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Signs & consequences of a lack of clarity on your business & wellness | 5 tips to gain clarity

A lack of clarity can have more impact on your business and on your wellness than you may think. First of all, let's start by saying that it happens to lack clarity, there's nothing to beat yourself up for. So as you read this article, please don't feel bad about yourself or don't beat yourself up. it happens, it just means you're human, you got this!

Here's what we're going to tackle:

Make sure you have your favorite drink and enjoy!

How a lack of clarity manifests itself in your business & life

Here are a few "signs & symptoms" of a lack of clarity:

  • brain fog, you feel confused so you do this on "auto-pilot" because you think that's what you need to do

  • you find it hard to focus on your tasks because they don't really make sense, you don't really see what the next steps are

  • you doubt yourself, unsure what you need to do next or if what you're doing is actually making a difference

  • you feel stagnant and drained

  • you're not seeing results of your actions

Some of these signs can also be consequences... but if you recognised yourself in one or more, celebrate the fact that you're starting to gain clarity on what the imbalance is.

As you keep reading, you'll have information that will help you take the steps that will enable you to tame your mind and develop clarity.

Confusion and doubt are a signs that you lack clarity on your next step and goals
Confusion and doubt are a signs that you lack clarity on your next step and goals

What a lack of clarity is costing you - Consequences of a lack of clarity

  • you feel less enthusiastic about your business, as if something had dimmed your light even if you KNOW you're made to be a business owner, you feel frustrated

  • you're not moving forward as fast as you'd like in your business because the actions you're taking aren't bringing the results you're desiring, you're feeling a bit discouraged

  • you don't feel confident, your level of self-trust has been affected, even if you KNOW you can bring results to your clients and fulfil your contracts

  • impostor syndrome kicks in, you wonder if you'll be exposed as a fraud because you feel out of flow, you don't feel legit

  • you're unsure which decision to make, you hesitate, therefore you waste time, your productivity declines, you're prone to procrastination and distraction, leaving you unfulfilled and confused

  • you have negative thoughts and go through an emotional rollercoaster, you struggle tapping into your intuition and actually trusting it

  • you feel overwhelmed and seek emotional comfort (which is understandable, no judgment) and might give into distractions and habits that aren't necessarily benefiting you (ex: emotional eating, addiction, etc.)

To cut a long story short: this is costing you your energy, your mindset, your productivity, therefore money but most importantly your sleep and overall wellness because of stress and coping mechanism which could on the long run affect your health.

Lack of clarity, questioning yourself...

Causes and origins of a lack of clarity

There are several, obviously, because everyone is different and perceives situations differently. Past lives & traumas at a soul level can sometimes be involved too but let's focus on 3 main causes here:

  • Lack of support (true genuine support, including emotional support)

You don't feel validated in your actions as a business owner.

You might not fully trust yourself due to childhood wounds.

Maybe your caretakers not fully being emotionally present or validating your actions when you were a child and still depended on your caretakers.

Even if you're not consciously aware of it, remember the subconscious mind rules 90 to 95% of our conscious reality. Moreover, in our society, instant "proof" and gratifications are praised. But success rarely happens overnight.

3 tips to develop unconditional support:

- be your own unconditional supporter who validates yourself

- cultivate patience

- cultivate consistency

  • External factors

There can be "external factors" that come to amplify the wounds that are already present within you and that give you brain fog, making you feel confused...

What I mean by "external factors", well, things that are considered a bit more "paranormal". As crazy as this is going to sound (and that's something I've been seeing for years during sessions with my clients), there can be curses, spells, hexes, etc. that are amplifying your lack of clarity.

Example: you don't have supportive friends, someone is jealous of you because you have your own business... jealousy is a very low vibrational / negative energy. This human being in question will be sending you negative energies and according to their degree of emotional distress and toxic intentions towards you, this can act as a spell. The you have more intentional curses and spells (actual rituals) and this is, sadly, more common than one could think.

But all of these can be removed! So no worries, no panic.

You also have little etheric devices called "implants" and also etheric parasites that can create c