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Let's debunk a myth about Karma

I'd like to share some thoughts and facts about Karma according to my experience and understanding and also after studying Universal Laws.

Debunking a myth about karma - it's not a punishment, it's like scales - image of scales

Karma is a Universal Law

Karma is a Universal Law of Cause and Effect that teaches us that each action has its consequences.

There is nothing to fear about that law, it's a powerful tool. If we use it mindfully along with righteous actions and words, we can only learn, grow and expand.

We can even accelerate our growth and avoid unnecessary delays and hindrances.

Karma is NOT a punishment

You won't be "punished" if you do something "bad" because everything just is.

If one does something harmful, they're sending out "harmful" energies and therefore, they will receive the consequences of their actions.

If one does something righteous, one will see more righteous situations in their life.

It's not something external doing this, it us doing it to ourselves.

It's the expression "reaping what you sow" basically...

There's no such thing as "bad karma" per se, simply "harmful actions coming back to its sender". It's not karma that is bad, it's a law. It's the energy you send out that will determine if the karma is "good" or "bad" - if that makes sense?

Karma is created when there is an imbalance.

How to avoid imbalances

1) Follow your heart and the voice of your inner guidance

2) Treat others how you would like to be treated

3) Do your best without any intention of harming anyone

Unpopular opinion about karma

Karma will punish him/her for what he/she has done to me, that's not quite how it works...

Let's be honest here, we all have thought that at least once in our life, right?

If you perceive someone as being "punished" for what they have "done to you", that is only YOUR perception and it can be assimilated to judgment...

Sometimes, we feel hurt but the other human didn't have any intention to harm us. They didn't really infringe any Universal Law, it's only our perception that makes us feel that way.

Let me explain a few things...

1) Karma is not a punishment, it is a Universal Law of Cause and Effect

2) no one will come and revenge you or defend you

3) having these thoughts means that you are lowering your vibration to the level of whoever did something to you - whether they did it on purpose or whether it's your perception

4) what someone does against you, they are really doing against themselves... we are all one and we attract what you emit so wishing others harm or punishment is sending these vibrations to yourself

5) are you sure the person really did something against you? or did they do something that you perceived as being against you?

And lastly... someone else's karma is none of our business...

Karma is a scale that gets balanced or imbalanced according to our actions and we should (mindful use of the word "should" here as a strong recommendation) all focus on our own scale, on our own balance.

If someone deliberately tries to harm us, then according to the Universal Law, they're doing it against themselves indeed, just know that it's a fact.

All the matters is that you focus on your own harmony and stay righteous, follow your heart and treat each other how you would like to be treated, however don't let yourself be disrespected.

I hope this little article was helpful :)

Take care,