Stuffed Bell peppers

Ingredients (adjust the quantities according to whom you're cooking for):

Bell pepper

wild rice

red lentils


pink salt

coconut milk

curry powder

Stuffed bell pepper
Usually I put the bell pepper vertically and fill it in, but the shape of this one didn't allow it so I adjusted. And because the other half was flat, I didn't pour the "stuffing" in the oven but I put it on the side :)

I cooked the red lentils and wild rice in water along with mushrooms (I used frozen ones) curry powder and pink salt.

In the meantime, I put the 2 halves of my bell pepper in the oven.

Once the lentils, rice & mushrooms were ready, I drained them, put them back in the pot and poured coconut milk. Warmed it up for a few minutes.

Then I poured the mix in the halves of the bell pepper. Actually only in one half, because the shape of this specific bell pepper didn't allow for the 2 halves to be filled without making a mess lol so I only filled one. I left it in the oven for a few minutes and voilà!

Normally I leave the bell pepper full and make a little "lid" cutting a thin top, it'd then stand but the shape of this one didn't allow for this presentation so I adjusted because everyone is unique, every pepper, fruit and vegetable is unique and that's beautiful :)

Let me know if you try this recipe :)