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Stuffed Bell peppers (healthy food = healthy mind for embodied leadership)

Hi leader!

You might wonder "why is Morgane sharing a recipe on a personal development, self-improvement & leadership website"? Hehe :)

So here is my answer: we are one with ourselves, healthy food contributes to a healthy body, high energy and healthy mindset :)

We are what we eat, eating high vibrational food will help us raise our vibration and improve our life.

It helps digestion, therefore brain activity, less mental fog, more clarity, more productivity, more results and more fulfilment :)

Side note, before I dive into the recipe, here's my podcast episode on 40+ ways to raise your vibration - you can even listen to it while you're cooking :)

Ingredients (adjust the quantities according to whom you're cooking for):

  • Bell pepper

  • wild rice

  • red lentils

  • mushrooms

  • pink / Himalayan salt

  • coconut milk

  • curry powder

  • optional: you can add chickpeas to the mix :)

Stuffed bell pepper
Usually I put the bell pepper vertically and fill it in, but the shape of this one didn't allow it so I adjusted. And because the other half was flat, I didn't pour the "stuffing" in the oven but I put it on the side :)

I cooked the red lentils and wild rice in water along with mushrooms (I used frozen ones) curry powder and pink salt.

In the meantime, I put the 2 halves of my bell pepper in the oven.

Once the lentils, rice & mushrooms were ready, I drained them, put them back in the pot and poured coconut milk. Warmed it up for a few minutes.

Then I poured the mix in the halves of the bell pepper. Actually only in one half, because the shape of this specific bell pepper didn't allow for the 2 halves to be filled without making a mess lol so I only filled one. I left it in the oven for a few minutes and voilà!

Normally I leave the bell pepper full and make a little "lid" cutting a thin top, it'd then stand but the shape of this one didn't allow for this presentation so I adjusted because everyone is unique, every pepper, fruit and vegetable is unique and that's beautiful :)

Let me know if you try this recipe :)

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