How to respond to someone who does something against you

I get it, I know how it is when someone you'd call an @$$h*le did something they knew would hurt you but they made it clear that it was their intention, your first reaction is to be angry, curse them and you wish for them to be hurt just like you were hurt.

We have all felt this at some point in life, right? Even as children, because we didn't do anything to deserve this treatment...

However, let me tell you, beautiful soul, that wishing them bad things or sending them the same low vibrations as they have sent you would make you be in the same low vibrations as them.

What you can wish to someone who did something to harm you on purpose (or evil energies in general) is to wish them CONSCIOUSNESS and send them LOVE.

Yes... it can be hard in certain cases, I know...

But I sincerely believe that is the way to go because whoever does harm doesn't know love and lives from a place of fear and darkness. We want to sincerely wish for them to realize that. When they will realize their actions, they will have a reality check, they will have to face themselves and it is going to be painful for them. Whoever does harm is disconnected from themselves.

Always stand in love and truth, you know the truth, you know you are a high vibrational being, you know you are here on Earth to love, experience love, share love. Whoever is not on your frequency, on the frequency of love is suffering and we need to have compassion for them. I'm not saying we should excuse their behavior, but understanding the bigger picture will help you find peace within yourself and forgive with time.