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Say no to Monday dread, become immune to other people's projections & create a thriving business from your passion

Let’s be real, we’ve all heard others’ projected limitations...

and we’ve all been impacted in a way or another, to an extent...

“Get a real job”

“Do you think THAT will work?”

“Think of your retirement, you want to secure your future”

“There’s a crisis, people are losing their jobs, prices are increasing”

I bet you’ve heard these things too?

These used to annoy me but now I just see it for what it is: others projecting their insecurities...

Maybe they want to protect from a place of love (but still tainted by fear and projecting insecurities…)

All of this sounds like “Blahblahblah” to me now.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should just quit everything and start afresh, taking risks that will jeopardise your situation, your family or affect your nervous system!


I’m here to tell you that if you KNOW something is possible and you’ve decided to make it your reality, THEN you will become immune to all the BS you might hear.

I don’t know about you but personally, I’ve been hearing about “economic crisis” and “high unemployment rate” since I was a child. While I believe that yes to an extent it’s true (100% NOT denying what’s happening in the world, obviously), let’s not forget that there are still people thriving even during what’s perceived as tough times.

My point here is that anything is possible and who we surround ourselves with is crucial.

Yes you want to secure your future but who said working for someone else all your life was the best way if it has to cost you your physical and/or mental health, your joy, your knowledge, your freedom, your desire for expansion.

When you work for yourself, the sky’s the limit!

And while there are things we can’t control, it’s important to focus on what we can control or have an impact on. More precisely:

。 Our internal environment

。 Our beliefs

。 Our actions and responses (instead of reacting impulsively)

。 Our language

。 Our emotions

。 and how we take care of our energy and mindset.

So if you find yourself being impacted by others’ projections, I get it, I went through that.

Don’t let it stop you and work on clearing these obstacles as you keep moving forward.

How to become immune? Well, it's about clearing any fears and any limitations that you have within yourself and develop what I call that UNSHAKEABLE self-belief and trust the knowing that you have all it takes to handle anything your next level throws at you.

And that's exactly what I do with my clients in my 8-week program called Unshakeable that you can check out here.

Say no to Monday dread, become immune to other people's projections & create a thriving business from your passion
Life purpose, mindset, energy & subconscious work blog

Say NO to Monday dreads and create your thriving life by following your life purpose and passion

I used to dread Mondays - actually, the bad feelings were starting on Sunday nights.

As a child, even at the beginning of my corporate career (until I got to a position that was more fulfilling with more perceived freedom), I'd feel trapped in a box.

Or maybe I could compare it to being stuck in a washing machine against my will, feeling powerless and at the mercy of those who were pressing the "start" button for another cycle (whether it was the school year, a new week).

That doesn't sound like very empowering thoughts or feelings, does it? But that's how I did feel.

I dream of a world where no one would dread Mondays, where everyone would wake up to do a job they're excited to do, using their genius (aka what we're naturally good at and passionate about, what sets our heart on fire and energises us)... Can you picture that?

And because I dreamt of it, I created that for myself and I've been helping my clients create that for themselves too.

So here's what I did:

1) I followed the nudges of my inner guidance (especially when it didn't make rational sense)

2) I have been doing the inner work to remove any obstacles as they have been presenting themselves, making no excuses, seeking to understand

3) Decided not to listen to anyone who tried to "warn me" or "protect me", project their fears and limitations onto me.

Ok I get it that it's from a place of love, not judging. But we're all responsible for what we allow to affect us & for how long (not saying it's always easy)

I understood that it started within me, I know what to shift and I can guide others to do that too!

Now, I have my own business (just celebrated my 7th anniversary), I create my own schedule, I don't dread Mondays or impatiently look forward to the weekend, I have nothing to escape from. I've healed what used to be constant anxiety, negative thought patterns...

AND!!! I help my clients do the same!!!!!

We all deserve to be paid abundantly for sharing our gifts with the world and contributing to the change we want to see!

It starts with us, with changing our language, our thoughts, our habits, our behaviors.

Are you ready for your thriving life? Because it's definitely waiting!

Let's bridge the gap between your now self and your dream self, check out my services or my Unshakeable program here.

See you soon!


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