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Mindfulness tips to reduce anxiety and OCD

Anxiety is unfortunately very common. I grew up with almost-constant anxiety, I wasn't aware I had anxiety or what it even was...

But after working on healing some traumas and working on my mindset, I have clearly seen an improvement. I don't really have anxiety anymore nowadays and if I do, I know what to do for myself to calm down and find balance while honoring the emotions that are coming up. It is life-changing!

I've been helping people for the past 7 years and I'm passionate about helping with anxiety.

I know how horrible it is when the mind lies to us and projects all kinds of fears into the future - even past fears projected again into the future, perpetuating old traumas.

In this article, I'm going to talk more about mindfulness and how it can help reducing anxiety, OCD and overall improve mental clarity.

If you'd like instant relief and a shift, I'm inviting you to book an energy cleanse. Sometimes we're carrying old energies in our energy field and removing them can help with anxiety, bringing a feeling of relief and rejuvenation.

Mindfulness, handwritten in black ink on a white sheet of paper, laying against a window with a blurred landscape.
The power of mindfulness

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the awareness of the present moment, it consists in being present with oneself. Living mindfully is living the now moment.

In daily life, it is indeed difficult and even impossible to always be in the now moment. Sometimes the past can happen to come and haunt us, we tend to worry for different things, moreover we need to plan the future in terms of budget, paying bills, making appointments, etc. However, mindfulness is going to help us come back to the present moment.

This is not something that takes place overnight, it has to be learned and practiced.

I compare it to body building. Body-builders train their muscles every day to develop strength. It's the same with mindfulness, training our brain every day helps build a strong mindset and more resistance (while practicing self-care of course).

Be here now - written with Scrabble letters
Cultivating presence with yourself is how you live mindfully

How and why mindfulness can help

Mindfulness enables you to get more mental clarity, to detach from judgment, to heal some recurring patterns you see in our life.

It consists in paying attention to your thoughts, actions, emotions, words, what triggers you but also to the way you react to circumstances and situations that you have to face.

When you notice a situation that keeps happening in your life (what we call a recurring pattern), you can then decide to change your habits and reactions to it by approaching it differently.

You can also heal ancestral (= family) patterns, trauma, blockages, etc. and re-write your story. If you'd like to know more about Ancestral healing, please send me an email via this contact form.

Developing presence with yourself, in the now - long-haired lady looking at the mountain in nature
Developing presence with yourself, in the now

Become present and empowered Guided meditation

Feeling overwhelmed, down, anxious or hyper? Your mind is traveling in the past or to the future?

Take this moment for yourself, to get anchored in the now moment, the only moment that exists in this conscious reality.

This meditation will bring your back to the now and make your feel empowered by reminding you of your true nature: a Divine Creator.

Bonus: you get to experience some high vibrational nature vibes - Original background audio that I recorded on a Jamaican beach when I was living in the Hanover Parish.

Some tools and tips to help develop mindfulness

  • energy healing, energy cleanse and shamanic healing to heal traumas and strengthen your energy system

  • Personal development coaching, self-improvement and mindset work

  • Meditation (frequencies, drums, soft music, guided meditation or even in silence, whatever you prefer - personally, I find guided meditation to be helpful for anxiety, they help the mind focus and stay present by following guidance, just a personal tip here :) )

  • Being in nature, grounding, spending time with plants or animals

  • Self-awareness, observation of thoughts, emotions, etc. when facing different situations

  • Yoga, Tai chi... any gentle activity that promotes moving your body but in a gentle way, without stressing your nervous system

  • carrying or wearing crystals that help calm the mind and give clarity (ex: amethyst, fluorite, rose quartz for inner peace...)

  • avoiding caffein and energy drinks (they activate your nervous system and produce chemicals in your brain and system that can cause or trigger anxiety and mental activity)

  • avoiding processed and refined sugar for the same reasons as above for caffein and energy drinks

  • drinking enough water to stay hydrated for an optimal organ function and nervous system balance and regulation

  • avoid watching or consuming info and content that will activate your anxiety, especially before going to bed

  • surround yourself with positive vibrations and people

  • listen to music that makes you feel good and that's uplifting

  • having a good sleep routine, sleeping enough hours according to your needs (we're all different)

Here is a guided meditation to help you relax and fall into a restful sleep

(If you want to save it to your Spotify playlist, click here)

7 mindfulness tips to help reduce anxiety and OCD

Practicing mindfulness helps to come back in the now moment, to calm anxiety and panic attacks, it helps us on the path to master our thoughts. Here is a list of tips you can use in case of anxiety or anytime you want to take a (mental) break:

  • focus on your breathing, feel the air coming in from your nostrils or your mouth as you inhale and feel it coming out as you exhale, become aware of the movement of your ribs and your belly

  • focus on your physical senses: what you can see around you, what you can hear, what you can feel with your hands, what you can smell...

  • notice the contact points of your body, ex: if you are sitting, the contact of your body on your seat, your feet on the ground, etc. and see that you are safe

  • take a mental break, notice your thoughts and decide to let go of any thoughts that you are considering as negative or harmful

  • don't imagine negative scenarios, always imagine the best for yourself

  • focus on your actions and tasks, on what you are doing concretely at this very moment without thinking about the past or the future

  • see that in the now moment, all is ok, you are safe and you got this...

How to create a safe space around you in less than 2 min to avoid or reduce anxiety

I know you're busy and sometimes you need to go to places and be around some people that have a low vibrations, that make you feel stressed, awkward and uneasy. We can't always avoid that...

So here is my quick tip for you to feel safe and stay in your own energy in a few seconds only:

1) close your eyes and focus on your heart center (heart chakra)

2) Take a few deep breaths and focus on the air entering your nose and feel it as you expand your chest and belly then exhale any tension

3) set the intention that nothing around you, no place, no one's, no thoughts energy can affect you, you make the decision to stay in your heart

4) visualize a bubble of purple light around you that is going to protect you and transmute low vibrations and say

"I am my own safe space, I feel inner peace and I only allow high vibrations in my safe space"

5) trust the energy, trust yourself, express gratitude and open your eyes

You can visualize yourself in a bubble every morning when you get up so you can be shielded for the day.

Create a safe space around you to reduce anxiety with visualization, place yourself in a bubble of purple light
Create a safe space around you to reduce anxiety with visualization, place yourself in a bubble of purple light

I hope this helps and I truly wish for you to overcome anxiety so that you can fully live and enjoy the beautiful life that you deserve.

Feel free to contact me if you'd like to have a chat about how I could help you. No strings attached, getting in touch does not oblige you to work with me (although you're welcome to do so if you want :) ).

Take care,


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