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7 Relationship green flags

We always talk about red flags in relationships, whether it is friendships, romantic relationships or between coworkers, family members, etc.

But what about relationship green flags? How to really tell if someone has your highest good at heart?

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Surround yourself with positive people - people with good intentions

Everything is energy and the people whom we surround ourselves with impact us and our level of energy... it's important to surround ourselves with people who have our highest good at heart, who support us and wish the best for us to the same extent as we do for them...

Sometimes, you genuinely get along with someone only to later realize that they had an agenda. It doesn't mean you were wrong about them, you don't need to question yourself.

Sometimes characters and true intentions are revealed during adversity or when a new level of success is reached.

Sometimes we grow out of alignment, we are constantly evolving and it's ok. Falling out of alignment or parting ways doesn't mean that the relationship was never sincere or that it was never meant to be.

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Relationships are full of lessons and people are teachers

I like to see it like this: 2 (or more) people will have a relationship for as long as they have things to teach one another.

When the lesson is over, the relationship might not last. I obviously don't want to generalise here. Some relationships are meant to last a lifetime and some only a few years, or a few months...

We all have different roles to play in one another's life.

Sometimes the lessons are hard to learn, even if we have a success mindset and we know we can grow from any hardship, it doesn't make it any less difficult to deal with some events that can affect us particularly.

There are so much more at play than what we can see or even fathom with out brain. Of course there are factors that are from this current incarnation, but there are also past lives and soul contracts that are coming into play.

Karma, past lives and relationships

I'm not going to go into details here because that would be off topic, but basically, most of the people you meet in this life - if not all - you have met in other lifetimes - whether one believes in past lives or not, it doesn't matter, that's a fact.

We don't consciously remember all the relationships, agreements or soul contracts that we had we everyone, so we meet again here to work some things out and grow together as a team.

I have remembered several past lives and so have my clients. I have so many stories I could share...

How to tell who your people are

If others are triggered by your light, keep shining, that's a sign you're doing what you're supposed to do.

People will either:

  • be triggered and leave your reality, in that case they were not your people, and it's ok, you will meet other souls that are aligned with your vibration

  • be triggered and make excuses, lying to themselves

  • be triggered, look inward, heal and find themselves - their true self --> these are your people!

It all starts within yourself. At some point, we have to be willing to lose "friends" and be alone, it doesn't mean you will be, but it's about being ok either way and trusting that as you find yourself you'll find your people.

7 relationship green flags

Whether it is a family member, a partner, a friend or a professional you work with, he or she will:

  • empower you & encourage you to validate yourself

  • believe in you

  • not judge you for your actions or words but will hold space for you

  • tell you their honest opinion, even if that's not what you'd like to hear but in a kind way

  • respect your boundaries

  • genuinely care about you without hidden agenda or without having any expectations from you

  • celebrate your wins with you & hold space for you in harder times

And vice versa... Obviously...

Your body and your energy field = your temple

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