How to heal the past with soul healing techniques

Healing the past is the key to bring more peace, joy and balance in your life. It's a way to shift limiting beliefs, false subconscious programming (like prosperity blocks, or blocks in relationships), patterns that don't serve your highest good, (like procrastination, self-sabotage, feeling overwhelmed, fear of success), bring emotional relief so that you can unlock your potential, access your soul knowledge and expand from within.

In this article, we're going to talk about

Timeline healing, situation healing, healing past wounds from this incarnation or past lives, even family lineage - image of a background with 2 colors, pastel green on the left, pastel salmon on the right, with light and reflection effects, there's an alarm clock in the middle, past on the left and future on the right, the word "now" is written on the middle, above the alarm clock as a symbol.
Time is an illusion

Time is an illusion

Only the now, that is to say this present moment exists in this conscious reality. Meaning, we can only consciously experience one physical reality at a time, one physical life in one physical body.

The past only exists in our memory. Our memories from the past are real for us because we have experienced them, but they don't concretely exist anymore "physically".

When we have unpleasant memories (whether it is from an uncomfortable situation to a more traumatic one), the past still feels real and like it impacts our life in the now. Once we realize that our limiting beliefs are a result from a memory, we can decide if we let it rule our now or if we learn from it and grow.

Sometimes, we keep the past in the present because there are parts of ourselves that are still "stuck" there because of trauma and loss of personal power.

In some cases, it caused by what some call "soul loss" and what I prefer calling soul fragmentation (I'll talk more about it in the upcoming paragraphs) so it's a matter of bringing awareness of the past in the now, observing it through a new perspective: the lens of love and shifting the energy.

Conscious work and a soul retrieval can definitely help to free you in the now for what we call a better future :)

But the future is created in the now and nothing is set in stone. Which is exciting because it means that anytime you can choose a different reality by shifting your mindset and healing past and painful traumas :)

Time is an illusion - image of nature with 2 signs, past pointing in the left direction and future pointing in right direction
Time is not linear, everything happens simultaneously

Linear time doesn't really exist as such... you could picture the future or even the past as parallel realities.

Let's take an example: if you can imagine yourself living your dream life while you haven't fully made your dreams come true yet in this present moment, it means that:

1) you dream life is valid, you wouldn't have these dreams in your heart if they couldn't be achieved

(side note: if anyone tells you that you can't achieve this or that, please discard it completely, it's your dreams, it's your life, you can achieve anything you want :) )

2) the fact you can imagine it means that it exists somewhere already, otherwise you couldn't imagine it

3) if you can imagine it, you can achieve it (if you choose to and take actions towards it of course)

You could picture time like a spider web, and every time you expand, you shed a limiting belief, you choose to break a pattern or a toxic habit, you change timeline (aka reality).

You could see realities in terms of vibrations and frequencies: for example, a traumatic experience is in a low vibrational reality and your dream life is on the highest vibrational reality.

Spider web - symbol I use to talk about different realities
In shamanism, spiders are seen as manifestation masters, grandmother web weavers, weaving realities

You are born (center of the spider web) and you have a multitude of "routes" or "paths" that you can take (symbolised by the "vertical" threads of the spider web) and you can change direction anytime (symbolised by the "horizontal" threads of the spider web)

Everyday, you can expand from within and grow as a human and as a soul.

A few words about manifestation and manifesting your dream life

Talking about timeline and realities. You can change reality anytime by making decisions, for example.

You can also use guided meditations to do so. I want to share one I created back in 2018:

However sometimes, you seem to be "blocked" from accessing a specific goal or outcome.

It's because there's a block in your subconscious mind, something that creates an opposite energy from what you're actually consciously desiring.

Let me give you a general example: you want to reach more prosperity and more success but you have a subconscious fear of success.

You're not aware that you have this fear, you do know what you want and that you are worthy of achieving your goals.

However, somewhere your mind (aka defense mechanism, also called "ego") associated "success" with "people will be jealous" or "people will take advantage of me", maybe you have a fear of leaving people behind (which is due to guilt).

Therefore, your nervous system doesn't feel that you're safe to achieving your goals and it's like there are "mixed signals" and the Universal Laws of Resonance and Least Resistance are in some sort of "back and forth" movement, creating stagnation.

I wrote an ebook about the Universal Laws and Manifesting your Reality, you can check it out by clicking the image below.

What is timeline healing

Timeline healing is a powerful method I've been using to bring amazing results with my clients!!!

I first felt intuitively guided to do that a few years ago and it has brought instant shifts... I have tried it in a mini 20-minute session, even in such a short amount of time, we can shift a lot in your mindset and bring emotional relief and peace. It's THAT powerful!

The name that came up for it was "timeline healing", but I could also call it "situational healing" or "past healing", the principle is the same and it came as a derived for of soul retrievals (something I've been doing since 2017)

It is a mix of energy reading of your energy field, Akashic Records (accessing the book of your life basically your soul's story and history throughout time and dimensions) and subconscious mind to bring healing.

I have received psychic readings in the past that had left me with a taste of "unfinished business" and I thought to myself "then what? now I know the origin of this behavior/pattern/block and then what? what do I do with this info?"

That's basically why I've never really offered psychic readings per se. There's nothing wrong with psychic readings at all (when they're conducted with integrity), but I felt there was more for me to do, discover and offer that felt more aligned with my own path... and timeline healing was the missing part I had been looking for!

On Earth, we see time as linear and we measure it in hours, days, years... but from our Higher Self's perspective, from Source's and Spirit perspective, the only moment that exists is the now and we can measure in terms of experiences and lessons learnt.

Everything exists within you, everything is accessible in the Akashic Records and in your subconscious mind.

How can you heal past wounds and bring shift to your mindset?

By healing the timeline, that is to that the moment in time or the situation when trauma happened so that it is cleared from your energy field (= your cellular memory, your subconscious mind).

Girl with arm stretched, feeling free, healing her soul

What you can expect from timeline healing

  • healing deep soul wounds so you can feel more whole (you are always whole, but sometimes with wounds, it might not feel like it) and feel like you have your own back (the days of self-sabotage and self-abuse are over!)

  • unlocking doors that were blocked by things like (self-)love blocks, prosperity blocks so you can attract and create new opportunities for more love, success, impact or <insert whatever you desire here>

  • remove false beliefs and false programming (like fear of success, fear of rejection, etc.) so you can have a more positive outlook on life

  • break recurring patterns so you can create new habits for a healthier mindset and more balance in your life, leading to less worry, less stress, more energy, vitality and an improved health and sense of wellness.

We go back to the point in time when your natural flow got disrupted and you got hurt in order to bring healing to the version of you that got hurt, without you having to re-experience the trauma in question.

Let me share one of my beautiful client's testimonials, Mrs RM from Canada.

Client testimonial after timeline healing reading and business reading
Testimonial by my client Mrs R, high-level business owner from Canada

If that's something that resonates and you'd like to know more about before diving in, you can book a clarity call via this page :) I apply this method of timeline healing during my single 1:1 sessions and also during my 3-month coaching program.

"Soul loss" or soul fragmentation

Many people have experienced a soul fragmentation throughout their life, be it in childhood or later in adult life, without knowing it consciously.

Side note: I prefer using the term "soul fragmentation" to "soul loss" because it's more optimistic and realistic. Nothing is ever lost.

To explain briefly, a soul fragmentation occurs when one experiences a shock or a trauma. Whether it is a sudden and brutal situation, or a sneakier situation that happens over time (ex: narcissistic abuse).

There is no "general rule", we are all unique and affected differently. But basically, a soul fragmentation has taken place when you experienced a big life changing situation that was shocking or traumatic. A specific point in time after which you could see a "before" and the "after".

Any fragment can be retrieved - nothing is lost, nothing is broken (even if sometimes you might feel broken, you are not broken in reality, everything can be healed :) ).

This pie chart can be an example of an analogy to conceptualise soul fragmentation. The fragment still belongs, it's still there but frozen in time
This pie chart can be an example of an analogy to conceptualise soul fragmentation. The fragment still belongs, it's still there but frozen in time

A soul fragment is an aspect of your soul, of your being, that goes and hides (so to speak) when it feels threatened. It becomes kind of "frozen in time" but it is still attached to you.

Signs of soul fragmentation

Here, you can find some signs and symptoms that one can experience when a soul fragmentation occurred.

  • Recurring dreams of disturbing scenes, insomnia

  • Loss of interest for something we used to enjoy

  • Loss of creativity

  • Feeling split, empty, dissociated, disconnected from the self, not feeling present in the body, spectator of your life

  • Loss or lack of self-confidence

  • Feeling that we have no value, nothing to offer - sometimes by waves of emotions

  • Having difficulties to make decisions and questioning these decisions

  • Looking for other people’s approval or support

  • Lack of motivation or desire to make our dreams come true

  • Being harder on ourself than we would like to, which could even lead to self-loathing

  • Feeling lost, not knowing in which direction to go or how to move forward

  • Depression after a significant event or chronic depression

  • High anxiety, OCD, P.T.S.D.

  • Weak immune system, auto-immune disease or other diseases

  • Addictions to fill a void (drug, alcohol, food, work, need to possess material things…)

(Side note, this is by no means a medical diagnosis, just sharing common points between people who have experienced a shock, including myself)

If you are experiencing one or several of these symptoms and if you and your doctor have eliminated some medical causes and hypothesis, then a soul retrieval may help you, you can contact me to know more about the service I am offering.

Don't worry if you feel that an aspect of you is "missing", you haven't lost anything, your sparkle is alive and your inner light is going to shine again. You are not alone in this!

If you are interested in learning more about soul retrieval and do your own self-paced soul retrieval journey, I have an ebook and a guided meditation that can help you, click here.

Client's testimonial after doing the soul retrieval guided meditation
Client's testimonial after doing the soul retrieval guided meditation

What to expect from a session with me

• we start by a cleanse to clear intrusive energies that doesn't belong in your energy field so that the healing session can be more effective

• we go to the Akashic Records and your subconscious mind to release what is holding you back and free you from anything that keeps you trapped & doesn't serve your highest good

• you reconnect with an aspect of yourself to heal trauma

• we cut cords with people, situations, outdated vows, etc. so that you can unlock new opportunities

• we bring peace and harmony to situations/relationships so that you can shift your reality and manifest your dreams

• you gain understanding on your current challenges and a new perspective on how to overcome them

• the messages, intuitive guidance & coaching tips that you will receive will empower you to make decisions based on your newly found truth

Are you ready to embody the highest vibrational version of yourself?

How a session can change your life


  • more mental clarity, thinking in terms of solutions, growth mindset

  • improve your relationships to others and become your own best friend

  • find inner peace and learn how to maintain it

  • shift your energy to become empowered

  • validate yourself to confidently make decisions based on your heart's desire (vs. others' expectations)

  • hear the voice of your inner guidance (your Higher Self) so you can make conscious choices & invite more joy in your life

  • overcome patterns like self-sabotage, procrastination, overwhelm to develop habits that serve you, increase your productivity and help you take actions that bring your desired outcomes

Of course, all of this is done in a benevolent and non-judgmental atmosphere, you won't have to re-experience your painful experiences and the sessions are always tailored to your needs. You will be held space for, feel supported and empowered.

I hope you enjoyed this article and if you want to learn deeper about this and really delve into your next-level of success, you can get in touch with me via my contact page or book your shamanic breakthrough session

Take care,



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