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Unlocking your Soul gift and stepping further into your purpose

I’ve heard a lot of people say they wish they knew what their soul gifts were or how they could develop their natural abilities so they could step further into their soul purpose and their life mission.

To me, unlocking your soul gifts is the key to unlocking your full potential and stepping further into your life purpose.

Unlocking your sould gifts is the key to unlocking your full potential and stepping further into your life purpose, picture of a lady looking up to the sky, with her arms spread, bathing in the energies of nature and feeling in alignment

What are soul gifts

First of all, everyone has soul gifts.

Everyone has a unique combination of abilities, talents and what I call "magic", which is your energy, your spark, what you bring to the world, your uniqueness.

Soul gifts have to do with several aspects and are a mix of different experiences:

  • Your knowledge that you have gathered from the moment your soul was created, that's what some people call your blueprint or your Divine Blueprint.

  • The knowledge and experiences that you have been collecting through different lifetimes and realities, which you’re not consciously aware of

  • The knowledge you have acquired in this incarnation

To summarise and give a simple answer, your soul gifts are anything that feels easy and natural to you.

Things for which you don’t have to make much effort and it comes easily or something innate.

It can also be something that lights you up, something you are enthusiastic about or inclined to learn more about.

It is your TRUE ESSENCE.

Unlocking your soul gifts brings more joy and alignment to your life, beautiful lady smiling to life
Unlocking your soul gifts brings more joy and alignment to your life

The "trap" of labels when it comes to soul gifts

Oftentimes, people (and I went through that myself at the beginning of my journey) want to know and actually they want someone to tell them what their soul gifts are…

It can be a trap because:

1) Good ol’ labels… labels can become a trap if you let them define you.

Yes, we need labels to define ourselves in daily life, what we do in life for business purposes, etc.

However, once the ego / mind identifies really strongly with labels to the point that you let your whole identity depend on a label, then you’ve trapped yourself in a box (ex: yeah I’m like that because I’m a <insert zodiac sign> or <insert any label> so I can't change that), then the label becomes a getaway.

Anything you use as an “excuse” becomes a trap and escapism.

You can change any traits of yourself that you want to change, from a place of self-love and self-improvement.

2) It can be giving your power away to someone so that you get “permission” or validation to see / know / use your own talents.

Nothing wrong with needing confirmation and empowerment, but my point is no one else than you know better than you :)

3) It can also come from expectations to be recognised as such by others

So now, you might be wondering “but Morgane, why are you saying this while you offer a session to help us find our soul gift?”

Thank you for asking indeed! Yes, I do offer this type of session, it's called "Unlock your soul gifts" but it’s not about me sitting there, looking in a crystal ball and coming up with a random noun to define you. I would be a fraud if I’d do that.

What I do is help you REMEMBER and UNLOCK what is already within you.

I’m here to guide you and to hold space, as a witness of your own epiphanies, so that when/if self-doubt would kick in at some point (good ol’ ego trying to rationalise everything, right?), you’d remember the moment of the session, the energy as a marker, a point in time when you believed and KNEW, and someone was here to encourage and support you to see it and to trust yourself.

We can also explore and bring past lives or childhood aspects into healing so you can remove subconscious blocks and fears holding you back from embodying your gifts.

Everything is within you, I’m not giving you permission to be this or that, I’m here to help you give yourself permission to remember & be who you are :)

My soul gifts story and what I learnt

I have often been asked to tell my soul gifts and awakening story… and while it’s a veeerrryyy long story that has many aspects, today I’ll share some of what I’ve learnt.

As a child, I had a huge admiration for “healers” and “those who talked to spirits”, people who could help others with the unseen aspect of life to bring relief from all types of pains… but I buried it…

I was always attracted to the paranormal and had a deep connection with animals from a young age. I’d always spend my free time hanging with my dog or chickens, geese, duck