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How to overcome overwhelm for a better life

Do you feel others' emotions in your body or get overwhelmed in a crowd?

Can you sense when someone is not telling you the truth?

You're not sure where to start or can't seem to make a decision?

There are so many things to do, so many opportunities, so many responsibilities that it can feel overwhelming...

Young woman feeling overwhelmed, feeling too much emotions, hypersensitive
Overwhelm, analysis-paralysis... all of this is the symptom of a deeper root cause

You know what? There's nothing weird about you...

Let me tell you that your extrasensory perceptions are developed, you're an empath, and although I'm aware it might seem like a curse sometimes, it's actually a gift!

We all have it to a different degree, but when you decide to accept it and to heal your wounds (and trust yourself!), it becomes a precious help in daily life!

Being an intuitive empath

You might find yourself overwhelmed during an important meeting because you can sense that your boss or a partner is a bit angry and your trauma makes that you are uncomfortable when you're in presence of the energy of anger.

You feel it within yourself and you're feeling vulnerable, you (your inner child) wonder if it's because you did something wrong, you might even want to cry, but you can't, because you're on a meeting... So you're fighting with your emotions and thoughts.

You're doing all this while you're trying to focus on the topic of the meeting, attempting to look "normal" and you end up losing yourself in the middle of all this.

You can only think of one thing: getting in your car and cry on your way back home so you can feel better. (This type of scenario has happened to me before when I was an executive)

Why would healing your traumas and limiting beliefs help, you might ask?

Because energy works like this: an energy of a specific nature will cause a resonance phenomenon with an energy of the same nature.

In other words, if you have a bottled up / repressed / suppressed emotion caused by a wound/trauma, you will feel the same energy in others to a higher degree.

But what if you would heal the trauma related to your reaction to anger?

You'd feel your boss is angry and you'd just think "the dude looks angry today" and you'd just focus on the meeting, notice his body language and not be bothered at all by it...

Responding and not reacting

Wouldn't life be easier if you could become in an observation mode most of the time?

I'm here to tell you that it is not only possible, but it is also life changing!

Have you ever happened to be triggered by someone else's emotions / reactions to the point you felt overwhelmed?

If you'd love to learn how to stay balanced and feel others' emotions without being affected more than you need to, we need to talk.

You can book your free chat here.

5 tips to end overwhelm

1) be aware of the feeling and decide to take your power back over the situation. In other words, when a situation arises and you feel you're starting to be overwhelmed, remind yourself that you have the power.

Your feelings are valid so we're not talking about bypassing or self-gaslight here, it's about realizing that you are in control.

2) ask yourself what is actually making you feel overwhelmed: which component of the situation is making you feel that way?

3) bring the cause into healing by being present with yourself: when we the 1st time you felt that way? what did you need at the time that you didn't get? (ex: comfort, reassuring words...).

You can journal about it without judging yourself.

4) take a deep breath and exhale the tensions: place your hands on your heart, come back to the now and feel your body, focus on your breathing and the contact points of your body with your chair, your feet on the floor...

Bring your attention back to yourself in the now and your physical senses.

5) shift your perspective/approach: you are safe, there's always a solution and you will come up with it!

Stay centered, stay balanced, end overwhelmed, focus on your heart center
Stay centered and create safety in your body

The more you heal the cause, the less you will be overwhelmed, the more you will hear your intuition, the more you will trust yourself, the more you will stay in your power... (and the more you will stay in your power, the more you will trust yourself and your intuition)

That's how you create a positive spiral upwards :)

5 tips to end overwhelm - podcast version

3 tips on how to stay balanced in any environment

A lovely soul requested I'd tackle this topic when I put a sticker to let my IG Tribe suggest topics, so it was my pleasure to deliver.

Yes, it is possible to stay balanced in chaotic environments or to get back into balance quickly if you'd feel overwhelmed - even if you're highly sensitive.

It's not about suppressing human nature or blaming yourself for being shaken even if you have tools, what matters is to know you have the power and with practice, awareness kicks in and you remember you have the choice.

I'm giving you 3 tips on what to do to achieve that, it takes practice, but it doesn't have to take ages.

Ready to accelerate your journey?

You can overcome overwhelm on your own with the free resources I'm sharing, or you can decide to get help from someone who has done it before you so you can accelerate your journey to create Unshakeable peace.

I'd love to support you on your path to becoming Unshakeable.

You can check out what it's all about here.

Thanks for reading this article,

Much love,


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