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Overcoming impostor syndrome to own your uniqueness and thrive

Overcoming impostor syndrome is a must when you work on your growth and success mindset.

It happens by layers, every time you're about to breakthrough your next level of growth, some residues are coming up... but you can accelerate to process of overcoming your imposter syndrome.

Self-doubt at its finest

As a teenager, I was already suffering from that syndrome... of course, I had no idea what it was.

I remember walking out of exam room at school and thinking I had failed.

Even during the whole exam, I was "haunted" by the thought "what if I'm writing complete nonsense?"

I'd walk out relieved it's done but stressed to know if I'd pass... and when I'd see the results, that I had passed with distinctions, it didn't make sense to me...

Why? Because

  • I didn't trust myself and my knowledge, self-doubt was invading me...

  • deep inside of me, I was not interested in some of the topics I was/we were forced to learn at school. I couldn't see any practical application of the stuff we were learning so I couldn't see any point in learning some of these things. I therefore forced myself to learn stuff by heart so I would pass the exams and move on until I'd be free from the school system.

It is important to realize that the energy you spend worrying about failing or being haunted by the thought of "being exposed" as the impostor that you are not is not productive...

Self-doubt and impostor syndrome give you stress - stressed woman
Self-doubt and impostor syndrome give you stress

The fear of disappointing, of not being good enough or worthy

In my early corporate life, I got promoted at work and although I had the knowing I was going to succeed because I trusted I was doing my best and I was 100% committed, I always felt like I had to work twice harder to make sure I wouldn't disappoint my bosses, so they wouldn't regret promoting me.

Yes... that's what my impostor syndrome (I wasn't aware of) was telling me...

That was literally me mentally projecting my insecurities on experienced successful business people and shareholders who were leaders and experts at making decisions that lead them to success.

But of course, I didn't know better at the time... So I was putting extra pressure on myself - totally unnecessarily because they had full trust in me.

So you could say that impostor syndrome is actually you trying to prove yourself to yourself through others... because you lacked support, acknowledgment or validation at some point in early childhood.

Young business women suffering from impostor syndrome, doubting herself and feeling like she has to work twice harder to prove her worth
Impostor syndrome is holding you back from success

Overcoming impostor syndrome as a leader and entrepreneur

As you can guess, as a business owner, it was no different. Especially since I deal with "the unseen", I had a fear of of disappointing my clients or that they'd not resonate with my sessions (which is, once again, ridiculous because I have a lot of returning clients who are happy to be on a journey with me, as they keep growing).

Yet, today, I'm about to enter my 6th year business anniversary (©2016) and I'm still expanding to the point that I'm now mentoring successful leaders and business owners through my own program called "Unshakeable" that I launched back in October 2021. 8 weeks to develop an unshakeable solution-oriented mindset & overcome the limitations holding you back from having a thriving business through energy and subconscious work and a tailored coaching plan --> HERE.

I'm so passionate about helping beautiful souls heal from self-doubt (because that's basically what impostor syndrome comes down to... impostor syndrome is an extreme form of self-doubt).

I've been working with powerful people, among which business owners, executives, leaders, famous national and international artists and world-class athletes to help them understand themselves, cleanse their energies, heal traumas, uncover subconscious false beliefs and fears so they could breakthrough their next level and have more clarity on their next steps.

Quick tips of overcome impostor syndrome

Understanding yourself and changing your mindset is important.

Building evidences really helped me! And I suggest that you do the same.

Journal of evidences:

Take a notebook and write down every success you have, so you have a tangible proof to refer to in case self-doubts kicks in or the impostor syndrome would ring your door bell as an uninvited guest...

Overcoming impostor syndrome is a process that you go through step by step and with benevolence towards yourself.

It has to do with understanding yourself, cleansing energy patterns and eventual "intrusive" stuff (including implants and low vibrational frequencies with this spiritual warfare that is going on).

You can accelerate this process and know how to navigate through it with grace. Of course, it happens by layers, because that's how healing works (the famous onion analogy :) )

It is totally possible to go from impostor syndrome to self-confidence and I can help you with my Unshakeable program!

I hope this helps to get you started on your journey to overcoming impostor syndrome and more generally self-doubt.

If you'd like to go deeper and receive a personalised approach to guide you, let's work together. My expertise and experience can help you accelerate your growth and get tools that will help you on this new chapter of your life (the one where you're confidently taking actions without questioning yourself!).

For any questions, contact me here ! :)

Much love,


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