Never be scared of premonitions

To all of you, my fellow empaths who have your extrasensory perceptions open... having premonitions and flashes of future events can be painful and even traumatic. (see post about extrasensory perceptions here)

Let me share what I have learned through experiences...

1) Divine Guidance will never mean to scare you per se: whether you are getting the info from Spirit Guides, a deceased loved one or just seeing a flash that your Higher Self is showing you, it will not be scary in itself. You will get the info and then a split second after, your mind/ego will come up and analyze and that's when fear will kick in...

However your mind can translate it as something scary because here on the physical realm, we see things as "good" and "bad", "happy" or "sad" while from higher perspectives, things just are.

In September 2015, I had a vision of a catastrophe happening in Paris, I saw fire, I felt people running for shelter, I felt fear and tears ran out my eyes. It was the 1st time I was experiencing a spontaneous transe.

Time went by and on November 13th 2015, I heard the news that terrorist attacks had happened in Paris, at first I didn't connect the dots and started listening to the radio and after like 2 minutes, it hit me! That's what I had seen and I HAD to turn the radio off immediately!

The vision was to let me know that something was going to happen and my role was to be prepared energetically to hold the vibration and not give into fear (hence turning the radio off because it was literally spreading fear and terror)

If you'd ever hear or see something that scares you, know that it's your mind being activated and if you are actually seeing something scary (like demons or hear demonic voices), your channels might be interfered with, in that case, I suggest an energy cleanse.

2) Your Higher Self and Spirit Guides will only give you the info that you need to get for your highest good and the highest good of everyone involved: my grandfather's spirit visited me 2 months before my grandmother (his wife) was going to pass away and I didn't catch that. I was just happy to have signs from him, at that time, my grandmother was doing fine, I mean she was getting old but maintaining her condition and being ok.

Then she passed away and only after, when her spirit came to me smiling the night after the funerals did I understand that that was why my grandfather had come. He was preparing me energetically and letting me know he'd be there to welcome her and there was nothing to fear. Seeing her genuinely happy smiling face was a relief and I knew they were finally reunited so I wasn't sad anymore (I mean, of course the physical absence is always painful, but I was at peace that she was happy and at peace with the love of her life, you know what I mean)

3) Even if you don't understand it rationally, even if it doesn't seem to make any sense, trust it. Sometimes you will see an event in your mind's eye, your mind will be scared because of the story it attaches to it (when is it going to happen, is it going to be horrible, etc.) and it will not make any sense, you won't understand why you are actually seeing or getting this info... but then when the thing happen, you remember that you had instructions and the vision could actually enable you to act and prevent something worse from happening.

I know sometimes it is hard and it can create trauma to see something because our inner child is scared, our ego as a defense mechanism, gets activated... like I said, use it as an opportunity to heal the fear and trust...

Trust the messages you receive. Shift the eventual fear you may feel by using gratitude; gratitude for receiving the piece of information you need, even if you can't make any sense of it, even if it feels or looks scary to your mind.

There is nothing to fear, you are always supported.

I hope this will have helped you... Always remember, there is nothing to fear.

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