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How subconscious fears affect your success

Our subconscious mind rules 95% of our life, this is where memories are stored: good memories but also traumatic ones.

A lot of things we are not consciously aware of therefore impact our life and can block our success, create delays, frustration, self-doubt...

Now before I go further, let me start by saying that there's nothing to be ashamed of. We all have fears, please don't let it mean anything about you - except that you're human.

So hug yourself right now, you got this <3

My goal is to raise awareness so that you can shift your perspective and get the level of success and impact you desire and live your dream life :)

If you'd like to deactivate and shift some subconscious blocks to growing your impact and your next level of success, check out my Unshakeable 8-week program HERE.

Structure of this article:

- why you're feeling stuck in spite of applying strategies

- The subconscious cause: how the mind can block success

- The role of emotions in this pattern

- Personal Development Journal Prompts

- How to release negative emotions

- More journal prompts to help you on your way to success

- 5 signs to Identify fears playing out in your career / business and in your life

Self-improvement, uncovering subconscious limiting beliefs and fears, lady sitting in nature, meditating and developing a healthy lifestyle for more impact and success in business and life
Uncover subconscious blocks to more freedom and income

Feeling stuck in life and business in spite of applying all the success mindset affirmations, self-improvement tips and healthy habits you have learnt?

Maybe you've been working with a business coach or a life coach for a while, or you took courses and have been trying different strategies... yet, you're still not where you'd like to be...

I hear a lot of my clients (who are entrepreneurs, leaders and people making big impact in their community and in the world) say "I am successful, I love what I do, but in this <insert specific situation> no matter what action I take, I feel stuck".

And this statement has nothing to do with victim mentality or feeling sorry for yourself!!!

You're genuinely doing all you can but there's something that you're not consciously aware of.

Sometimes, something seems to be in your way in spite of your motivation and all the actions you're taking.

So you question yourself, because that's what leaders do, you want to grow, you're ready to expand, you know you're meant for more but you aren't sure where to look. You need answers.

This is why it is very important for me to raise awareness on how energies (aka the unseen) can impact us.

You don't have to stay stuck any longer, you can unlock the door and keep moving forward.

Here's an actual footage of past versions of myself before I learnt about energies and subconscious blocks 😅🙃

"Everything is energy" - Albert Einstein

Everything is energy and what is in your subconscious mind and unaccessible to your conscious mind right now is basically stuck energies that were analysed by your mind as traumatic, painful, sad...

In order for you to keep moving forward, those memories / energies got "buried" and now that you're wanting to reach your next level there's something within you that is feeling unsafe, out of comfort zone, as much as you want to expand.

This has nothing to do with your willpower or motivation, that's simply how human nature is.

The cause of blocks is to be found in the subconscious mind, in the unseen.

In other words, what is visible to the eyes is only a portion - a limited portion - of reality and of everything that is going on in the energy realm as well as in the subconscious mind.

Reading energy and accessing your subconscious mind enables you to tap into what is unseen to the eye and can't be accessed directly/consciously.

Yes, we can indeed tap into the subconscious and see what has been hiding.

Stored energy = stored information in your energy field and in the subconscious mind.

This info could be linked to childhood trauma or programming (false beliefs, etc.), ancestral trauma and/or patterns, past or parallel life trauma or imbalances of all kinds (including past life vows, contracts, etc.).

We can do that through past life regression, past life reading, Akashic Records reading and accessing your subconscious mind.

We can access this info to release it so you can break the pattern, no more running in a hamster wheel, you can open yourself to new realities, perceptions and opportunities and therefore create more impact.

Check out my services if you'd like a more precise idea of what can take place during a session and how we can uncover subconscious blocks and heal unconscious fears.

It's a matter of bringing unconscious / dormant info to the conscious mind with the purpose of healing and breaking free from what is holding you back, whether it is a fear of success, fear of failure, self-sabotage, procrastination, overwhelm... you name it, it is safe to say that it is fear-based energy.

Anything painful and traumatic is created by fear and generates fear.

Everything comes from within, create and manifest your dream life by healing your fears
Everything comes from within

Are you subconsciously blocking your success?

It's very common... and it has to stop because you deserve all the success you wish for, whether it is for your personal life, relationships, your business... you are worthy and deserving to have what you desire <3

In this podcast episode (below), I'm sharing my experiences on how my subconscious mind associated success with danger. I'm truly hoping it can help you become aware of some subconscious beliefs and also of some "associations" of painful events that followed an achievement or a success so that you can realize that you're safe and that it is safe for you to be successful.

In this audio, I also give you a few tips / journal prompts (aka brain food :) )

Everything comes from within

Have you ever wondered why you can manifest some things but not everything every time? Or why you're feeling stuck at a certain threshold?

In reality, you can manifest everything. Sometimes, you might get frustrated or confused as to what we don't have that thing yet (whatever it is).

Manifesting your dream like means creating your dream life - it feels more empowering because your dream life is the result of your work, so you need to acknowledge that. (It's not "pure luck" - to me, it's about alignment... but that's another topic).

First of all, let me tell you that it doesn't mean it's not for you (and even if it wouldn't be, something better would come).

It just means something is not in alignment at this moment in time and needs to be readjusted.

There is also the Divine Timing aspect. Time is an illusion, it is more powerful and empowering to consider "time" in terms of "experiences to go through" or "lessons to learn".

Manifesting / creating is about removing blocks to receiving so that you can take actions that will bring results.

Usually those blocks are due to past wounds that created subconscious beliefs (ex: I am not worthy of more, fear of failure...).

Those subconscious limiting beliefs created blocks (especially self-love blocks, feeling worthy...).

The past has affected your perception of yourself, if you shift this tainted perception to see yourself in a benevolent way, you'll remove blocks and fears and therefore open doors to possibilities.

So really the key to manifesting is reconnecting with yourself and healing.

But you don't have to be fully healed before you can unlock the next step on your path (I'm not even sure "fully healed" exists), it's just about shifting what's in your way and keeping on growing.

The 1st step is to heal the fear of fear. Fear is the opposite of Love.

Fear is considered a negative emotions.

You need to be ok with feeling negative emotions.

What are negative emotions

We need to let go of judgment when we talk about emotions, in the sense that "negative" does not equal bad.

Yes, some emotions are unpleasant and uncomfortable to feel, like anger, sadness, resentment... Obviously we all prefer being happy, joyful and peaceful, right?

But negative emotions are not bad, they just are and they are meant to flow.

They are called "e-motion", energy in motion, not "e-stagnant" or "e-stuck".

Keeping them stuck and bottled up inside of you is what can create imbalances in life and also in health, but feeling them and releasing them without judgment is healthy and there's nothing to be afraid of.

Negative simply means unpleasant or with a low vibration, but definitely not "bad", that's what I mean when I use the term "negative emotion" in this article (and in general).

About fears and "negative" emotions

I have heard a lot of coaches or even energy healers say that you need to ignore your fears and "negative" emotions because you don't want to dwell in there.

I consider this a bypass and fake positivity (and New Age "gurus" are all about that...).

Ignoring fears and emotions on purpose creates blocks, so no matter how much you want to change your life, manifest amazing things and create more impact, these ignored fears and emotions are turning into stagnant energies in your energy field, which lowers your vibration and therefore creates hindrances for your own manifestation process...

It’s like sending mixed signals to the Universe, let me explain:

  • On one hand side, your vibration is lowered by these things

  • while on the other hand side, you are sending positive vibrations from the thoughts you are emitting and from your will and determination to create great things…

In addition to this, you can't build the new while holding on to the old.

Feeling and releasing stuck emotions and fears is something I make sure my clients get comfortable with and start practicing. That's when real transformation happens!

Personal development and self-improvement journal prompts, grab your favorite pen and notebook
Journal prompts are a powerful self-improvement tool!

Personal Development journal prompts

Here are a few journal prompt to help you deal with your emotions:

  • "Which emotion am I not allowing myself to feel?" "Why?"

  • "Which emotion am I judging myself for feeling?" "Why?"

  • "What do I usually do when I feel a negative emotion?"

  • "What could I do differently?"

  • "How can I be there for myself when I feel an emotion that feels uncomfortable?"

Connect with yourself and journal away

Side note: If you're not sure how to connect with yourself, here is a quick way to center yourself and create peace and a safe space around you in less than 2 minutes

Releasing stuck emotions and subconscious fears & the Law of Resonance

With this law, you're going to see how important it is to release these stuck emotions and fears.

The law of resonance is basically "likes attract likes". In other words, fears that are stuck in your energy field will create a resonance with external phenomenon because what is not released from your subconscious mind and energy field will create similar situations. It is the famous "As within, so without"

Your nervous system constantly emits and sends signals out to your environment... you want those signals to send out positively high vibrational frequencies so you can attract positively high vibrational things, situations and also people.

Personal development journal prompts
Personal development journal prompts

Personal Development journal prompts:

  • "What situation from my past am I afraid of seeing occurring again?"

  • "What am I perceiving as a danger or as a threat?"

  • "Is this past fear still valid in the now?"

  • "What is the truth?"

  • "Can I allow myself to heal that fear from my past?"

  • "What action can I take today to move forward to overcome this fear?"

Talking about your fears from a place of wanting to get to the bottom of it to deactivate it (vs just feeding it) will not make it become real!

Your fear is here for a reason, whatever the core root is.

If you never acknowledge it you can't heal it, therefore it will remain in the form of stagnant energies in your energy field and blocks in your subconscious mind.

According to the Law of Resonance, any energy of suffering that is staying trapped will create a resonance with outside phenomenon.

In other words, you have more probability of attracting an energy of the same nature as the one held in your energy field.

It's subconscious but many believe that it is the fear of a said danger that is keeping them safe.

The mind / defense mechanism believes that if we heal the fear, we will lose awareness and our "fight or flight" reaction, but you don't need to be on a state of hyper vigilance all the time, you're causing stress to your system...

When you release those energies of fear and trauma from your system, you will trust yourself, you will raise your vibration and break a pattern that won't attract or have to face again.

Ignite your magic to reach your next level of success, woman igniting her magic, creating sparkles and going to her next level of success
Ignite your magic to reach your next level of success

That's why I'm so passionate about emotional and mindset healing, it does contribute to creating magic in your life and igniting your success mindset!

It is the key to freedom - mental and emotional!

Identifying how fears play out in your career, business and in your life

Here are a few signs:

  • you tend to play small or not acknowledging your success by fear of losing friends, standing out, bringing more income than friends, family, partner…

  • you hold back from speaking your truth or being yourself by fear of judgement or fear of success

  • you self-sabotage by fear of not being worthy of more or not being able to maintain the level of success (which is also a fear of success, in a sense)

  • you experience procrastination by fear of taking *imperfect* action, fear of failure

  • you are a perfectionist because you fear making a mistake or not being ready so you end up getting lost in small tasks

I'm sure at least one of these feel familiar to you. Many leaders and entrepreneurs go through that. And it's ok... every time we up-level, we are facing a new layer to peel.

I know it can be painful but I like to celebrate it because it means expansion and that's all I'm about!

Expansion, self-improvement, growing in awareness to grow impact and help others :)

Are you ready to find out the Truth about yourself?

"May your thirst and quest for Truth always be stronger than your fears"

This quote came to me from my own Inner Wisdom / Source Connection when I felt guided to share that there is never anything to fear when you dig deep within yourself - you have everything to gain!

When you uncover unconscious fears and reprogram your (subconscious) mind, you will

  • feeling more love for yourself and others

  • feel more joy and invite more joy in your life

  • have a more positive approach of life and think in terms of solutions

  • find a best friend within yourself, someone who always has your back, someone you can trust... if you can do that for yourself, you will meet people who will reflect that ("As within, so without", remember? :) )

  • trust yourself more, including trusting your own intuition

  • have more self-confidence to make decisions that move the needle forward in your business / career and life

  • be more more productive because you won't be spreading your energy here and there, you'll know how to center yourself, how to stay focused and which action to take to bring your desired results

  • you will therefore have more free time, feel more fulfilled and expand to the next level

All this is already here, within you. You just need to remember how powerful you are.

Like everyone on Earth, I've had to face some scary things in my life: trauma, wounds, bullying, harassment and abuse at every level... but I have never been afraid to heal myself to dig deep, because I knew that it could only be better, my life could only improve, even if at the time I had no idea what "self-love" was...

I'm therefore here to tell you, that there's nothing scary, shameful or horrible about you, no matter what you may think or believe right now. I promise you!

I'll empower you and "brainwash" you into believing in yourself until you can see for yourself how wonderful and powerful you are.

That's also why I hosted a Masterclass about Shadow Work a few months ago, you can unlock it by clicking on the image below and get started on your emotional healing & self-acceptance journey.

Shadow work masterclass

I can honestly say that I am passionate about these topics and have been studying for many years now.

I believe the key is to access the unseen and understand yourself, that's what I call the phase of Realization in my framework.

Let me share about my unique framework here...

After the Realisation phase comes the phase of Observation during which you consider the bigger picture. You see you past self's perspective, you gain wisdom in the now and see the higher perspective, you take a few steps back which leads to acceptance.

That's when the 3rd phase starts: the Shift!

Once you have observed the different perspectives, the shift has taken place, you can then work on self-forgiveness, self-acceptance. You reframe "mistakes" and "failures" into experiences in a way that reprograms your mind. That's when Expansion happens!

Expansion is the 4th phase of my framework and it's when you solidify your new self, building new habits, more self-acceptance, self-trust, listening to your intuition, building success mindset to the next level.

If you're ready to uncover your fears (that we all have, it simply means you're human), I'd love to invite you to have a conversation with you and see how I could help.

Whether or not we work together, you will walk away from the call with clarity, don't be shy hehe I'm here to help, to be of service while creating impact. I believe in connecting and taking it from there if we're aligned, without pressure :)

I hope this article was helpful and I'll be looking forward to connecting with you!

Much love,


PS: In case you prefer doing things at your own pace, I have a pre-recorded course: "Understanding your ego to access wholeness - The journey from fear to unconditional love" and it goes deep in a simple way... And the beauty is that you can ask me any questions during the course if you need assistance and empowerment.

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