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Myth Busting: "Truth hurts" - Truth is your ally and your healer

We have all heard that statement, right? One of those famous all-made expressions...

As far as I'm concerned, I do not agree with that statement...


Why would truth hurt?

The Truth is the Truth, it is neutral, it just is! The Truth doesn't care if we're hurt or not, we are responsible for our reactions.

What really hurts is not truth, it is the deception, the lie being exposed, the actual realization that we have been lied to, played with or manipulated.

More generally, what can hurt is to realize that what we have been believing something that wasn't true, we fear that we can't trust ourselves, we fear we were wrong and sometimes we can feel powerless...

What hurts is not the truth in itself, it's the illusion being busted, it's the comfort zone being questioned, it can also be a feeling of betrayal associated with it (if someone has lied to us for example...)... you name it.

Truth is healing

Truth heals us, it is what it is, we can't change it. Whatever triggers or feels painful is something that needs to be healed.

As far as I'm concerned, I'd rather receive a truth that "busts my bubble" than a lie covering darkness.

Someone the lie is done "from a place of good intention", to "protect.

I don't know about you, but personally, I don't care if the lie is done with the intention to protect me, because it is not something I asked for. Who said I needed to be protected anyway? And protected from what in the first place?

In my humble opinion, telling a lie to protect someone is an infringement to their free will and a form of overprotection (aka abuse).

I have seen the damage that "lies" or secrets can do in a family when I studied my own family tree for my ancestral healing and I have also seen it with my clients. Secrets are harmful and since we are energy and we are all energy readers (even if one doesn't realize it consciously, it happens automatically), we subconsciously sense that something "isn't right" or when something is taboo.

When something is kept secret, there's usually a strong emotion attached to it and pain: shame, guilt, fear... and the secretive aspect actually reinforces the energy of the negative / toxic emotion in the first place.

Emotions are energy in motion, they are meant to flow, they are not toxic per se when they flow, it's human and normal to feel them. But keeping them secret and holding them in the mind, body and energy field is what is making them become toxic.

Emotions are not toxic, it is the retention / suppression of emotions that is toxic.

Allow yourself to feel all the emotions - eggs with different faces and expressions painted on them
Allow yourself to feel all the emotions

Truth is never your enemy but your ally on your self growth path

It is the same principle about your own self and your own story... a lot of people are afraid to face their truth - no judgment here, I went through that myself. I was afraid of what I could discover about myself.

But to be honest, facing the truth is very healing and freeing and that's when quantum leaps and big shifts happen. That's when you can really start to practice radical self-acceptance while holding space for yourself, which creates more self-love and the ripple effect is that you will love others more too! :)

If you're ready to peel the layers of false beliefs, wounds and hurts to discover your truth, embody your true essence, heal and become empowered, let's work together! You can reach out to me via my contact page.

If you'd like to work on shadow wok aka healing and accepting the parts of yourself you consider as "shameful", "flaws", etc. I have a free masterclass for you.

Non-judgment, benevolence & truth

In the past, on my journey, I have seen and worked with some psychics or coaches telling the truth in a way that makes you feel "bad", almost shaming or belittling you.

Why shame or make someone feel bad while they're coming to you for help and empowerment? Someone who is obviously doing something for themselves and seeking solutions needs to be honoured and respected!

Side note: I stand against this (I was shamed and belittled for the wounds I had and was seeking help for in the past so I know how horrible it is) I don't support that shaming, belittling.

The Truth doesn't hurt, some people who are messenger can hurt you but the truth is the truth, it's sometimes hard to accept but it's a choice, working on accepting it takes courage and is liberating, it also prevents taking the long and bumpy road.

I hope this article was helpful and if you'd like to chat, feel free to book your free clarity call to see how I could support and empower you :)

Much love,