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4 Signs that past life vows are affecting your business & how to break them

Have you ever felt like some strange "forces" that seem to be "blocking you"?

You're feeling stuck in spite of taking actions?

Maybe you're not sure what actions to take because you feel overwhelmed?

Our past lives/parallel lives can indeed create hindrances in our current reality, especially "unfinished businesses", like contracts, oaths, promises and vows.

Let's see what vows are, why they can affect you, 4 signs to tell if past life vows are creating blocks in your business and how to break past life vows for more freedom and to become unlimited.

Past life vows and contracts creating blocks in your business, woman brainstorming and working

What are vows?

Vows are a strong wish. Usually there's a strong decision, based on fact and strong emotional response.

Vows are form of contract that you make with yourself (ex: you vow to stay celibate, to punish yourself, to be of selfless service), these vows are the easiest to break. They can create false beliefs and blocks of course, but they're based on a personal decision so even if there's an emotional charge, it's not always as "heavy" as the vows that you make with another being or with an "authority".

By "authority", I mean an organisation that you see as an authority, as a form of power / powerful organisation or group.

Examples of vows you make that involve someone else: vow of devotion, vow of servitude.

Examples of vows with an "authority": religious vows, vows to belong to a sect, a secret society, any form of devotion towards another being (living or not), vow of poverty, vow of silence, etc. when they involve a "bigger cause" (if I may say so).

Non-judgment is a must

Side note: there is no notion of judgment here, vows are neither "good" or "bad", they are. Everyone can make them for different reasons.

It's important to know that sometimes past life vows and contracts can still affect us in this lifetime, especially if:

  • you don't have any conscious memory of when a pattern started (as if you were "born" with it and it only appeared / came up to your consciousness when you started your business)

  • or if it's something you have been noticing over and over again all your life, like a theme, patterns repeating in different areas of life including in business (ex: you feel awkward when you receive something, whether it is a compliment, a gift for your birthday or money in exchange for your services)

Why past life vows can create blocks in your business - business woman overthinking and feeling frustrated

Why can past life vows create blocks?

Because they became outdated and need to be broken for a lesson to be learnt and information to be brought to your consciousness.

(Ex: you don't need to punish yourself, you are good enough and you deserve to receive prosperity).

When there's a vow that involves you and another being or you and a group of other beings, it creates like a form of contract at a spiritual level between all the different people involved (and spirits sometimes) who are then considered as witnesses.

Cords (invisible links) are created and "agents" are appointed to make sure the vows are respected.

But then one incarnation ends, the vows weren't broken so they're like reconducted from one life to the next.

Side note: not all vows are, it depends on many factors, especially what the soul decides to learn...

4 signs past life vows are creating blocks in your business

So, here are 4 signs that could show you're currently being affecting by past vows in the now:

  • struggling to accept you are worthy of being paid for your services, need to undercharge, guilt… (ex: you might have undertaken a vow of poverty in a past life and vowed to be of service to your community; now you’re a service provider and you’re seeing yourself struggling…)

  • Being way too hard on yourself if things don’t go as you had hoped or planned (ex: vow of self-punishment, repenting for "sins")

  • Feeling everything from your clients or people in general (emotions, pains, states of mind…) in your body (what I call “over-empathy”) (ex: could be the 2 vows mentioned above or vow of service or selfless service)

  • Feeling that you’re not allowed to be vulnerable or that you’ll be “punished”, you have to be “impeccable” or watch your back all the time, which can even go to the extent of feeling observed (ex: religious vow, vow of obedience, devotion or servitude)

Does any of these resonate? Let me know in the comments :)

How to break past life vows

I want to share resources to help you break past life vows for more freedom and to become unlimited in your business (and in your life) so you can allow yourself to unlock your potential and be unbound to create more prosperity and success without guilt, fear or shame.

  • Reading this article will have raised awareness, maybe you have felt emotional, you have recognised yourself deeply in a way you can't rationally explain, you might have felt a shift and sensations. In that case, I'm inviting you to journal about what you felt and which part resonated with you while it's fresh in your memory. My goal is to raise awareness so that you can unlock memories contained in your energy field, in your subconscious.

  • Journalling: if you have an unexplained block, I suggest you write about it and try to find the 1st time you can consciously remember having been confronted to this situation. Write everything you can think of wi