Info about different soul contracts

Let's take a simple example: your soul is about to incarnate on Earth for the 1st time because it wants to experience how it is to be human and feel a different range of emotions. A meeting takes place, a kind of High Council, and your soul is going to choose events and other souls will agree on taking part in these events because they, too, have chosen to experience things.

You will incarnate with these souls and meet during your incarnation and teach each other lessons, but you will not be consciously aware of it because when we incarnate, the "veil of amnesia" is being placed upon us (otherwise it'd be like taking an exam with the answers...) you will also make contracts in that incarnation: business agreements, marriage, promises, oaths, vows... you can also happen to have conflicts, arguments... it can be anything... and sometimes things are not solved and lessons aren't learned before the end of the physical incarnation. Some of these contracts and unresolved things will therefore remain "pending" and we will carry them to the next incarnation. It can be etheric cords, karmic connections that create imbalanced relationships of any kind... In general these things are not really serving your highest good and at some point of the next incarnation, you'll have to terminate them.

In between incarnations, you'll kind of take stocks and see the lessons you have learned and the imbalances that have been created, so you (your soul) will choose to experience a situation that will bring balance, you might choose to experience the opposite aspect of what you previously experienced. And these are generally lessons that once mastered will make you grow to the next level.

In any case, both of these incarnation and in-between contracts are connected, they are basically what contributes to making your karma.

Karma is NOT a punishment, it's a matter of balancing, a law of cause an effect.

So, if you want to know more about the soul contracts that are outdated or the lessons that you need to learn and master, journeying to the Akashic records can be useful for that.

Drop me a <3 and comment if there's a lesson you'd like to master to the situation stops repeating.

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