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The one main ingredient you need more of to improve your business and reach your goals

I'm going to reveal a big (not so) secret ingredient to improve your business and reach your goals...

This ingredient is Self-Trust!

Can we talk about the importance of self-trust for a minute (or two)?

Here's the map of this article:

Improve your business and reach your goals
Improve your business and reach your goals

The not-so-obvious lack of self-trust

Maybe as you read the few lines above, you thought "I do trust myself, what are you talking about?" and I understand!

I'm not necessarily talking about a total lack of self-trust here. After all, you're a business owner, you've taken all the initiatives to be out there and it does require a certain level of self-trust to take action indeed...

I'm more talking about the "not-so-obvious" lack of self-trust which translates into self-doubt.

The lack of self-trust created by false beliefs that originate from childhood wounds and traumas, and that was also ingrained into you (and all of us, really!) by society in general.

I want to start off by saying that self-trust is not something linear that you have once for good. Self-trust has several layers and you might have a high level of self-trust in one area but not as much in another area.

There's one constant thing in life: change! And it can be scary sometimes. As humans, we're creatures of comfort, we love to feel safe. It's normal.

But there's also a paradox: a lot of us, ambitious and high-achieving business owners, feel "bored" or "trapped" when we don't expand.

So there's this constant push and pull between the need to feel safe and the need to expand, which is (let's be honest) sometimes uncomfortable.

And that's when self-doubt can creep back in... in a sneaky way!

Then you feel stuck, I'd say this is the 1st symptom... then comes overwhelm, procrastination and perfectionism...

How many times have you held yourself back from doing something because you doubted yourself or talked yourself out of it? (no judgment here, we've all been there)

Or maybe you held yourself back because you weren't sure which decision to take? The fear of making a mistake, of messing up, of failing or even the fear of succeeding came up (subconsciously of course...)

How often have you seen other people succeed and wondered when your turn would come because after all, you're doing all you can and you also deserve your share of success?

All of this has one common root cause: self-doubt aka a lack of self-trust!

Self-trust happens by layers, you can always have more in the area where you already have and gain some in the areas where you don't have as much.

Self-trust is the key to success
Self-trust is the key to success

The ripple effects of trusting yourself: the upward spiral of success

If you'd like to know more about the ripple effects of trusting yourself, you can listen to this podcast episode:

But to summarize, here are 5 outcomes that you see in your business (and life) when you trust yourself:

  • you make confident decisions without overwhelm

  • you take actions that move the needle forward in your business without fear

  • you are more productive, you therefore gain time,

  • you feel safe because you know you have your own back no matter what

  • you have more peace, less stress, less overwhelm therefore a better health and sense of wellness, more fulfilment in life and business...

How to actually trust yourself

I know that it's easy to tell someone "you just need to trust yourself and to believe in yourself" but even if you know with your mind that you can, sometimes unconsciously you have blocks. Remember the subconscious mind rules 90 to 95% of our life.

We're spiritual beings, energy beings having a human experience so of course there's a whole field around us that we can 't perceive with our eye, ears, skin... our physical senses but we still perceive them energetically even if we're not consciously aware. Our response is automatic, so to speak.

So how to actually trust yourself?

That's when I step in and drop my free Masterclass to help you with some concrete and actionable steps.

It's goes beyond self-trust, it's also about

  • accelerating your journey,

  • making your mind work for you (no more against you)

  • bringing unconscious patterns to your awareness so you can be a conscious creator of your reality, meaning realising your own inner power and claiming it.

  • not letting your subconscious patterns (most of the time created from wounds, traumas and also curses and false beliefs!) run the show but uncovering them so you can shift and open the door to new opportunities and reach your next level (the time of struggles and stagnation is over!)

It is my pleasure to be offering you a free Masterclass in which you will:

  • develop more self-awareness and self-knowledge; maybe you've been facing patterns that you hadn't identified as having self-doubt as a root cause (you can't change what you're not aware of yet, right?), we will raise awareness on some self-doubt "symptoms" so you can identify how it plays out in your life,

  • learn to forgive yourself and you'll be taken in a powerful healing guided shamanic journey (which is similar to a guided meditation but even more powerful) for Self-Forgiveness

  • understand the origin of self-doubt in your life so you know what you actually need to shift to trusting yourself more and more and improve your mindset and your business

  • have tips and actionable steps to build up your unshakeable self-trust so you can make confident decisions and take actions (without fear of making a mistake or procrastination) - no brainer!

You KNOW you’re made for more (and you’re absolutely right), you’ve never given up on yourself and for this, I want to thank you!

This is the proof that you’re a leader and you’re about to reach a breakthrough, and I'd love to assist you in this process.

You will walk away from this Masterclass with:

  • answers to your questions as to why you've been feeling "stuck" or "playing small" so you can move forward and think in terms of solutions.

  • more self-understanding, therefore more self-compassion, a more positive self-talk

  • more inner peace and self-forgiveness (so you don't let the past poison your life anymore)

  • actionable steps you can take to start building up your self-trust to the next level right now

Are you ready to commit to having your own back no matter what? Purchase your masterclass here.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out.

Enjoy your free masterclass and I'll see you soon!

Take care,


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