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Some of the biggest lies you've been told that are harming your personal and business development

Wanna know the biggest

- personal development,

- mindset

- spiritual

- and business

lies you’ve been told that are doing more harm than good in your expansion journey?

Some of the biggest lies you've been told that are harming your personal and business development
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❌ “you need to ignore your negative emotions or you won’t be able to manifest”

Erhm... no!

1) Negative emotions are normal = part of life. As humans, we’re meant to feel a whole range of emotions; repressing them is toxic

(after all, they’re called “e-motions”, energy in motion... not “e-static” or “e-stuck”, right? right!)

HOWEVER!!! We have the choice to either:

- feed those negative emotions and make them mean something about us, about someone or about a situation

(a trap I’ve seen in the personal development / spiritual teachings)


- to acknowledge them and learn to shift out of them in a way that honours our human nature (which is something I do with my clients)

2) can we address “manifesting” for a second?

Manifesting is nothing less than “creating” and creating is also inherent in human nature.

It has nothing to do with “sitting there and visualising and waiting for it to happen”... we live in a physical world where actions need to be taken.

So yes, you can imagine & visualise but it’s also required to take aligned actions to create and make things happen.

3) Everything that you repress and don't release from your subconscious and energy field will create more of what you repress (Law of Resonance) so you want to release that thing, baby!

(and when I mean "release from subconscious" I mean bring awareness so it doesn't keep affecting your reality and run on autopilot like a "malware" in the background - to use an analogy)

❌ “you need to be high vibe all the time to attract opportunities, clients, etc.”

✅ Erhm... no!

Here again, we’re talking about toxic positivity. This implies that you’re not good enough when you “human” and that’s the biggest lie!

Being high vibe all the time isn’t realistic and here’s the breaking news:

You can still be leading yourself AND taking actions AND simultaneously feel like a hot mess sometimes...

And that won’t harm your business or your life!

These myths are also a form of societal conditioning and they can harm you.

Let's clear these so you can thrive YOUR way!

What if you've always been enough & simply need to learn to trust yourself and believe that?

This happens when you bring more awareness to hidden beliefs and release silent burdens.

You need to learn to unlearn and trust your discernment and you'll have guessed it, to do that you need to unlearn the stories you've been told and that have shaped your reality (we've all been there, it's an on-going process).

You do this by gaining awareness to expand.

This is a glimpse into how I help my clients develop a thriving business through mindset rewiring with my R.O.S.E. framework ©

🌹 R is for Realization: first bring awareness on what's standing in their way in their current situations

🌹 O is for Observation: once you gained awareness, you detach from the mind's stories and become the observer, that's when you deactivate impulsive reactions

🌹 S is for Shift: Once you've observed, you can respond from a place of power (vs reacting impulsively, or getting lost in a loop of thoughts, perpetuating the negative pattern)

🌹 E is for Expansion: once you've detached from the story, you can create new habits, thoughts and patterns that will enable you to grow and expand

That's what my Unshakeable program is about if you're tired of spinning your wheels!

If you're a brand new or future business owner, then "Ignite your vision" is for you and we still use the same framework!

I'm looking forward to assisting you create your thriving business and life with your Unshakeable mindset!

Much love,


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