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Journey to self-acceptance

Self-acceptance goes hand in hand with self-love. It's a journey, it's not something you can achieve overnight, although it doesn't have to take ages.

It is a step-by-step process on your self-improvement journey - the analogy I always use is the one of the onion that you peel... Removing layers after layers of wounds, pains, false-beliefs, habits... basically anything that doesn't serve you and that taints the way you're seeing yourself and prevents you from feeling more joy within yourself and in life in general.

Self-acceptance, self-love bring more joy - image of a lady sitting on a bed, smiling as she's putting a hat on her head.

What does self-acceptance mean?

It means radically accepting yourself for who you are, letting go of self-blame, guilt, shame and anything that you consider as your flaws to step into a version of yourself that feels good in yourself.

It doesn't mean that what is hurting you never existed, it just means accepting and honoring your journey, healing and practicing unconditional self-love, trusting that you can always improve and grow, from a place of being worthy of being your best self (and not from a place of self-hatred and running away from yourself).

You can do this through what we call shadow work. I have a free masterclass, Shadow Work - 3 steps to on your healing and self-acceptance journey that you can find here.

Shadow work means learning to love the aspects of yourself you consider as shameful, bad, etc. it's just a perception - image of a shadow of a hand offering flowers
Shadow work means learning to love the aspects of yourself you consider as shameful, bad, etc. it's just a perception

The trap of labels: why being yourself and not sticking any labels on you is important

Always be yourself, even if you think you are weird, different, not enough... because at the end of the day, none of this matters, you are so much more than what you think you are, you are an infinite being

You might be wondering why I'd say that it doesn't matter, right?

Well, let me explain how I see things:

1) How you consider yourself has nothing to do with who you really are or how people perceive you

2) how you feel about yourself right now will change, we change every day, we learn, we grow, so give yourself space to change and see that no matter what you think of yourself, it's only a perception

3) identifying with a label you put on yourself is a trap. There is no such thing as "not being enough" or "lacking self-confidence", it's a wound, it's an illusion of the mind. If you are convinced and identifies with "I'm not self-confident" then you'll not allow yourself to do something because you'll think "that's not like me, I would never have dared do that before so why now?" Why now? Because you're growing, don't let a false belief hinder your growth, that's not doing yourself a favor... allow yourself to heal and discover who you really are :) it's sooo freeing!

4) people who resonate with you will come to you, and whoever judges, criticises or tries to bring you down doesn't have any room in your life

Here is a quote by Penny Ford (the amazing legendary voice of SNAP! "I've got the Power", "Rhythm is a Dancer", "Ooops up" among other hits...)

"Whoever tries to bring you down is already beneath you" - Penny Ford

If you're ready to change your perspective on yourself, let's hop on a discovery call, it's free and I can let you know which of my services if the most beneficial to help you grow.

It's ok to be yourself

It's ok:

  • to think differently

  • not to follow some traditions

  • to do your own thing

  • to have your own vision of things

There is no "right" or "wrong" (as long as one doesn't harm anyone else on purpose of course!).

What matters is that you do what makes you feel happy and comfortable.

Do your own thing - be yourself - lade with long hair on a swing in the sun
Do your own thing - be yourself

When you accept yourself fully and work on your own growth and self-improvement, you won't reject aspects of yourself, therefore you won't be afraid of being rejected your ability to love another is growing too, and that's how you can love unconditionally.

Your uniqueness is one of your strengths

I don't believe in differences per se, it creates an idea of separation, I believe about individual uniqueness, which to me implies interdependence and complementing one another...

Does it mean not fit the norm? Let me ask, what is the norm in the first place? What does “being normal” mean? Does it mean being "mainstream" and fitting in a mold?

No thanks, that's not what I want for myself... and if you're reading this, I'm pretty sure you feel the same...

Simply be yourself and accept yourself for your strengths and embrace what you consider your flaws, they are part of what makes you unique and the good news is that you can always work on yourself to improve what you feel you could improve - not from a place of running away from yourself but from a place of self-love and self-improvement.

Cultivate what you have within you that makes you unique - this includes your extrasensory perceptions aka your innate abilities. That's also what I call your soul gifts and that's exactly why I created a service, you can check it out and book your session here Unlock your soul gifts.