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5 Things successful entrepreneurs & high achievers do - self-leadership coaching

Self-leadership is accessible to all, no matter what your business size is, no matter what your career is.

Self-leadership is a state of mind that anyone can develop. Even if you don't consider yourself a leader, if you're reading this article, guess what? Chances are your inner guidance knows that you are.

You don't have to be a "conventional leader", you just need to have the desire and state of mind to lead yourself.

The definition of being a leader, a successful entrepreneur or a successful executive is different for everyone, because the notion of "success" is different for everyone.

It is like the definition of happiness, or even of beauty, it is to be found in the eye of the beholder. Your definition of success might be different from my definition of success, yet we could both be successful in our own terms!

So, I want to talk about 5 things successful people - especially entrepreneurs, executives & high achievers - do, not only to maintain their success but to keep growing and expanding.

I will also share with you my 3 non-negotiable principles that have kept me going no matter what, not only as a successful executive back in the days but also as a business owner on my self-leadership journey.

What successful entrepreneurs & high achievers do - self-leaderships coaching & personal development

5 things successful entrepreneurs & high achievers do

1) successful people invest in themselves

Usually, when we hear "investing", we think of money... but investing is also in terms of time and energy (money is energy anyway...)

So if you find yourself triggered by this "invest in yourself" statement because you think of money (I used to be triggered at some point back in the days, so no judgment here), think again...

Not investing in yourself will keep you in the energy of lack and will prevent you from growing and opening yourself to new opportunities.

Investing in yourself = believing in yourself, no matter the form of investment or the amount of money in you invest with a money exchange...

Leaders and high achievers are result-oriented. While they could totally spend some time to do researches online on how to unlock their potential, how to reach their next level or whatever their next goal is, they choose not to do that and get the solution that will be the simplest and quickest.

They know their time is valuable and they'd rather use their energy to learn from someone who has "walked the talk" before them and who specialises in getting them their desired results rather than trying to guess how to solve their pain point.

It's not that they can't do it themselves, they just choose to accelerate their journey because they understand that each day spent with their pain / challenge is one more day away from their objectives.

They understand these 3 principles:

- time is an illusion,

- life is to be seen in terms of experiences and lessons to learn

- we are all the creator of our reality, so they choose to create a life in which they accelerate their growth so they can feel fulfilled and successful.

invest in a self-leadership coach to collapse timelines
invest in a self-leadership coach to collapse timelines

2) Healing subconscious wounds

Our subconscious mind rules 90 to 95% of our life.

We ALL have false programming from childhood, traumas, society, peer pressure, etc.

Healing & shifting them does open new doors!

You can do this on your own, in that case journaling and meditation are your best friends.

But getting help from a professional will enable you to access depths you couldn't necessarily access by yourself - or at least not that fast.

Once again, time is an illusion and we're not in any "healing race". But why would you want to stay stuck and in pain longer than necessary if you could accelerate your expansion?

Teaming up with someone who sees the unseen and knows how to guide you back to yourself (like yours truly ;)) can really make a big difference.

The journey of entrepreneurship and life as a high achiever can be lonely. It can be hard to find a trusted friend who can process things with you, especially when it relates to childhood wounds or even traumas, you want to make sure you are supported and held in a safe space with an experienced facilitator so you can process and shift what you need to shift.

If you'd like to break through subconscious blocks and break habits that aren't serving you so you can unlocking your full potential and show up for your business/work to the next-level, I'm inviting you to take a look at my Unshakeable program here - 8 weeks to develop an unshakeable solution-oriented mindset & overcome the limitations holding you back from having a thriving business through energy and subconscious work and a tailored coaching plan

Breakthrough session: when subconscious & energy work meet coaching for accelerated results
Breakthrough session: when subconscious & energy work meet coaching for accelerated results

3) Going out of comfort zone - no more playing small

If you keep doing what you've been doing and it's working great, keep going.

But here are a few signs that you're meant for more:

  • you're feeling stuck,

  • your business feels flat,

  • you feel something is missing, maybe you even feel a void within...

  • you're successful but unfulfilled,

  • you feel the flame needs to be revived within you

And guess what? The "more" that you crave won't be found in your comfort zone - otherwise you'd have found it already, right?

You're feeling these things because deep within you know you're meant for more.

It's your soul's way of reminding you that you're living under your potential.

It's your next-level self calling you to unlock your soul gifts, to explore a new area on your life purpose.

Let me give you a few journal prompts

Journal prompts to break through your comfort zone & limitations

  • What am I resisting?

  • In which way am I holding myself back?

  • Is there a fear? How can I step past it?

  • Who am I when I let go of my external environment?

  • What is scaring me and I don't dare do? (PS: Do exactly that :))

Journal prompts to get out of comfort zone - self-leadership coaching
Journal prompts to get out of comfort zone - self-leadership coaching

4) Overcoming self-doubt

I still haven't heard anyone tell me, "Today, I doubted myself so much that I had productive day" - have you? Even when I used to constantly doubt myself, I would sometimes drive myself "crazy" and end up on a loop...

Of course we all have moments of doubt, it is part of human nature.

There's a difference between the healthy questioning and the constant self-doubt.

Constantly doubting yourself is a trauma response, your nervous system being on the lookout for danger because its function is to keep you safe.

It then becomes similar to an addiction, the body becomes addicted to the substances released by the body.

Being aware of the doubt and dealing with it mindfully is healthier and you can train yourself to do that until self-doubt becomes nothing less than "background noise" once you have managed to be the leader of your own mind.

Actually, overcoming self-doubt is like everything else in life: it's a journey.

It's like gaining self-confidence, losing weight... I actually always compare it to bodybuilding or strongman competitions: athletes need to build up muscles and strength every day. Some days will be better than others, but what counts is to keep going no matter what.

Of course, this doesn't mean ignoring your emotions in the process (what I call "spiritual bypass", something I stand against because ignoring our emotions or fears is toxic for our human system).

During your journey to overcoming self-doubt, you learn to honor your emotions, notice your negative thoughts and to choose again.

Taming your mind is about choosing yourself again and again.

Then you learn to trust yourself & your intuition for more peace and balance.

When you fully accept who you are as a human and decide to keep going no matter what, that's when true mindset shifts will happen. You become Unshakeable & Unlimited!

I can mentor you to achieve this process during my 8-week program here!

Take the leap out of comfort zone - self-leadership coaching
Take the leap out of comfort zone and say "yes" to unlocking your potential! :)

5) Letting go of comparison and competition

Successful people are aware of their "competitors" but they only compete with themselves.

As self-leaders, we know everyone is unique and there's room for everyone to thrive!

We know we need to focus on ourselves. There's beauty to be found when you let go of comparison!

Competition doesn't exist when you know you're unique and when you're leading yourself to be the best version of yourself, do the best you can in your life and provide the best services or performances you can.

You know that someone else who has the main "job title" as you is not a "threat" because they're unique and will attract their own tribe, just like you are unique and attract your own tribe. There are over 7 billions humans on Earth, there are enough clients for everyone.

If you want to shake things up and breakthrough your next level so that you can break free from your invisible chains, let's chat!

My 3 non-negotiable principles as a leader

I want to share 3 things I have always refused at all cost and that have kept me going.

If you're like me and you don't like to settle for less than what your soul is calling you to do, here are three things that you want to refuse at all costs.

You can listen to the podcast version below

1) I always refused to let my past pains dictate my future

The first thing that I refused to see in my life is my past repeating endlessly!

Time is an illusion, the past doesn't exist anymore and I have always refused to let past patterns repeat.

I would never want to keep on living life carrying the weight of my past pains, traumas or limiting beliefs (some of these weren't even mine anyway but things I had inherited from my family, subconsciously learnt from them).

Before, when I'd think of my past, I'd cringe or feel emotions, I would judge my past too, you could say I used to be triggered. But I used these triggers to heal myself.

I considered that for as long as I would feel an emotional charge related to my past, I would keep healing myself. Of course this didn't happen overnight, it has been a process of several years and I fully dedicated myself to this, especially when I lost my corporate job, once I knew I wanted to open my own business to help others free themselves from their past burdens too.

I had to lead myself so I could lead others.

I have always refused and I will always refuse that my past pains dictate my future. It's a journey of expansion and of peeling layers but it's so worth it!

Growth is not linear, it's expansive - it's an outward spiralling motion! - self-leadership and personal development coaching
Growth is not linear, it's expansive - it's an outward spiralling motion!

2) I refused at all cost that my lack of self confidence would make me doubt myself all my life.

Second-guessing and doubting myself was something I was 100% done with. And guess what? "lack of self-confidence" was a label I had placed on myself because I was "taught" (not consciously, obviously) that it is safer to play small... When you see your caretakers lacking self-confidence, you're shaped in that way until you know better...

I was so done with not trusting myself, spending time in my head thinking, "okay, I'm gonna do this. Oh, but what if maybe I should do that, hmmm" and of course, this constant back-and-forth usually leads you to go and ask someone for their opinion.

There's of course nothing wrong with asking for someone else's opinion, but in my case, it was more from a place of needing someone to validate me... I was seeking this external validation, this external support, because I thought I couldn't support or validate myself...

Stand in your power and become unshakeable
Stand in your power and become unshakeable

So I switched that around. Nowadays, when I ask for someone's opinion, it's more to have another perspective and constructive criticism, not because I'm giving my power away.

3) I refused at all costs to stay in fear of making a mistake

The third thing I refused at all cost was to stay in fear of making a mistake or of failing if I would make a "wrong decision".

I could not stand the fear of making a mistake anymore, and I could not stand the idea of making a wrong decision. So I reframed my definition of "mistakes" and "wrong decision".

Of course, sometimes you make decisions that are great, amazing, everything turns out fine, and sometimes it's not the case. So it's all about redefining what success and good decisions are and what failure and bad decisions are... You can choose that failures don't exist!

I'm thankful for my past self for having always refused that these three things would dictate my life and "decide" on my behalf.

And if I was successful in doing so, so can you, because that was so many limiting beliefs that I had to overcome, and I don't have anything more special than you.

You are special. We all are special. We can all achieve anything We set our mind and our heart to doing.

So I'm very happy that I shared this article today because this is a topic I'm so passionate about.

The decision of not settling for less than what you deserve has to be your go to, your motivation, your main goal. This is what makes a good leader - the ability to lead yourself through hardships and limiting beliefs.

The main decision is to make the decision to reach your goal. I know it sounds like a weird sentence, , but it all starts with a decision! And the second thing is to stick to that decision no matter what.

I hope you enjoyed this article and the soul-food or wisdom that I shared with you today.

If you want to step into self-leadership so you can tame your mind and have it work for you (no more against you) and create habits that support you and your business success, I'd love to team up with you!

Check out my services to start with or send me an email via my contact page! I'm looking forward to connecting with you,


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