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Solar activity: how the sun energy impacts us

I know it sounds crazy to some, but tracking solar activity has been a life changer for me on this healing journey (or ascension path, however you want to call it...).

Fiery sun
Solar energy

When I was first introduced to solar energy (more precisely solar flares, geomagnetic storms, that was round 2013 or 2014) I was like "hmmm", not rejecting it not necessarily noticing it would impact me...

However, at some point, I started tracking it when I'd feel some "unexplained sensations and feelings" and guess what?

A higher-than-normal activity reported on official websites (lilke Space Weather Live) always corresponded to when I'd feel like sh*t in the past, so I knew I wasn't "crazy", there was finally an explanation and the reassurance was enough to cheer me up, that's why I keep mentioning it.

  • What do I mean by "feeling like sh*t"?

I could call it a purge or a detox (or even "healing crisis" but the term isn't really appealing...), weird feelings, sensations from the past resurfacing, high emotions (that rollercoaster, you know...)

  • Why?

Consider solar activity (CME, solar flare, solar winds, high density, hemispheric power...) as a massive energy healing session we are receiving from the Universe. The Sun is the Giver of Life so when energy is released, it is impacting us and raising our vibration, pushing any toxins out of our system...

  • Really?

Yeah, I know, like I said, I was perplex at the very beginning (back in 2014 I think). Some spiritual humans I know still don't believe me (I have stopped talking about it) and yet, every time they report to me feeling like p00p or feeling this or that symptom, it always corresponds to days when solar activity is higher than average.... coincidence? Nope...

Then, their symptoms would ease when the activity gets quieter, coincidence? Nope...

Pets also feel it...

I do not believe in coincidences!

  • How can it impact us?

The sun represents masculine energy, the moon represents feminine energy, we all have both energies within us...

The moon has an influence on us (humans as a collective), women, and on the tides, tides = water, human body = made of 70%+ water, during full moon, some humans get a bit cray-cray and I remember as a child, when a family member was on duty during full moon nights, they'd say they'd be busier than usual and sometimes for "crazy" stuffs... so of course if the moon influences us, so does the sun, right? 🙂

If you want to track this for yourself, I'd love to know you experiences, feel free to message me :) I hope this brought some clarity.

If you need help to ease some symptoms, an energy cleanse could help you.

The sun energy and solar activity
The sun energy and solar activity

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