People leaving your reality

It's a powerful time and also I wanted to share something that has been on my mind and that a friend & I have been talking about...

Some people will be leaving our reality, it has already started. I'm not necessarily talking about transitioning to the other side of the rainbow here (although it will also happen) but also in terms of vibrations and alignment. 2 things to remember:

- people who are transitioning have a bigger plan, some aren't ready to Ascend and some want to help Humanity from the other side, I'm sure there are many other reasons but whatever the reason is, always remember that there IS a bigger plan.

- people who are not a vibrational match to you anymore will just fade away, it might be hard for some but it might also be "just because it's like that".

If you're triggered by it, ask yourself what it is within you that is triggering you, what does this person represent in you that you feel you're "losing" when "losing" this person.

Also remember that you will also attract new people who are more aligned with your vibration.

In any case,

1) don't stop your growth, don't stop your process, don't slow yourself down. I always use the analogy of a train, you're in a train and it's not stopping, if someone is meant to join you, they'll jump in the next train and catch you up but you can't slow your train for them to jump in... sorry if it sounds cold, but you owe it to yourself to make yourself a priority now more than ever

2) you know you have this safe space here to exchange and you can always reach out here if you need help to process something.

I just felt guided to share this spontaneously so here you go.

I hope you are all feeling well and ready for these amazing energies!!!