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The dark side of inner work that no one tells you about

or I could also say

How the ‘healing addiction’ kept me stuck and how to build a healthy relationship with it

The dark side of inner work that no one tells you about
Personal development & energy work blog

Ok, I won't sugar coat it...

Yes, I was born with healing hands,

I've been an energy healing facilitator since I uncovered my gifts in 2009...

and yes, healing can be a trap...

Let me explain what I mean here…

I will always say that healing ourselves is necessary…

HOWEVER it needs to be done in a way that doesn't make you fall in a rabbit hole!

I fell into that trap many years ago...

The trap of thinking “healing is a pre-requisite to having the life I want”

I thought I wasn’t “healed enough” (whatever that means) and if I’m not fully healed, that means I can’t reach my desired goal…

Can you relate?

I started working on “fixing myself” to the point that I felt stagnant and as you guessed it the more I was feeling stagnant, the more my belief “I have to fix myself” was reinforced.

Talk about self-fulfilling prophecy…

(If that isn’t the proof that our thoughts and beliefs create our reality, I don’t know what is…)


What did I learn from this?

I'll share 4 things

1) healing without a goal is a trap, in other words: healing is compatible with moving forward and thriving!

2) all-made strategies without a personalised approach are a trap, or a "temporary fix"

3) the REAL solution is to move forward. Start living now and trust that you will be able to overcome any obstacles and heal what needs to be heal as you keep going.

4) if I could create more stagnation and “stuckness” for myself with those beliefs, that’s a proof I can choose to adopt more positive and proactive beliefs to create momentum and reach those goals.

If you're ready to stop wasting your money, time and energy thinking about what's the next thing you need to fix.

If instead, you're ready to accelerate your results by setting clear goals and developing the self-belief and self-trust that you're equipped for your dreams and that you can to overcome anything that your next level throws at you, check out "Unshakeable" and let's get you closer to your thriving life (without rabbit holes, cookie cutters or without fixing yourself!)

Here's the truth about fear-based routines and success mindset

Your success doesn't depend on whether or not you journaled or meditated this morning

In case you tend to feel nervous when you skip your morning journaling or meditation and think "things won't go your way" let me raise a red flag here...

This is fear-based and can become a kind of "superstition"...

And guess what?

If you think your day didn't start well, you'll be focusing on what's not going well, reinforcing the idea that it's because your didn't meditate or journal... and here you have it: the personal development pitfall, the trap of "manifestation rituals"...

The truth about success habits and why your success doesn't rely on your morning routine is that routines and rituals can be counterproductive. 

Despite following meditation, manifestations, and journaling to a T, your business might not thrive. Been there!

Success isn't tied to external rituals. You're okay if you missed your morning meditation. It's not a prerequisite or a condition for success.

Building successful habits should empower, not induce guilt, fear or nervousness. Anything that makes you feel nervous or guilty for skipping is a red flag! It's fear-based.

True success comes from within, not rituals. 

If there's an energy or a subconscious belief that has associated success or money (or even love) with danger at some point in time in your life, that's what you need to look at!

So if you feel you've been working hard without seeing your desired results proportionally to your efforts, doubling down on rituals or meditation won't help!

There's simply something that needs to be shifted at an energy and subconscious level - it's as simple as that!

If you've been feeling "stuck" in one specific area and feel you're almost there: a breakthrough session is for you.

If you're not sure what's going on, you've feel spinning your wheels and feel like you could use guidance and a total subconscious identity shift to rewire for success and get back on track to get your business to thrive, my 8-week program, called Unshakeable, is for you.

Check out "Unshakeable" here and let's chat about what would be the best fit for you!

Take care,


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