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  • Morgane Self-Leadership Mentor

Mindset mastery beyond business strategy | Embody your leader self and get your passion-led business to thrive

You are your best asset, you are the common element between your business, your wellness and your relationships. Investing in your mindset mastery and to embody your leader self will not only make your business thrive but it will take your whole life to the next level!

Let's talk about this:

Enjoy the read!

Mindset mastery beyond business strategy | Embody your leader self and get your passion-led business to thrive
Self-leadership mentorship through Personal Development, Mindset, energy and subconscious work

Debating between a business strategy course or a “manifestation” course to elevate your business/career?

Here's the raw truth: neither will bring durable change!

I'm not knocking books or courses, I'm a course creator & author myself... But here's my point: if you're dreaming of turning your passion into a thriving business/career, here are 3 things that won't help:

❌ Relying on business strategy alone

This disregards your uniqueness & “traps” you into a box

(cookie-cutters belong in the kitchen, not in your creative business)

Business strategy won't help you feel worthy, have unshakeable self-belief or own your unique gifts, and all of this is crucial for sustainable success.

❌ "Manifestation" techniques

Manifestation is nothing else than creation! You don't need any "rituals" for that, it's in your nature!

Yet, if your energy & subconscious hold fear or a perceived danger toward your conscious desires, it's like two magnets repelling each other, this creates stagnation, a stop-and-go, the famous “feast & famine”.

Not the best vibe, right?

❌ Drowning in generic info

Is your "download" folder a "freebie storehouse"?

Or maybe even a "freebie graveyard" (no judgment, I've been there too!)

Too much generic info without application won't help you grow or thrive. You need a tailored approach.

Spending time collecting more info is not using your creative power, that's looking outside of yourself for a “miraculous” solution and that's going against your own genius and flow.

So I get it, you need a solution to stir things up because you're not satisfied with your current situation.

After all you didn't come this far to only come this far!

Wanna know the fastest & most sustainable way to get results?

The best way is to actually go deep within yourself

I know you can see this as a longer route, while you feel like you're running out of time and you need to see results...

But trust me, it’s an illusion!

Going deep and unlocking more of your genius from within is indeed the fastest way to get to your durable results.

Here's the deal: it's not just about info or "quick fixes"; it's about trust, trust in your unique gifts, your wisdom & your enoughness. It's about self-belief, being your own best friend & supporter.

External strategies can't fill any void. You're unique, with a story, experiences, & gifts that generic advice can't match.

So, my advice?

Don't get lost in the info jungle. Seek a tailored plan to build the self-trust & self-belief for your dream life.

Stop the time, money, and energy drain.

You can clear what's standing in your way and bridge the gap between your vision and your reality - thanks to energy and subconscious work.

Let's craft a solid plan with clarity and confidence thanks to personal development and business coaching that will take your own uniqueness into account.

Ready to take that leap? Check out my "UNSHAKEABLE" program, and let's chat about your unique path forward. 🚀✨

Here's why your business isn’t thriving in spite of applying all the strategies you’ve learnt

I used to study strategy after strategy because “nothing was working for me” (I quote my past self here).

I’d learn how to use social media, how to create an offer, how to launch it… And let me tell you that any strategy you choose can work, everything is valid…

So what was the problem (or my blindspot), you may ask?

In spite of doing the inner work and of having goals, here is what was happening:

⚡️ I felt overwhelmed by these strategies, giving them too much power over my own "magic",

⚡️ even if I had the inner knowing that I was meant for more, deep inside of me, I was struggling with imposter syndrome (ex: am I good enough? can I really deliver these amazing results to my clients? of course I could, I have testimonials proving it. But deep inside, in my subconscious, something was still doubting).

⚡️ I put blinders on and “activated my default mode”

(namely: work harder and push through) which is so counter productive and exhausting… and definitely NOT what anyone needs to do in this case...

So here’s how I bridged the gap between the knowing I had that my success was inevitable and my actual ability to believe in myself and make it happen.

(and you can too!!!)

🌹 I worked on my subconscious beliefs and the deeply rooted wounds and programming that had created these self-sabotaging patterns & impostor syndrome issues.

🌹 Decided to own my gifts, my genius, my messaging and that success is my only option. And I actually help my clients do the same!

🌹 We develop your unshakeable self-belief, bring awareness and shift the programs that are not serving you so you can build a success mindset that will make any strategy work and create your thriving business (with a touch of "magic").

💌 DM me "Unshakeable" if you want that for yourself too!

How my client was able to release her playfulness and unlock her creativity in pursuit of her life purpose

My client is highly creative. She’s a passionate artist, currently planning to start a new business following the calling of her heart.

Before we started our 1st session, I could feel in her energy that something was holding her back stemming from her childhood, which she confirmed.

She wanted to break free from the limitations that were placed on her as a child so she could:

- feel free,

- give herself permission to create

- and move forward with joy as she creates her dream life.

Through my E.A.S.E. method, I guided her to explore the parts of her that felt locked.

We tackled any resistance that rose with ease. 

We not only cleared these in the mind, but also emotionally, in her subconscious, energy field and her body.

As the session unfolded, she could uncover and release all the tensions and emotions that came up with ease and also in a joyful way.

(She never had to re-experience trauma, instead, she was in a place where she could observe and gain the understanding she needed to move forward).

After her session, she felt much more relaxed, and at peace and the tensions and feelings of being blocked were gone!

She also gained clarity on how to spot the resistance and patterns arising so she knows what to do for herself to release it when it happens in her daily life.

Icing on the cake?

Her physical wellness was positively impacted right away!

She even noticed that she was sitting straighter, more in her power, it felt easier to breathe, her body was more relaxed.

That’s what happens when you work on your energy & subconscious in a holistic way: no stone is left unturned, your whole being shifts!

That’s what we do in my private containers! We rewire your mindset so you can create a thriving business (icing on the cake: this contributes to improving your wellness and your overall life). 

And that’s why I’m so passionate about what I do because I know the power of personal development and subconscious work. 

Check out “Unshakeable” if you too want to not only have a thriving business but also reconnect with your body to feel more peace and ease.

(BTW - single breakthrough sessions are back! And I also have a new program for new or future creative entrepreneurs, check them out here!)

There are only 2 ways to fail...

There are only 2 ways to fail:

  • when you never try

  • when you quit

So that dream, that idea you have, go for it!

Now, I get it, it's scary! As humans, we're creatures of comfort, change can be highly uncomfortable.

It's all about choice, choosing between the discomfort of:

- outgrowing a situation and not acting on it, 

- never going for your dreams

- navigating through the unknown, knowing it's temporary & change will always happen but that you can learn to get "comfortable" with the uncomfortable as you move closer to your goals.

There's no wrong choice, no judgment, simply choosing what feels good & aligned for you!

I always choose expansion. Outgrowing a situation is more painful to me than the fear or uncertainty that may arise when I choose to take action.

And I love assisting my clients, whether they already know the change they want to bring into their life, or whether they just feel stuck, have outgrown a situation, need a change but aren't sure what yet.

Most of the time, it's in the work/biz aspect. They either have a job & want to start their business.

Or already have a biz & are craving to pivot.

In any cases, they feel they need direction, accountability & of course, they need to believe they can.

So together we peel the layers of conditioning that creates limitations, doubts, perfectionism & all they were told "they should do" or "couldn't do", creating this "stuckness" & this feeling of uncertainty.

My clients also learn how to deal with emotions, thoughts and feelings as they present themselves in their daily life so they don't let these affect them more than necessary.

That's also why I'm so passionate about offering support (what I call pocket coaching, because you have me in your pocket anytime you need to move through resistance, accountability or to learn to track your progress and not be so hard on yourself!) 

And we do that in a joyful and empowering way! Definitely not to make you dependent on external validation!

Navigating a new business or a change in your situation can be hard, but it doesn't have to be harder than necessary, it doesn't have to take longer than it needs to take.

Email me the word "breakthrough" here if you feel you could use some support to break through resistance and reach your goals like a champ !

Or check out my services here.

Take care,

Much love,


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