What happens when you overcome procrastination

Let's talk about procrastination and the magic that happens when you overcome this pattern :)

Here are a few things that can cause procrastination:

  • a lack clarity on your next steps

  • overwhelm: there are so many possibilities, you have so many ideas... which one to choose?

  • fear of missing out, making a mistake or failing

  • fear of success

  • perfectionism: you want things to be perfect but you're not sure if they are

  • lack of support and encouragement to step into your power

It's not your fault! All of these things come from past wounds, at some point of your life, a situation happened and made that you stopped trusting yourself, maybe you were made fun of, shamed, belittled for an action you took or simply for being yourself...

Maybe as a child you were yelled at for doing "something wrong" and your caretakers had disproportionate reactions, ex: you were punished for something insignificant that you for sure didn't deserve. Your defense mechanism and subconscious mind associated "taking action" or "being yourself" as "unsafe".

As a result, procrastination has come into your life like an uninvited and unwelcome guest...

Let me reassure you, it's very common, you're not alone and there's nothing wrong with you (so please hug yourself!).

The good news is that you can end this pattern and heal what's causing it so you can:

  • silence your mind to make it work for you (and not against you, bye bye nasty little voice)

  • be able to hear the voice of your heart (= your intuition)

  • trust yourself to make decisions that move your life and business forward

  • focus on taking actions that bring results

All of this means

  • more joy,

  • a more loving inner speech,

  • improved mood & health

  • increased productivity

  • therefore more free time with your loved ones, to travel or do all the fun activities you enjoy :)

So if that's you, this post your sign that what you're working towards and desiring is valid and definitely achievable - if you ever needed a sign ❤️

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