hyper" or "too loud" because your caretakers were tired after a day at work or stressed out for some reason. You might have been shouted at and feeling like your primary needs weren't met.

You might also have heard things like "ok do this but if you fail, don't complain and don't count on me to help you" and all kinds of "threats" of this kind when you were exposing an idea.

Overprotection is also causing you to feel unsafe, you're subconsciously taught that life isn't safe and overprotective caretakers take your power away because they don't see you capable of dealing with life on your own (which is obviously their own projection and it has nothing to do with you, but as children, we don't know better...)

Tips to develop clarity and tame your mind
Tips to develop clarity and peace of mind

5 tips to develop clarity

First of all, let me tell you that if you perceive your mind as a big computer for which you have no user's guide and feel as if your mind were your weakness, let me tell you that it's not the case.

An active to very active mind is the sign of a big mental strength! You just need to know how to tame your mind and silence it so it can work FOR you and no more against you.

Your mind is powerful, you need to use its power to create the reality that you want to see in your life, step by step. Once you do that, you will no longer be prone to counterproductive distraction (which is different from time time off and having hobbies!), procrastination or frustration.

5 tips:

1) Build up self-trust

Trusting yourself that you're always doing your best and that no matter what, you have your own back actually releases a lot of pressure from your shoulders and simplifies your decision-making process.

Set goals and develop an unshakeable self-trust that you can and will reach them.

I have a resource that can help you. You can access your Self-Trust Building Masterclass here at a very affordable price, it includes a self-forgiveness guided healing meditation.

2) Develop self-awareness

You do this by staying present with yourself and being aware of all your actions and reactions, this goes hand-in-hand with mindfulness

3) Meditate

Meditating helps you learn to silence your mind and observe so you can take mindful actions and respond to life (instead of emotionally reactions)

(psssst! I have a podcast with a lot of guided meditations available, check it out here and follow me on Spotify to be notified when I publish new episodes)

4) Tame your mind to take control of your thoughts

Sometimes thoughts are racing, instead of letting them go on a loop and take you in scenarios that either make no sense or project you in worst-case situations, learn to be still and get back to the present moment

When you set goals, keep your mind tamed and focused without allowing any distraction.

5) An energy cleanse can help you!

Cleansing your energy is a way to accelerate the taming of your mind. We indeed remove intrusive energies that are amplifying the wounds that have been within you for years or decades, clear eventual spells, curses, remove implants and extract negative energies. We also strengthen your system so you're not as affected by low electromagnetic frequencies. And of course, we bring healing to the wounds that are ready to be brought into healing.

Click here to know more.

Unshakeable clarity and confidence
Unshakeable clarity and confidence

Ready to develop Unshakeable peace, clarity and self-trust?

When you use your mind to create, and know how to quiet and silence it you have

- less stress,

- less to no room for toxicity (including toxic people),

- more time,

- you're therefore more productive,

- you end your working day more satisfied and fulfilled, feeling you have accomplished something that moves the needle forward.

And of course, your whole life starts changing,

- you sleep better,

- you take responsibility,

- you feel empowered,

- you have more positive thoughts

- more emotional balance.

- You embody self-leadership more and more!

My "Unshakeable" mentorship program can help you do all of that!

It's an 8-week private 1:1 experience develop an unshakeable solution-oriented mindset & overcome the limitations holding you back from having a thriving business through energy and subconscious work and a tailored coaching plan

You learn how to get instant clarity and focus to confidently make aligned decisions and to take actions that get you to your desired results for more productivity, peace of mind and fulfilment in business and life. (Plus, you have a swiss-knife aka facilitator of energy & subconscious work-coach in your pocket for guidance & empowerment between session to help you build up new habits, solidify your mindset and step past through resistance when it shows up AND a free energy cleanse to kick off the 8 weeks - among other bonuses!).

You can apply here or book your free clarity call to have a chat with me and ask me any questions (no strings attached, no obligation!)

Update - September 6th 2023

How to gain clarity in 2 easy steps and go from obstacles to expansion

You brain is overheating, you're feeling overwhelmed, "so many things to do, where to start?", "what if...", "yes, but..."

First, let's talk about understanding mindset obstacles

Then we'll see a super easy process to gain crystal-clear clarity...

How to gain clarity in 2 easy steps
Personal development & mindset coaching

Understanding mindset obstacles to go from obstacles to expansion

Ever felt trapped in the storm of your own thoughts, questioning every move, every decision?

I've been on this journey, just like you, and I've seen the battles we fight within our minds.

But having awareness and understanding the obstacles or blocks we face is the first step to overcoming them (and learning the lesson behind).

🚧 Obstacle #1: Fear of failure

Why? Because it holds us back from our true potential.

How to tackle it? Embrace each setback as a lesson.

Life has its ups and downs🌄 What if things would turn out even better than you had planned?

🚧 Obstacle #2: Overthinking

Why? It paralyzes us, keeping us stuck in a loop of inaction (procrastination, perfectionism...).

How to break free? Prioritize action over perfection.

Every step forward, no matter how small, is progress. 🌬️

🚧 Obstacle #3: Seeking external validation

Why? It makes us live on others' terms, not ours, it makes us give our power

How to overcome? Trust yourself!

Your path is unique, and it's okay to walk it alone at times.

🚧 Obstacle #4: Resistance to change

Why? Change is inevitable. Resisting it only brings pain.

Have you heard of the law of Least Resistance? Energy goes where it can flow naturally (think of a river...)

How to adapt? Embrace change as an opportunity for growth and decide you can't fail or mess up

New challenges bring new learnings 🌱

🚧 Obstacle #5: Self-doubt

Why? It keeps us small and lessen our true capabilities.

How to conquer? Not engaging in these scenarios and doing something to "prove doubt wrong"

Surround yourself with positivity and supportive humans and learn to accept yourself 💪

Understanding these obstacles isn't only about awareness; it's about empowerment and taking actions:

  • We can't change what we're not aware of.

  • Once we're aware, it becomes a choice.

  • Choosing differently = taking empowered actions and leading yourself.

By recognizing them, we can strategize, adapt and rise above.

How to gain clarity with this 2-step process

1️) How to gain clarity: De-clutter

Whatever you feel like de-cluttering from these 2 options:

✿ it can be your mind: take a pen and a paper and write absolutely everything that's going through your mind, how you feel, any limitations, any tasks, any emotions... write everything down without judging yourself, once you're done, burn the paper or throw it to the garbage.

Then take a deep breath

✿ Another idea (or you can do both), declutter your space, whether it's your desk, your office... clear what needs to be tidied or organised

2) How to gain clarity: prioritise

Now take a pen and another piece of paper, write a list of all the things you want/need to do.

Don't write more than 3 or 5 (basically don't write more than you can handle in the amount of time you choose to dedicate), then analyse what's the most important:

- urgent

- important

- secondary

(If you're a stationary freak like myself, you can use colors: gel pens, highlighters, whatever is fun for you)

❣️This will help you press "reset" and take a new start with a clear mind.

PS: If you want to learn how to deal with the voice of self-doubt and develop unshakeable mindset and confidence to build a thriving business, check out "Unshakeable" - that's exactly what we do in this 8-week program.

I wish you all the best on your journey to getting clarity and I'm looking forward to connecting with you!

Take care,


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