Did you know that you chose your name before incarnation?

Want to know a bit more about yourself? Study the meaning of your name!

Sounds silly or too simple?

Maybe, but

1) life isn't meant to be complicated and

2) it is crazy what you'll learn when you understand the meaning of your name.

I did a deep study of all my birth names and I got so much clarity, I then decided to legally change my name and gave birth to myself version 2.0.

6 years ago in March I was going to court indeed... and I was very scared, not only because all these cold administrative procedures make me very uncomfortable (I was legit physically shaking and had a headache after waiting for more than 3 hours alone in a building that had a lot of heavy energies) but also because I wasn't sure my name change request would be approved, it all depended not only on my lawyer but on a judge... And I find this very unfair... how can someone else decide whether or not you can change your name? It's your freaking name, right? And after that, I still had to wait 2 more months to have the answer... A total of 2 years of procedure, a file that was 2-centimeter thick, a laywer, a lot of money... But it was so liberating when the answer came!!!

I had been wanting to do that for a few years and learning about psychogenealogy in 2014 and doing Ancestral Healing is what made me go for it, I learned so much about myself and I had had a great result at my exam (19 points out of 20) my teacher had written a note to congratulate me on the depth of the work I had done...

And this year, I am finally deciding to launch this service and put my knowledge and experience in service of beautiful souls like you so that you can do the same: free yourself from anything that doesn't serve your highest good or support your growth. It doesn't have to be your name of course, it can be anything.

Do you know what your name means?

Save this article, search the meaning of your name on your favorite search engine and let me know in the comments what you will have discovered or message me!

If you want to book a session, my Ancestral Healing service is opening soon and I am already accepting bookings!

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