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How to heal the past with soul healing techniques

Healing the past is the key to bring more peace, joy and balance in your life. It's a way to shift limiting beliefs, false subconscious programming (like prosperity blocks, or blocks in relationships), patterns that don't serve your highest good, (like procrastination, self-sabotage, feeling overwhelmed, fear of success), bring emotional relief so that you can unlock your potential, access your soul knowledge and expand from within.

In this article, we're going to talk about

Timeline healing, situation healing, healing past wounds from this incarnation or past lives, even family lineage - image of a background with 2 colors, pastel green on the left, pastel salmon on the right, with light and reflection effects, there's an alarm clock in the middle, past on the left and future on the right, the word "now" is written on the middle, above the alarm clock as a symbol.
Time is an illusion

Time is an illusion

Only the now, that is to say this present moment exists in this conscious reality. Meaning, we can only consciously experience one physical reality at a time, one physical life in one physical body.

The past only exists in our memory. Our memories from the past are real for us because we have experienced them, but they don't concretely exist anymore "physically".

When we have unpleasant memories (whether it is from an uncomfortable situation to a more traumatic one), the past still feels real and like it impacts our life in the now. Once we realize that our limiting beliefs are a result from a memory, we can decide if we let it rule our now or if we learn from it and grow.

Sometimes, we keep the past in the present because there are parts of ourselves that are still "stuck" there because of trauma and loss of personal power.

In some cases, it caused by what some call "soul loss" and what I prefer calling soul fragmentation (I'll talk more about it in the upcoming paragraphs) so it's a matter of bringing awareness of the past in the now, observing it through a new perspective: the lens of love and shifting the energy.

Conscious work and a soul retrieval can definitely help to free you in the now for what we call a better future :)

But the future is created in the now and nothing is set in stone. Which is exciting because it means that anytime you can choose a different reality by shifting your mindset and healing past and painful traumas :)

Time is an illusion - image of nature with 2 signs, past pointing in the left direction and future pointing in right direction
Time is not linear, everything happens simultaneously

Linear time doesn't really exist as such... you could picture the future or even the past as parallel realities.

Let's take an example: if you can imagine yourself living your dream life while you haven't fully made your dreams come true yet in this present moment, it means that:

1) you dream life is valid, you wouldn't have these dreams in your heart if they couldn't be achieved

(side note: if anyone tells you that you can't achieve this or that, please discard it completely, it's your dreams, it's your life, you can achieve anything you want :) )

2) the fact you can imagine it means that it exists somewhere already, otherwise you couldn't imagine it

3) if you can imagine it, you can achieve it (if you choose to and take actions towards it of course)

You could picture time like a spider web, and every time you expand, you shed a limiting belief, you choose to break a pattern or a toxic habit, you change timeline (aka reality).

You could see realities in terms of vibrations and frequencies: for example, a traumatic experience is in a low vibrational reality and your dream life is on the highest vibrational reality.

Spider web - symbol I use to talk about different realities
In shamanism, spiders are seen as manifestation masters, grandmother web weavers, weaving realities

You are born (center of the spider web) and you have a multitude of "routes" or "paths" that you can take (symbolised by the "vertical" threads of the spider web) and you can change direction anytime (symbolised by the "horizontal" threads of the spider web)

Everyday, you can expand from within and grow as a human and as a soul.

A few words about manifestation and manifesting your dream life

Talking about timeline and realities. You can change reality anytime by making decisions, for example.

You can also use guided meditations to do so. I want to share one I created back in 2018:

However sometimes, you seem to be "blocked" from accessing a specific goal or outcome.