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How trapped emotions can impact your life (podcast episode)

My soul sister Ana Marie aka The Liberation Queen joined me for this special episode in which we tackle how poisonous trapped emotions can be for the body and in your life.

Ana Marie Djanish is a Feminine Embodiment & Business Energetics Mentor, Intuitive Healer, as well as a host of the Liberation Queen podcast.

Her Liberation Queen brand stands for a New paradigm of Feminine leadership, energetics & deep spiritual inner work.

Over the course of 3 years she has helped many women to create life & businesses they are in love with from a place of complete alignment, fulfilment and a peace of mind leaving hustle mentality, sacrifice and rules as a thing of the past.

During this episode, we go through several topics, including how the masculine & feminine energies are affected, how we hold emotions in our womb (what Ana Marie calls the p*$$y wall) and more generally in our sacral centre (because men have it too!), how we can get tricked by the chemicals released from our body, how toxic trauma bonding is and many other things!!!

You can find Ana Marie on IG here and listen to this episode here.

We hope you enjoy this episode in our company, take care!

Much love,


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