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How to Reprogram Your Mind

We are all conditioned by society from early childhood. We learn how to conform and what we should do to be a "good child". It's an on-going mind programming that we aren't aware of.

In this article, you'll have 4 actionable tips to shift your perspective and reprogram your mind from 4 common false / limiting beliefs causing subconscious blocks.


Please note that this article aims at raising Awareness because is the key to self-improvement. Read this article with benevolence towards yourself.

When I write an article, I always set the intention that it benefits the powerful people who will read it and serve their highest good. So this is your sign that changes have already started to happen.


✧ Cause of Limiting belief # 1 : Worrying about other people's opinion

Worrying about what other people might say or how they might judge you creates so many limiting beliefs. You might think you have to meet others' expectations or to conform to the "role" they see you play in their life.

It's usually when you're on your self-improvement journey and you're evolving towards the next version of yourself that those limiting beliefs come up to surface the most.

You imagine scenarios, maybe you're trying to stay "small" and unnoticed or maybe you don't dare go all in because you think people need to be prepared to your change.

So, here's the truth: Anticipating what others might say creates hindrances.

When we do that, we project our own insecurities (that we all have to an extent).

To go deeper, usually when you are afraid of other people's opinions, it means you don't accept yourself fully, you're ashamed of or reject some aspects of yourself.

How to change that

  1. Become aware of the fact that you are reading this right now, it means you've already decided to change, so congratulate yourself for being a leader and a winner!

  2. Try to see where self-judgment and self-criticism come from. Here's a few journal prompts to help you: "When was the 1st time this thought pattern started?" "What happened?" "What did I need back then and how can I give that to myself in the now?"

  3. When you catch yourself worrying about what others might say, ask yourself what is really making you afraid in this specific situation and then ask "what is the truth?"

  4. See yourself through the lens of love, ask yourself "how would unconditional love see me?"

Affirmation to switch to a more positive mindset

"I love myself an I let others accept me as I am"

"I welcome other people's opinions, those who are benevolent will help me grow and those who aren't don't belong in my reality"

"my job is to be authentic, I can't control what others think of me"

If you're struggling to practice radical self-acceptance and could use some extra resources to help with shadow work, I have a masterclass that you can find here

Shadow Work Masterclass 3 steps to get you started on your healing and self-acceptance journey

✧ Cause of Limiting belief # 2 : Gossips and betrayal

Have you been confronted to gossips and people talking badly behind your back?

I think it's safe to say we all have at some point, and it's pretty unpleasant to say the least, isn't it?

Why do people gossip? Here's some truths that will help you break the fear and heal from past hurts and reprogram your mind from subconscious blocks

  • It has nothing to do with you, it is never about you

  • People who gossip and talk negatively about others behind their back do so from a place of fear, lack of connection with themselves and lack of self-respect.

  • It simply shows their own insecurity

  • Talking badly about someone is a way of rejecting them because they are perceived as some kind of threat, it creates more separation, a need from the gossiper to separate themselves from you because they're seeing that you doing things that they wouldn't dare do so it's easier for them to criticize others than actually taking actions to improve their own life

The truth is that whoever gossips is spending too much time outside of themselves seeking validation, distraction, attention or even reassurance.

If you are confronted to that, just see how the human in question lacks self-love, mentally send them compassion and keep on with your day.

Staying small will not help them and will hurt you. Keep shining and leading by example. You'll attract new people and those people will be your Tribe.

If you feel hurt or triggered, it's ok, be gentle with yourself.

Make sure to practice self-care and use this as an opportunity to see what fear or wound is linked to that.

Use the gossiper's low vibrational energy for your own growth, that's how you grow from every situation - as unfair as it is :)

Not sure how to do that? Let me know, drop me a message and it will be my pleasure to help you gain clarity :)

✧ Cause of Limiting belief # 3 : People pleasing & justifying yourself

Have you ever felt forced to do something you didn't really fancy doing just to please someone?

If that's you, don't worry, I used to struggle a lot with that and it has taken me time to improve...

What hides behind that is fear... It might seem similar to the fear of being judged and worrying about other people's opinions but there's a small difference in what's behind that... and it has to do with acknowledging your own needs.

Let me give you an example: back in the days, I'd always say yes to going out because

  • I was afraid to "disappoint" my "friends"...but when you think about it, a true friend worthy of the name is supposed to understand if you feel like staying home without taking it personally as a "she doesn't want to see me", and even if they'd think that, it's their story that's making up in their mind, their own wounds and their own limiting beliefs - right?

  • I thought I needed a "valid" reason to say "no", but the truth is that feeling like staying home alone IS a valid reason. Your needs and desires are valid

  • I was also afraid to be judged or that my friends would talk behind my back... but hey, people can always judge or find a way to talk behind your back anyway so let go of the need to control and to fit in

As a result, past me would feel I need to justifying myself or my needs... the truth is that you don't need to justify yourself to anyone.

More generally you don't need to explain or talk about something you are not ready to talk about.

Have you ever felt that pressure? Even if it was not required to justify yourself, you still felt you had to say something because you felt "bad" or "guilty" or "ashamed"? Or because you could feel other people's body language or micro-expression on their face?

If you ever feel pressured to justify yourself ask yourself why and what is hiding behind that:

  • Is it because of some internal pressure, because of some guilt of shame you're feeling? In that case, just become aware of the pattern and see where it comes from; What are you feeling ashamed/guilty of within yourself?

  • Is it because someone is trying to make you feel powerless or shame you?You don't have to explain, you don't owe anyone an explanation. You are powerful and no one can take your power away.

The truth is that you simply need to dare say no if you don't feel like doing something, taking time for yourself is important. You can feel free to express your "no" kindly.

Accept that you are important and that your needs matter too. It is healthy to set boundaries.

You don't have to justify your "no" if you're asked why, just say "because"
You don't have to justify your "no" if you're asked why, just say "because"

Here are a few journal prompts to help:

- "what am I afraid of if I say "no"?"

- "why do I feel I need to justify myself?"

- "what am I judging myself about?"

- "am I acknowledging my needs? If not, how can I do so?

I am inviting you to journal about it and if you do so, make sure to share your realizations below and let me know if I can be of any help :)

✧ Cause of Limiting belief # 4 : Time is an illusion & causes pressure

Unpopular opinion warning: You can't be happy in the future if you don't start building happiness in the now...

"I will be happy when..." "I will start working on/taking care of myself when..." Nope... It's the other way around!

Happiness is not to be found in the future because :

  • you can build happiness in the now even if you don't have all the success you know you deserve, even if you haven't reached all your goals yet.

  • you just need to give yourself permission to make it happen and decide that the time is NOW - your dreams are not something that will happen at some point in the future, you are worthy of making them happen now

  • the future doesn't exist in this conscious reality, it hasn't been created yet. However, by deciding to self-improve now and to make your dream life come true, you are investing in your future

I do know it's hard, I've been there before, not seeing hope, feeling stuck, etc. but I guarantee you it is possible to shift, happiness is a guest you can invite anytime if you look at "small details" first.

Here is what you can do:

  • making everything count

  • being grateful for what is already in your reality - I suggest a journal of gratitude and to write down every day things you are grateful for

  • trusting that you are meant for more and that your heart would never hold a desire within you if it wasn't made to come true.

Find happiness in the now
Find happiness in the now

The only moment that exists in this physical reality is NOW and every second is a new opportunity to take a new start.

You don't have to wait until the New Year, the beginning of the month, the next Monday, start now :) You matter now and every minute that goes by and you are creating your future every second that goes by.

You can start planting the seeds of your dream life NOW and this guided meditation that I created can help you.

I hope this article will have helped you shift limiting beliefs and help you reprogram your mind.

If you'd like to have a conversation about it or if you'd like help to implement what you've learnt from this article, you can book you free call below and it will be my pleasure to assist you!

Much love,


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