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How to develop a positive mindset - personal development & mindset coaching tips

We all go through periods of stress when life can get a bit hard and if we don't train our mind to have a positive mindset, we can easily let our environment affect us and get overwhelmed.

As humans, it is easier for us to notice the "negative" aspects of things, situations, or even in a sentence that someone says.

It's in human nature. We have a predisposition to notice the negative because it is what is perceived as a danger.

Our Reticular Activating System (what filters information to transmit it to our conscious brain) is on the lookout for danger because our system is meant to protect us.

If we don't reprogram our mind, we won't notice positive things that easily.

So if you'd like to know how to develop a healthy mindset, keep reading :)

Notice the beauty around you - image of a beautiful white flower
Notice the beauty around you

Positive mindset coaching has nothing to do with bypassing

It's very important for me to mention that I'm not talking about bypassing. I had a friend, a spiritual manifestation teacher, who once told me that you have to ignore fear and negative emotions if you want to manifest xyz because it's about programming yourself to hold the vibration no matter what.

I have never agreed with that, it doesn't work for me anyway and it seems to go in opposition with the Law of Least Resistance according to which energy goes where it can flow.

Emotions are energy in motion, they are meant to flow. If we ignore or hold them within our energy field they will just remain stuck and build up, which will create hindrances and blocks (in some cases even physical illnesses with time).

In the same way, when we want to develop a positive mindset, in reality we need to develop a growth mindset.

Yes, we can train ourselves to notice the positive but we also need to acknowledge the negative things that are going on within us. For example, if you're having a hard day, it's ok to acknowledge it, from a place of awareness and acknowledging how you feel - your feelings are valid. But you can still train yourself to notice a beautiful flower, a stranger smiling at you in the street or holding the door for you...

For me, it is about balance and also starting small to build up healthy mindset habits and train your mind to notice more of the positive while still honoring your feelings and emotions. If you can imaging the worst-case scenario, you can also imagine the best :)

Think positive
No toxic positivity though, I'm all about a solution-oriented mindset!

Tips to develop a positive and growth mindset throughout the day

Remember, it's about starting "small" and taking steps that will build new habits

In the morning

  1. Before you get up, bathe in gratitude, give thanks for a new day full of new opportunities

  2. Program your mind to focus on high vibrations "what magic am I going to witness today?" and get excited for new doors to open

  3. As you get up and place your feet on the floor, say "I'm stepping into the highest vibrational reality available to me today"

  4. When you drink your forenoon drink and if you eat breakfast, send love to your drink and food and drink/eat the love

  5. Ask yourself, "What can I do for myself today? How can I be of service in my business today?

Throughout the day

Whenever you take a break during the day, connect with yourself.

Here is a quick meditation that helps you feel inner peace in less than 2 minutes

Check if you're still feeling aligned, if something is bothering you... See if you're still aligned, if not, see what you can do and make the necessary adjustment.

Ask yourself, "How can I shift to a higher / more positive perspective?"

One more thing, try to be mindful of the words you use, especially when you talk about yourself and the way you see yourself.

For example, you saw earlier, I wrote "your forenoon drink" instead of "morning drink". Since I learnt the origin of "morning", I've been trying to avoid using it.

"morning" comes from "mourning". You don't want to drink a "mourning drink", right? We're living in a world of living beings... (as opposed to the "land of the dead" but that's a whole other story...)

Let me share a podcast episode with you "7 reasons not to talk negatively about yourself" (and I could have written "to talk positively about yourself, but I wanted to emphasise on the importance of not using negative words or sentences)

Before bed

I encourage you to keep a journal of how your day went, it will help you build trust and new habits.

I also recommend writing what you are grateful for not only in general but also for the day.

  • What am I grateful for after this day?

  • What did I learn today? Whether it is about yourself or about life, or even a new skill, a new piece of information... If you found this tip useful, feel free to share with your friends and you can make each other accountable :)

Ready to develop and positive and growth mindset?

I hope these quick tips help, if you'd like to change your mindset for durable results by clearing some blocks, heal past wounds and shift subconscious limiting belief.

And of course if you're ready to embody the next version of yourself, the leader who grows his/her impact and has his/her mind for him/her (and not against)

I'm inviting you to check out my 8-week program "Unshakeable" or to book your free 20-minute clarity call here.

Quick tip on how to approach any problem

This might sound "silly" or "too simple", but it does help tremendously, so I want to share this quick win:

  • Stop seeing situations as problems (which implies "omg I'm effed" and gives an image of facing a wall) and replace the term "problem" with "challenge" (which implies "something that can be overcome")

  • Try not to focus on the problem you're facing, sometimes we get caught on a loop and we think "if only I could have done xyz to avoid <situation in question>" and this doesn't really help.

  • Become aware of your thought patterns, your outlook on the situation, your language without judging yourself, simply observe

  • See things as teachings "What is this situation teaching me?", "How can I grow from this?"

  • Thinking in terms of solution "What is this trying to show me" "How can I approach this differently"

  • This will shit the energy from "stuck" to "unlimited" :)

If you actually "ban" the word "problem" from your vocabulary, it will contribute to reprogramming your mind into focusing on the outcome and what can be done to solve it.

*Disclaimer* this is NOT a spiritual bypass or a denial, it's just a conscious shift of perception and a conscious choice of what I invest my energy in (namely solution and moving forward vs. being stuck)

In my world, there is no "problem", only solution to be found. This doesn't mean I minimize things, I still honor my emotions and thought patterns, but then once I have acknowledged, I can choose to shift :)

Every challenge has its solution :)

Try this, I'm sure you will notice a difference and also strengthen the connection you have with yourself and your higher self.

It's true, we don't deserve to go through some things we go through but the situation is there and something needs to be done, you can't change what lead to the situation in question but you can change the situation and/or the outcome and that's exactly what you're going to do if you ask yourself empowering questions.

Side note: I'm talking about general "problems" / challenges here that we can face in business. Sometimes we face horrible things and these things take time to process. Sometimes some situations are traumatic and require more than a perspective shift, real healing needs to take place.

A few extra general Personal Development Tips

Here are some personal development advice to help you on your path:

  • heal your fears and try to understand their origins

  • follow your heart, act with good intentions, this will help you build your self-confidence

  • wish other people well, do good deeds when you have the chance and don't forget to include yourself :)

  • if you hurt someone out of clumsiness or without intending to do so, you can always make up for it, it shows your will to solve things

  • keep your words / promises and don't give them if you're not sure to be able to keep them in the first place, this will prevent you from feeling pressured

  • take action every day towards your goals, even if it's a seemingly small action, every number starts with one :)

  • avoid procrastinating and if you are, forgive yourself, see what fear hides behind procrastination (fear of success, self-sabotage...)

  • take good care of yourself at every level (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually)

  • talk about yourself and others in positive terms

  • raise your vibrational frequency, here is a podcast that can help you

I hope this helps and I trust you can achieve anything you set your mind to :)

Feel free to connect or check out my services if you'd like some help to strengthen your success and growth mindset.

Take care of yourself,


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