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Self-love is the key to manifestation & success

Blocks to self-love and self-acceptance create blocks in daily life; those blocks can appear in any area: relationship, career, prosperity, allowing yourself to receive, physical health but also emotional needs, mental patterns, opportunities of all kinds...

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Everything comes from within, unlock your potential by loving yourself - brown-haired lady with long hair with hands on her heart, red nail polish and 2 rings

​ Everything comes from the self, from within.

"The outer world is a reflection of the inner world.” – Roy T. Bennett

It is the famous "As within so without", which is actually a Universal Law.

A lack of self-love creates all kinds of behaviors and false-beliefs that harm us, for example: not feeling worthy or good enough, impostor syndrome, self-negative talk, self-harm, addiction, procrastination, lack of self-confidence, self-sabotage... the list goes on... ​

Soul wounds causing a block to self-love

There are many reasons and causes to the fact that we don't love ourselves unconditionally: traumas, wounds in this life time (in childhood, but also family trauma inherited and passed on to us), but also in past/parallel lives...

Usually we consider that it comes down to 5 major soul wounds: rejection, abandonment, humiliation, separation (lack) and betrayal, which have different consequences for everyone, as everyone is unique and creates their own survival story. ​ Sometimes we are aware of these but most of the times we aren't because these events are stored in our subconscious mind and embedded within our cells, contained in our energy field.

If we don't reconnect with these parts and bring awareness on what is harming us, these patterns, beliefs and traumas will stay within us.

If you're ready to expand from within, you can book your free discovery call or check my Unshakeable 8-week program

Soul wounds create disconnection from the self

A disconnection from yourself is not your fault, it is a consequence of traumas, hurts, wounds, false beliefs, etc. that we have all faced at some point in our life and through our soul's history and it therefore has consequences on the way you perceive the reality around you and the world.

In this podcast episode, we talk about blocks to self-love, their origins and how they creates hindrances and blocks to our success in different areas of life (prosperity, health, love, relationships, career...).

We also talk about how removing those blocks can actually open doors and remove barriers so that you can free yourself and I'm explaining how I can help you do that.

Your conscious and subconscious beliefs and traumas can create hindrances and block your success and your manifestation.

I wrote an article about it, you can check it here "Why uncovering your subconscious blocks will change your life"

But you don't have to let it stop you. It's also important to acknowledge how far you have come.

Acknowledging how far you have come

  • Place your hand on your heart as you read the following sentence:

"I am proud of myself for how far I have come"

How are you feeling when you're saying this?

Are you feeling resistance?

  • If yes, try this:

"I'm proud of myself for how far I have come, even if I haven't reached my goal, I'm still here, standing strong and working on it"

How does that statement feel?

It doesn't matter if you're not yet where you want to be. I get it, it can be frustrated, I totally understand and I am not minimising your pain.

My point here, is that what matters is how persistent you are, that you haven't given up on yourself and that you keep going.

No effort is ever lost, what you put out to the Universe will always come back to you - it's a Universal Law.

If something is not working as you'd like to, it simply means there's an unseen cause - it doesn't mean you can't have it or that it's not for you. Keep going.

The fact you don't have all you desire right now doesn't mean you haven't accomplished a lot

It is important to remind yourself of that - and as I am typing this for you, I am also reminding myself of it. You can be both a student and a teacher. A history teacher can always learn more about the history of the world, an English teacher can always learn more words to enrich his/her vocabulary, yet they're both teachers and no one can take it away from them. You can be both a work in progress and a self-master simultaneously, you just need to: - want to keep growing, learning and healing. - believe in yourself and trust that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Everything is already within you. You have everything you need, you ARE everything you need, even if you are not fully consciously aware of that, even if things aren't always clear...

If you need help on getting crystal clear about who you are and on unleashing your potential, I can help you, either with a 1:1, a short-term intensive or a longer approach.

3 tips to help you shift your energy and open yourself to create your dream life

1) Celebrating your (seeming small) wins

This is your reminder that celebrating what seem like small wins is a way to accelerate the achievement of bigger goals and manifestation.

This is something I had to learn, because i used to be focused on the end goal, the go-getter mindset, never settling for less... you feel me?

Even if you're not where you want to be yet, it's important to acknowledge for how far you have come and to celebrate each step of the way!

It makes you learn to switch to a more positive mindset.

Switch from "I'm not there yet" to "yay I achieved this" :)

This opens you to seeing more positivity around you, which shifts your whole energy, which makes you vibrate at a higher rate, which makes you reach a higher vibrational timeline/reality, which takes you closer and closer to your goals everyday.

Celebrating doesn't need to be something huge, it can just be mindfully drinking a glass of water, thinking "I'm giving water to myself, I'm grateful for achieving <insert your win here>", it can also be closing your eyes and feeling gratitude for the achievement.

I used to be hard on myself and feel like a "hypocrite" to celebrate something while I wasn't where I needed to be yet... we're not talking about being fake here or about bypassing, we're just talking about acknowledging the efforts you have put out :)

2) Visualisation and manifestation guided meditation

When you visualise as you meditate, it puts you in a state of stillness and you can get to feel the emotions you'll feel when you have achieved your goals.

Remember that:

  • what you can imagine already exists, otherwise you couldn't imagine it

  • desires are in your heart for a reason, you wouldn't desire something if you couldn't achieve it

  • thoughts are electric, emotions (energies in motion) are magnetic

I created 2 meditations that I'm going to share below:

3) Gratitude

Gratitude has a high vibration. Being grateful for what you already have is important, it means you have room for more.

Being grateful for what you want to manifest means you have room to receive it. And remember, what you desire and imagine is already yours in another reality.

You just need to reach this reality.

Attitude of gratitude - create journal of gratitude

When you feel the emotion of gratitude, you will become a magnet for your desires.

I am inviting you to start a journal of gratitude.

Everyday, write down at least 5 things you are grateful for, to start with but the more you write, the better.

Always say thank you for the day ahead and the day that has just gone by. This will also help you stay in the now moment.

And be grateful for yourself

All these activities and tips I have mentioned here are going to help you increase your level of self-love and raise your vibration.

Remember, it all starts with the self.

Self-love, self-respect and self-worth. There is a reason why they all start with "self". You cannot find them in anyone else. Note to self. Credit unknown author

I'm wishing you all the best on your self-love journey and to manifest your dream life.

I hope to connect with you!

Take care,


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