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  • Morgane Self-Leadership Mentor

Personalised Guided Meditations

Hey There! ^-^

  • Have you ever wished you could have a guided meditation especially designed according to your needs?

  • You'd love to be able to fall asleep listening to it every night without having the wi-fi on?

  • You'd like to work on yourself while you're sleeping or taking a break during your day and receive energy support as a complement to the actions you take to get closer to your dreams?


It is possible!

Personalised Meditation: a powerful yet gentle tool to assist you

My guided meditations are highly healing, grounding and provide you with the energy and support you need while you keep taking action in your physical reality.

I take you on a journey where you can relax, rejuvenate and experience peace and bliss.

Personalised Guided meditations
Personalised Guided meditations - get on a journey back to yourself

Why are my guided meditations transformational?

They include positive (or proactive) formulation to rewire your subconscious mind while you relax or fall asleep.

I got certified as a personal development coach in 2015, my training included NLP and Sophrology, which enables me to provide you with highly transformative audio files to support you on your journey.

My clients have been loving them since 2018 as well as the amazing souls who are subscribed to my Podcast (where I have a few free meditations for you to check out!). A lot of them fall asleep listening to them as it helps them relax.

My focus is you, your wellness and your intention! My innate abilities as a healing catalyst, the frequency of my voice added to the intention make that your tailored guided meditations delivers you with the most aligned audio file, according to your Higher Self's Guidance (aka your True Unconditionally Loving Self, always connected to Source).

You will be shielded and grounded in a safe space and I will create a custom-made audio file on the topic of your choice (ex: healing anxiety, addiction, manifesting your reality, removing blocks, achieving more self-love, inner child healing, grounding, improving self-confidence...), the possibilities are endless!

You choose what you need and I will send you an audio file of minimum 15 minutes especially made for you.

Personalised guided meditations can also be a unique gift idea for a loved one to show them you care! :)

After your payment, make sure to send me an email via the contact form below to describe your situation and request your meditation topic.

Order your personalised Guided Meditation here

Take care,

Much love,


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